January 18, 2022

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Playing Your Cards Right in 2022

If you play your cards right, says Art Liggio, the New Year will come up Aces for your drivers. Don’t miss Driving Dynamics’ column this month to learn how three, easy to remember, Aces can help you achieve your company’s safety goals this year.

We are pleased to publish an informative column from Amy Dobrikova, VP of Fleet Solutions at Blink Charging. She gives us valuable insight into essential factors to consider as fleets transition to EVs.

I’ve been fretting about climate change for ever so long and was captured by a recent McKinsey report on the physical hazards and socioeconomic impact of the changing climate over the next three decades.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Shifting Gears at NAFA I&E in Columbus

NAFA I&E is reconvening in person once again in Columbus this April, with the timely theme of “Shifting Gears.”

VIDEO: EV Batteries

  Learning from Geotab’s Battery Degradation Tool

How long will your electric batteries last? Will they lose range over time? Geotab has been researching this with their battery degradation tool, and they’ve been pleasantly surprised with the results.

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WIFM Mentorship Program: Sign Up Now

The WIFM Mentorship Program pairs various levels of experienced professionals who are hoping to gain knowledge and perspective.

This engaging program pairs mentors and mentees based on identified areas of focus submitted in the sign-up process. All AFLA members are both welcomed and encouraged to participate.

The next pairing deadline is May 13, 2022. If you would like to be paired before the next deadline, click here


NAFA 100 Best Fleets Competition is Open for Applications

Start your new year off right by joining hundreds of fleet managers throughout the Americas as they compete for the top spots of the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas program.

There is no better way to benchmark your operations and practices than by applying in competition with the best public fleets, encouraging the ever-increasing levels of performance improvement and innovation within the fleet industry.

This is your opportunity to foster pride in your workplace and receive industry-wide acknowledgement for your fleet practices.

Learn More and Begin Your Application Today

NTEA Offers Second Course in Truck Equipment Electrical Basics Online Educational Series

NTEA, in collaboration with e-learning platform Electude, announced a new DC and AC Voltage online course as part of its Truck Equipment (TE) Electrical Basics series.

Designed to provide the work truck industry with a fundamental understanding of electrical theory and concepts in automotive applications, the TE Electrical Basics online program arms upfitters, engineers, fleet managers and technicians with functional knowledge of truck electrical systems and components — but not to the depth required to design systems and components.


Ford and ADT Form ‘Canopy’ to Strengthen Security

Ford and ADT Inc.will invest in a new joint venture called Canopy that combines ADT’s professional security monitoring and Ford’s AI-driven video camera technology to help customers strengthen security of new and existing vehicles across automotive brands.

The first products to be manufactured and sold will be available in the U.S. and the U.K. for the industry’s highest-volume commercial and retail pickups and vans – including the Ford F-150, F-150 Lightning, Transit vans and E-Transit – and will be easily installable by customers to protect expensive work and recreational equipment.

Via Ford Media Center

Safety & Risk

By Art Liggio

It’s that time of the year when many of us challenge ourselves to take stock of the past twelve months and set goals for the year ahead.

Most often these reflections and resolutions are of a personal nature, however, this is also a great opportunity to start off the new year with a commitment to achieve your company’s fleet safety goals and make a meaningful difference for your organization and drivers.

With three Ace’s in-hand: PACE, SPACE and GRACE you can help each driver in your fleet and everyone else in your organization realize their own personal resolutions for the year to be safer behind the wheel.

Are you ready to play the right cards?



EV Charging

By Amy Dobrikova, Vice President of Fleet Solutions at Blink Charging

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is entering 2022 with unprecedented momentum.

Bolstered by increased investment from OEMs, many of which are expected to roll-out new electric models this year, crucial funding from the Biden Administration and heightened support from cities and states as they double down on their net zero goals, EVs are shifting from sustainable novelties to the future of transportation around the world.

As the electrified revolution ramps up — with more vehicles coming to the market and charging infrastructure expanding rapidly — there’s no better time to consider transitioning your fleet to EVs. While a sustainable alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles, EVs are also significantly cheaper to fuel and require far less maintenance, reducing some of the highest operating costs facing commercial fleet managers today.

As you contemplate how to make your fleet more efficient over the year to come, here are a few considerations on how to transition to EVs.



GPS Tracking

By Jayesh Mehta, Fortress Mobile

As a driver, you probably have used GPS to map out your route, so what’s the big deal about fleet GPS tracking?

This may seem like a way for the company to track where you are, almost like someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you are doing the right thing or micromanaging. While this may be what it seems like, it is not.

Using fleet GPS tracking software has its benefits for the driver and is mainly used to protect the driver. This may feel overwhelming at first, but we’ll go over some tips and benefits that should make you feel more at ease.



Scammers Are Using QR Codes to Steal Credit Card Info at Parking Meters

January 14, 2022 – Municipal leaders across the country are warning drivers not to use QR codes stuck on to parking pay stations. Such QR codes are easily faked, and it seems scammers used them to soak up unsuspecting people’s parking fees, along with their credit card information, in some of the largest cities in the U.S.

The easiest way to protect yourself from such a scam is to never enter credit card information into an untrustworthy website, and that includes ones that you’ve reached via QR code. QR codes are ridiculously easy to fake, which is why you won’t find any city using them to accept payments.

Most cities have specific secure parking payment apps as well as kiosks that accept payment. It’s such an easy scam that police are already alerting the public to the possibility that it might pop up in their city.

via Jalopnik

NYC Mayor Wants to Shrink City’s Massive Fleet of Vehicles

January 15, 2022Mayor Eric Adams wants to see the free rides given to many city employees come to a stretching halt. Adams said the city’s fleet of nearly 30,000 vehicles – the largest of its kind in the nation – needs to be stripped down to a “bare-bones minimum.”

He also said he supports reducing the number of take-home cars driven by city employees – which totals 2,857 – and plans to evaluate where cuts could be made. The gratis vehicles come with free gas and sometimes free tolls, and it’s a benefit that has historically led to widespread misuse.

Adams has spent most of his first two weeks in office relying on mass transit to commute to work – even biking at least once. He said he plans to encourage city workers to use mass transit and “ride-sharing” vehicle programs.

via New York Post

Onboard Vehicle Tech Becoming a Safety Issue, Say Advocates

January 16, 2022Automakers have been installing increasingly high-tech features and infotainment systems in vehicles, but that doesn’t mean they’re becoming safer. The most recent statistics show that as of 2018, distracted driving contributes to one in four fatal crashes. 

More complex infotainment systems could be contributing to the problem. Research found that infotainment systems in the vehicles from the 2018 study often put a very high demand on drivers through a combination of visual, mental, and time demands, with some tasks taking upwards of 48 seconds.

“Drivers often end up taking their eyes off the road to look at the technology and are frustrated as to why it’s not doing what they want it to do.” said Robyn Robertson, chief executive of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation. ” Automakers have been working to address distraction issues, such as improvements to voice commands, but those can pose their own risks.”

via The Globe and Mail

3G Networks Will Disappear This Year — And That’s Bad News for Your Car. Here’s Why

January 16, 2022 – Every major mobile carrier plans to shut down its 3G network this year, largely to free up mobile bandwidth for upcoming 5G network rollouts. The 3G shutdown will affect dozens of vehicle models released anytime between 2010 and 2021.

Some cars will lose the ability to update your location and traffic data while navigating. Others will become unable to connect with your smartphone, voice assistants or emergency call services.

Some major auto companies, but not all, have released information on which of their car models will be affected by the shutdown – and what steps owners can take, if any, to ensure that their cars don’t lose certain connected features once the shutdown occurs. You might need to act before AT&T’s 3G shutdown date in February.

via CNBC

Climate Change

January 16, 2022How could Earth’s changing climate impact socioeconomic systems across the world in the next three decades? A yearlong, cross-disciplinary research effort at McKinsey & Company provides some answers.

As average temperatures rise, climate science finds that acute hazards such as heat waves and floods grow in frequency and severity, and chronic hazards, such as drought and rising sea levels, intensify.  In this report, the focus is on understanding the nature and extent of physical risk from a changing climate over the next one to three decades, exploring physical risk as it is the basis of both transition and liability risks.

Climate models with economic projections were linked together to examine nine cases that illustrate exposure to climate change extremes and proximity to physical thresholds. Across our cases, we find increases in socioeconomic impact of between roughly two and 20 times by 2050 versus today’s levels. The physical climate risks are increasing across our global country analysis, even as some countries find some benefits.

via McKinsey


Fleet Remarketing

By Bill Bishop, FLD Remarketing

Nearly 30 years ago, the comedian Bill Murray starred in a movie that would become part of the national lexicon. “Groundhog Day,” was the story of a cynical weatherman who kept living the same day over and over until he sees a way of using it to his advantage.

And while our industry might not be reliving the exact same day over and over, a look back at 2021 – and a look ahead to 2022 – gives me one over-riding thought: That fleet, especially from a remarketing perspective, can expect to face many of the same challenges it has the past two years. And that unless something unforeseen happens to change that trajectory, 2022 is shaping up to be quite similar to 2021.

Like most, I had high hopes that 2021 would be markedly different from 2020. And with a new vaccine on the horizon, and nearly a full year of restrictions behind us – why not?



Fleet Management Systems

January 14, 2022 – Fleet Management is the umbrella term that refers to all processes involved in the smooth functioning of a fleet of commercial vehicles. The operations involved are monitoring fleet activities, asset management, route planning, and driving data insights.

One of the most important aspects of a fleet management system is GPS tracking that helps access the real-time location and movement of all the fleet assets – driver, vehicles, equipment, and more. A professional telematics solution can improve accuracy. This data helps businesses to calculate an estimated time of arrival. Fleet managers/owners can get sensors that detect fuel levels, open doors, and more to improve savings.

Next comes the aspect of driver management that includes monitoring and measuring essential driving parameters like acceleration, harsh braking, speeding, and over idling. This data helps improve driver efficiency and productivity, decrease chances of accidents, lower fuel consumption and improve vehicle performance. Maintenance costs and downtimes also tend to reduce. In the driver management module, health and safety are a priority.

via Illinois News Today.

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