July 19, 2023

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Exceeding Expectations

Phil Moser, Director of Customer Development at Driving Dynamics, has long been a trusted name in fleet safety. He is leading an oh-so topical AFLA Learning Webinar on August 8th at 2 PM CT: Risk & Safety – Driving Under the Influence.

The Best is Yet to Come
Speaking of AFLA, have you registered for the 2023 Corporate Fleet Conference? October 2-5 in beautiful Palm Springs. Check out the dynamic schedule!

Why Upsourcing Fleet Marketing Makes Sense
Hannah Lamont Schonely explains how ‘Upsourcing’ can help your business strengthen sales and business results.She says, “A strategic partner of FMW Brand Acceleration, Inertia: marketing + design, coined the innovative term as an all-in-one proposition that is faster, better, and more efficient.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: From the Front Lines

Watch Wheels’ experts share their inspiring stories of quick thinking, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to serving customers’ needs, even in the most challenging circumstances. You’ll also learn about the importance of cost-reduction initiatives and creative solutions in maintaining a long-term stable fleet success strategy. Tune in to glean valuable insights to help you and your team excel in customer service.

VIDEO: ServiceUp

  Easily Determine Exactly When Your Vehicles Need Maintenance and Repairs

Whether through an automated portal that keeps a dynamic list of all your fleet’s vehicles or through their driver app, ServiceUp makes it fast and easy to find the best repair center for the services you need.

Zoom Video Interview with You Here?

  Request for Zoom Video Interviews

We now conduct the majority of our interviews via Zoom, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: [email protected].


Register Now for NETS 2023 Conferences in Paris & Indianapolis Register Now for NETS 2023 Conferences in Paris & Indianapolis

This year NETS offers you TWO opportunities to share fleet safety best practices. Join us!

EMEA Regional Road Safety Conference in Paris, France, September 11-13, 2023
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Annual Benchmark Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 10-12, 2023
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Not yet a NETS member? Register for either conference and receive 50% off your membership fee if you join now!


Nirmit Agarwala Joins Merchants Fleet to Launch First Business Transformation Office Nirmit Agarwala Joins Merchants Fleet to Launch First Business Transformation Office

Merchants Fleet is pleased to announce the hire of Nirmit Agarwala as the company’s new Vice President of Business Transformation, who will be heading up the company’s first Business Transformation Office.

“His exceptional track record in driving innovation and transformational growth, combined with his passion for excellence and client-centric approach, make him a valuable addition to our team,” said Merchants Chairman, CEO, and President, Brendan P. Keegan.


NAFA Seminar in New Orleans: Essentials of Fleet Management NAFA Seminar in New Orleans: Essentials of Fleet Management

NAFA’s one-stop training program, the Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar, returns as a live experience this October in New Orleans! If you are new to fleet, or growing in your role, this immersive program will guide you through the latest best-practices, strategies, key skills, and resources for managing your fleet.

Early Bird rates are available! Reserve your spot today. Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar • October 16-18 • New Orleans, LA. Click here to register


AFLA Learning Webinar: Risk & Safety - Driving Under the Influence AFLA Learning Webinar: Risk & Safety – Driving Under the Influence

Join us for the AFLA Learning webinar series: Risk and Safety: Driving Under the Influence – Tuesday, August 8, 2:00 PM CT

Phil Moser, from Driving Dynamics, leverages his 30+ years of experience in the driver safety field to present the consequences of driving while impaired and how to take a proactive response to a changing landscape.

This session will discuss risks when driving under the influence and safe driving practices. For more information, click here.


Fleet Marketing

By Hannah Lamont-Schonely, Inertia Public Relations

Though it may not be an official term in the dictionary, ‘Upsourcing’ is the best way to define how your business can exceed expectations and take them to the next level.

Consider putting outsourcing on the back burner and turning up the ‘upsourcing’ heat. There are advantages to bringing on an existing marketing team.

FMW Brand Acceleration is the first fleet industry-only marketing team and the only ‘upsourced’ solution for any fleet services provider looking to build a brand and generate more leads.



Harnessing Fleet Data

By FMW Staff

Utilimarc is a leader in Business Intelligence solutions for fleet optimization. Their team of expert fleet analysts, technologists, and data scientists make sure your fleet’s data is clean, actionable, and available in one unified platform.

We had the chance to interview Gretchen Reese, the Growth Marketing Manager from Utilimarc, and ask her about the company’s one-of-a-kind data solutions.

“We’re a company full of fleet experts. We’re run by fleet analysts, and we were founded in the foundation of fleet data. We’re an advanced analytics tool AND a team. And the team itself is the backbone of your experience working with Utilimarc.”



Fleet Case Studies

The City of Long Beach partnered with Pitstop to optimize the maintenance and operation of its diverse municipal fleet over a 3-month long analysis.

In this case study, learn how Pitstop solved the primary objectives for the City of Long Beach fleet, including minimizing downtime, maximizing safety, efficiently allocating maintenance resources, and confidently projecting annual costs.

The predictive and real-time alerts provided by Pitstop could turn unplanned service events into scheduled ones, avoiding the cost of 147 Tow or Road Call events, saving an estimated $61,000, excluding repair expenses.

Download the case study to learn the transformative potential of AI and data analytics in fleet management.



The Deadliest and Least Deadly Cars

The IIHS this week has released rankings of cars based on how often their drivers die in accidents and how often the driver in a car they hit dies. The agency says the numbers “are a useful companion to the Institute’s safety ratings, as they capture different aspects of risk.” But no one figure can precisely tell you which cars are safest.

For instance, drivers of the Mitsubishi Mirage proved more likely to die in an accident than drivers of any other car. The Mirage is one of America’s least-expensive new cars. It’s tiny — a subcompact car available as a sedan or a hatchback. The 2020 version lacked advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking (though the Mirage on dealer lots today does have that technology).

via Kelley Blue Book

Tesla Launches ‘Charge on Solar’ to Charge Your Cars With Sunshine

Tesla has introduced a new feature that allows its customers to charge their EVs using excess solar energy generated by their Tesla solar systems. Called “Charge on Solar,” the feature was introduced through an update to the Tesla mobile app and allows EV owners to optimize the usage of solar energy by efficiently harnessing the surplus power generated during daylight hours.

Once users install the necessary solar panels, Tesla Powerwall, and a Tesla vehicle charger, they can easily configure the system using the Tesla mobile app. Post connection, the app provides a clear interface to monitor and control the energy flow between the solar system and the electric vehicle.

via SlashGear

PowerFlex, DHL Collaborate to Electrify Delivery Fleet

PowerFlex and DHL are collaborating to electrify delivery fleets by increasing charging infrastructure across the United States. PowerFlex has completed the installation of 415 electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) for DHL Express.

The chargers, equipped with PowerFlex X energy management software, were installed at DHL service center facilities across major U.S. markets. DHL’s fleet electrification efforts are part of the company’s green logistics plan, and partnering with PowerFlex helps with the execution of the plan. The charging stations were strategically installed overhead, keeping them clear of the vehicles’ path while remaining easily accessible for drivers at the end of the day.

via Environmental + Energy Leader

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers in America

Fatalities on American roads are at historically high levels across the country, and new research is taking a look at where the accidents are happening. Looking at data relating to fatal accidents caused by bad driving, drunk driving, and speeding, an alarming picture forms about driving conditions in Tennessee.

With 32.3 fatal crashes per 100,000 residents, Memphis is the city with the most collisions caused by bad driving in America. Four more Tennessee cities are in the top 60 most dangerous cities in the USA.  Based on data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the city experienced a total of 238 fatal accidents in 2021 (the most recent year for which records are available).

via Carscoops

FoldPro Shelving

Safe Fleet, a leading provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles, unveiled its newest technology, FoldPro Shelving, by Prime Design.

Because speed is what counts in last mile delivery, FoldPro Shelving offers a unique design engineered to offer durability, enhanced productivity, and speed all while prioritizing safety. FoldPro Shelving is available for Transit, Sprinter, Promaster and Box Truck vehicles.

“Focusing on our expertise, engineering, design and manufacturing, FoldPro Shelving provides a reliable system that delivers,” said Jon Busch, Product Manager, Prime Design.




By FMW Staff

Roadz’s newest SaaS marketplace is called Fleetstore. The sole aim of the branded marketplace is to bring together curated solutions from a range of top vendors in over 13 critical fleet management categories.

The platform includes solutions to help commercial fleets of all sizes address operating costs, productivity, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Fleetstore helps smaller fleets to leverage otherwise unavailable negotiated and channel pricing. What’s more, the savings are passed along through a single bill for all of the solutions purchased.




By FMW Staff

We recently had the opportunity to interview Matt Thomas, one of the co-owners of Permaseal Global. Permaseal Global is transforming fleet operations with its groundbreaking, eco-friendly tire sealant, hailed as the world’s first of its kind.

With EPA, DOT, and California Prop 65 compliance, Permaseal sets a new standard by eliminating hazardous chemicals from their programs and products. Endorsed by renowned tire manufacturers like Goodyear, their sealant not only prevents flat tires from punctures, but is the first of its kind to be used in the recapping and retraining process.

Thomas said, “Our product virtually eliminates our clients’ need to replace any tires. We increase the life expectancy and use case of our clients’ tires by 25% and improve their fuel economy by 5%.

“We made sure that we brought to market a program that doesn’t require special tools or equipment, isn’t hazardous, and doesn’t require any specialty cleanup.”


Fleet Management Resources


The Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association. Advancing corporate fleet worldwide.

The fast, easy way to remarket without risk. Get an offer in hours, paid in a few days. Improve TCO. Save time, money and resources.

PARS’ mission is to provide you with high-quality service at competitive prices for all of your transportation needs.

Driving Dynamics
Driving Dynamics was established to help corporate fleet drivers develop expert, safe driving skills using proven, advanced driving techniques.

Fleet Street
Fleet Street has 30+ years of experience and knowledge using a spectrum of wholesale and retail channels to simplify your involvement in the remarketing process.

SuperVision is a fleet driver management solution for MVR & license monitoring, fleet management, fleet safety oversight and driver performance and retention.

eDriving partners with its clients to engage with drivers and their managers to create a culture that supports lasting behavioral change to reduce collisions, injuries, license violations as well as a fleet’s total cost of ownership.

NAFA Fleet Management Association
NAFA is the association for the diverse vehicle fleet management profession regardless of organizational type, geographic location, or fleet composition.

Helping vehicle fleets exceed their business goals since 1939, Wheels is committed to truly understanding your unique needs and providing solutions to help you succeed.

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