March 29, 2022

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Safety is the Word

Safety is always top of mind for fleet professionals, and it’s especially true today as our roadways are becoming less safe. FMW is committed to bringing you actionable safety content, and today we have some timely content.

In our lead video, Donlen’s Julian Carrington talks about how fleets are having to plan for the worst and hope for the best now, and how it’s critical to have a specific safety component in your Fleet Policy.

Lillian Holder from NoCell Technologies, LLC writes about how cell phone use continues to be one of the leading causes of distracted driving. Thankfully, her company has found a way to put a stop to that distraction.

Finally, SuperVision’s Adam Danielson reminds us of the benefits of continuous license monitoring to know how safe your drivers are 24/7.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at NAFA I&E!

Ted Roberts

VIDEO: Why It’s Critical to Have a Specific Safety Component in Your Fleet Policy

Fleets are having to plan for the worst and hope for the best in this increasingly litigious society, and that’s one big reason why you need a specific safety component in your fleet policy.

VIDEO: Fleet Processes

  Making Due with Current Processes

Despite supply chain challenges and more, this seasoned fleet manager has decided that it’s best to make due with current processes – rather than changing them and then trying to change them back again down the road.

Request for Video Interviews at NAFA I&E

  Request for Video Interviews

We’re in the midst of setting up video interview’s in FMW’s press room at NAFA I&E in Columbus, and looking for a few great interviewees!

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: ted@fleetmanagementweekly.com.


Holman Unifies Its Seven Automotive Businesses Under a Single Global Brand

The organization and its integrated automotive service divisions are now simply Holman

Holman Enterprises announced today the company has unified its various business divisions and companies under a new, singular global brand, Now the organization’s seven integrated companies – Holman Automotive, ARI, Auto Truck Group, Kargo Master, Holman Parts Distribution, Holman Insurance, and Holman Growth Ventures – will come together to continue Driving What’s Right as Holman.

“As Holman nears its 100th year in business, we’ve reached a turning point in our evolution as a company,” said Chris Conroy, president and chief operating officer, Holman.


Gabriel Marrero Joins Masterack as HR Director

Jon Toups, President of Masterack, LLC, a JB Poindexter & Co business, is pleased to appoint Gabriel Marrero, to the position of Director, Human Resources.

Marrero joins Masterack with over 20+ years of Human Resources Management experience.

Speaking about Gabe’s appointment, Toups stated, “Gabe is another important piece to our company. He comes to Masterack with not only many years of Human Resources experience but the right strategy to enhance our business functions and company culture.”


NAFA: Urge Congress to Renew the Biodiesel Tax Credit

The biodiesel tax credit is set to expire at the end of this year. Ask Congress to support the Biodiesel Tax Credit Extension Act (S.1806/H.R.3472) to extend the biodiesel and renewable diesel excise tax credit through 2025.

The biodiesel mixture tax credit allows qualified entities, including tax-exempt fleets, registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to receive a $1/gallon tax credit for biodiesel or renewable diesel sold or used as a fuel in their trade or business.

Fleet managers must have their voice heard on this issue, as they can speak to the utility of the credit from a user’s perspective, rather than the producers who directly profit from biodiesel and renewable diesel sales. URGE CONGRESS TO RENEW THE BIODIESEL TAX CREDIT TODAY

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions Launches Fleet Studies Lab

Online learning hub is designed to help decision makers get the most out of their fleets.

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions today announced the launch of its Fleet Studies Lab, an online learning hub offering a robust collection of content to help fleet managers make the most of their current and future fleets.

“In today’s highly competitive environment, companies must do everything they can to make their fleets as efficient and effective as possible to positively impact the bottom line,” said Jeff Hart, President of Mike Albert Fleet Solutions.


Telematics and Fuel Economy

By Mayank Sharma, Head of Global Product Management and UX, Teletrac Navman

Gas prices have hit record highs across the nation, and fuel-hungry fleets are feeling the sting at the pump.

Prices have raised to an average of over $4 per gallon in the U.S. with an unprecedented high of $6.99 per gallon in some corners of the nation. With prices being slow to trickle down, fuel economy has become more important than ever for fleets looking to avoid mounting financial pressure.

Utilizing the power of AI and thorough data collection, telematics can be a major source of savings by optimizing the less visible drags on fuel economy.

Here are some of our top tips for cutting down fuel costs:



Stopping Distracted Driving

By Lillian Holder, Marketing Manager, NoCell Technologies, LLC

It’s no secret that distracted driving is deadly. Every day, about eight people in the United States are killed in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. That’s 2,920 lives lost each year. Startling numbers, and yet cell phone use continues to be one of the leading causes of distracted driving.

And truck drivers are not exempt. Research commissioned by FMCSA shows that the odds of being involved in a safety-critical event (e.g., crash, near-crash, unintentional lane deviation) are six times greater for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers who engage in dialing a mobile phone while driving than for those who do not.

While most of today’s fleets recognize the dangers of cellphones and prohibit the use of them while behind the wheel, it can be difficult to manage without proactive measures in place. It’s akin to playing a game of chance, but with no winners.



Continuous License Monitoring

By Adam Danielson, Sales and Business Development Director, SuperVision

If a company only pulls driver records (MVRs) at hire and then once per year, and a driver receives a violation or license suspension the day after, he or she has a 364- day grace period before the infraction is discovered.

If this driver were to have a traffic stop or be involved in an accident, the company could face large fines, direct and indirect accident costs and be held liable for negligent entrustment.

Continuous license monitoring allows the fleet manager to receive notifications of violations and license suspensions as they occur — eliminating the pitfall of the yearly “grace period”.

When a new violation or license suspension occurs for a driver, an MVR is automatically delivered to the driver manager. By getting this information sooner, the manager can take immediate corrective action with the driver, closing the accident and liability risk exposure gap.



Can Your EV Power Your House?

March 26, 2022The upcoming F-150 Lightning and its Intelligent Backup Power capability will allow owners to keep the lights on at home should there be an electric-power interruption.

Plugging a Lightning into your home requires the 19.2-kW Ford Charge Station Pro, which comes standard on extended-range models and costs extra on base models.  Depending on how much electricity you use, even the Lightning’s standard-range battery could power your house for about three days.

The Home Integration System takes the high-current DC from the Charge Station Pro and converts it into usable AC power. It connects between your utility power meter and your main power panel and disconnects your house from the power grid whenever it’s in use.

via Car and Driver

FedEx is Testing Electric Carts For Last-Mile Delivery in Big U.S. and Canadian Cities

Photo: BrightDrop
March 25, 2022FedEx plans to test electric carts to make deliveries on its signature Express routes in 10 U.S. and Canadian cities with hopes to help address a major challenge it faces in every big city it serves: lack of parking.

E-commerce sales grew 86% over prepandemic levels in February. But the number of parking spots and loading zones remained largely the same in New York City and Toronto, where the global carrier has been testing the EP1 electric cart made by General Motors’ BrightDrop.

FedEx is encouraged by the early results from its pilot program. By deploying a truck of the electric carts and by getting couriers to their routes in a separate passenger van, the company estimates it can reduce the use of trucks on each route by as much 25% per day.

via CNBC

Ford Thinks Its New EVs Are the Perfect Place to Take a Meeting

March 22, 2022As cars get more connected and infotainment systems are increasingly becoming a key selling point, we’re starting to see automakers imagine new ways for owners to use their vehicles.

Ford now envisages its EVs as mobile offices and has collaborated with Cisco in order to make its electric vehicles the ideal place to take a meeting when out on the road. While there’s nothing stopping the technology from being used in conventional vehicles, Ford is making a particular effort to integrate Cisco’s Webex meeting technology in its next-generation lineup of EVs.

“We don’t see why people wouldn’t be using their vehicles as a fantastic quality office, to be able to collaborate together,” said Darren Palmer, Vice President of Ford’s Electric Vehicle Programs.

via The Drive

VW’s Electrify America Unveils New ‘Human-Centered’ EV Charging Stations

March 24, 2022Charging an electric car isn’t as straightforward as refilling a gas tank. Recharging times can vary depending on the vehicle type and power source. Battery experts claim that charging times will eventually shrink to around 10 minutes, but not for years to come.

The company’s new stations are organized around comfort, security, and amenities. Electrify America says the goal is to create “a more inviting transition to an electric vehicle lifestyle from traditional gas station.”

The most notable change for Electrify America’s current design is the inclusion of solar panel awnings, which have the dual effect of sheltering customers from the sun and inclement weather while also supplying power for the station’s operations.

via The Verge

NAFA I&E in Columbus

Don’t miss out on learning from the brightest minds in fleet and mobility as they discuss emerging trends and cutting-edge solutions that will help you make an impact on your fleet’s operations.

At this year’s NAFA Institute & Expo, build your expertise in the fleet management industry, discover solutions to today’s most common challenges, and explore new and emerging solutions that impact your fleet operations.



Holman and Electrada Partner on Electrification

By Ed Pierce, Contributing Editor

The new partnership of Holman and Electrada presents a major step forward for fleets transitioning towards electrification.

Holman, which provides fleet management services to corporate, government, and utility fleets, recently announced a partnership with Electrada, who designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains EV charging infrastructure. Their partnership will help companies that operate fleets make a seamless transition to electric vehicles in a way that provides reliable service and simplified fueling costs.

The successful transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs involves much more than selecting vehicles. Of equal importance is a focus on infrastructure, namely the power needs, charging locations, and reliable operation of charging stations. This adds quite a few new factors beyond the ICE costs that most fleet managers are familiar with. By partnering with Electrada, Holman will be able to ease the transition for their customers and help them meet their corporate sustainability goals.

In order to get more information about the new partnership between Electrada and Holman, we sat down with two of the top leaders from both organizations. Emily Graham is the Director of Sustainability at Holman while Kevin Kushman is the CEO of Electrada. They answered a variety of questions about their new partnership and what their thoughts were of the general shift towards electrification among fleets.



Bullying in the Workplace

March 23, 2022 – There are no benefits to bullying in the workplace – not to the people suffering it or the employees witnessing it, and not to the company’s bottom line. It does not make organizations more competitive, weed out the weak, or give anyone an edge.

It cannot be justified as “just the way things are done” or by the idea that because some workers dealt with it, everyone should, that it’s a kind of “paying dues.” More and more employees are recognizing that. Right now, we’re in the midst of a “great resignation” that’s driven in part by people no longer tolerating toxic workplaces.

With fewer employees willing to buy into cultures that enable bullying – and a growing cohort of workplace leaders learning, perhaps the hard way, that it’s in their best interest to root it out – change is possible. At the heart of this change is building an environment where bullies of any kind are understood to be unacceptable.

via strategy+business

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