December 7, 2021

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Changed Priorities Ahead

When I travel in the UK, I never fail to be captured by the road sign “Changed Priorities Ahead.” I thought about this when I read Laura Jozwiak’s latest column for FMW: Being Customer-Driven Through Change. So often fleet professionals tell us that they are drawn to our industry’s fact-paced environment where seldom will two days look alike.

Predictions for 2022
Ed Dubens
gives us his top five predictions on what the next 12 months might look like for driver risk management and safety. Not surprising given the emergence of the Omicron variant, #1 is Keeping employees and their families safe from COVID.

Funnel Vision
If sales and marketing are your beat, don’t miss marketing expert Ed Pierce’s latest Call to Action column. Ed writes, “A marketing funnel helps prospects get to know a brand. It also enables businesses to visualize their buyer’s journey through a sales support marketing strategy in a system measuring lead generation and lead nurturing.”

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Topsy-Turvy: A Look at the Remarketing World Today

There’s enormous volatility in the remarketing world right now, and this expert wonders if prices could actually go much higher? There have even been weeks recently when wholesale buyers have simply sat the market out.

VIDEO: Optimum Fleet Health

  Saving Time and Money via Operational Efficiency

Optimum Fleet Health has solutions that improve operational efficiency, saving time and money for fleets of all types and all sizes.

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  Request for Zoom Video Interviews

We’re ramping up FMW’s video interviews via Zoom given the times, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: ted@fleetmanagementweekly.com.


Samsara Provides 360° Visibility into Safety Incidents with Launch of Camera Connector

Samsara just announced Camera Connector, a new product that connects side, rear, and interior vehicle camera feeds to Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud.

By bringing cloud connectivity to third-party cameras for the first time, Camera Connector allows organizations to leverage existing vehicle camera investments to reduce safety incidents, protect against not-at-fault claims, and enhance the driver experience.

Companies across the commercial transportation industry, from long-haul trucking to field services to passenger transit, are at risk for high-cost incidents on the road, such as sideswiping and back-up collisions.


Booster Converts Thousands of Diesel Vehicles to Renewable Fuel

Booster announced it converted more than 90 of its diesel customers with close to 1200 vehicles to renewable fuels within the first month of its decarbonization initiative.

“The lack of clean energy infrastructure poses one of the greatest barriers to decarbonizing the transportation sector,” said Frank Mycroft, CEO and co-founder of Booster. “Booster is offering a solution for customers who want to decarbonize affordably and sustainably but can’t justify driving miles out of their way to do so.”


Merchants Fleet Launches Industry-First Fleet Electrification Hub

Puts fleet industry on the fast track to sustainability, with first site dedicated to customized fleet electrification resources.

Merchants Fleet today announced the launch of its new Electrify Fleet Hub, an innovative online tool providing centralized information designed to help fleet managers make a seamless adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as part of their sustainability goals.

The new online tool is the first of its kind for the fleet industry, which includes a convenient EV Finder that allows users to research current and future EV models based on their specific needs.


Sustainable Fleet Technology Webinar Series: The Green Garage Contest Winners!

The Green Garage Contest Winners Announcement 2021 – Thursday, December 9, 2021 2 – 3 p.m.

This free session titled “The Green Garage Winners Announcement 2021” will feature operations and facility strategies and techniques of the top performing fleets.

The Sustainable Fleet Technology Webinar Series is offered through a collaborative partnership between the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, The 100 Best Fleets and NAFA Fleet Management Association.


Customer Driven

By Laura Jozwiak

What do you think of when you hear the word “change?” For some people it can conjure up feelings of uneasiness. For others it can signal opportunity.

Change is inevitable, and in our industry, it is happening at a rapid rate. Many of us in the industry remain as we enjoy the fast-paced environment – there’s never a dull moment! With fleet being so fast paced, it’s difficult for any one person to stay on top of every aspect. That’s why I believe that our industry thrives due to supportive and passionate people.

I often visit LinkedIn to see what sage advice and timely insights I can glean from my industry peers. During a recent LinkedIn scan, I came across the article, “The Upside of an M&A for Impacted Customers,” written by FMW contributing editor, Ed Pierce. I immediately stopped scrolling to dive into what Ed had to say.

It was the perfect time for me – and for many of us – to receive Ed’s sound advice.



Crash-Free Culture

By Ed Dubens, CEO/Founder of eDriving

It’s always an interesting time of year, when we look ahead to what might happen over the next 12 months.

Some of the hottest topics over recent months have been the global driver shortage, COVID-19 and the reduction in miles driven vs the increase in collisions, Brexit, supply chain issues/shortages and inflation, fuel prices, maintenance costs, and sustainability.

But where does driver RISK MANAGEMENT & SAFETY fit in?

Here are my top five predictions for 2022:



Fleet Marketing

By Ed Pierce, President of ITA Communications. Fleet.

The Sales Funnel is a proven representation of progress in the world of sales, and it is a common illustrative of the sales pipeline for management.

However, the funnel has been useful among marketers in depicting the advancement of marketing opportunities, too.

Curiously, there has been scant consideration of a Sales & Marketing Funnel beyond the basic four elements of customer relationship building — Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Yet, in the world of B2B, it takes a combination of interacting sales and marketing tactics to drive sales. These functions are so closely related that they often instigate unwarranted confusion.



Big Carmakers Show They Too Can Gain From the Electric Car Shake-Up

CNN Business

Startup automakers, like Lucid and Rivian, often make the point that, as Tesla has shown, electric car shoppers are open to trying new brands. What’s true for startups, though, is also true for big automakers like Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen.

For those long-established car companies, new electric vehicles are attracting customers who are not current owners of their brands. That means electric vehicles are bringing in those always sought after “conquest sales.” These are sales that automakers hope create new long-term customers.

Among buyers of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E, almost 70% were not already Ford customers. For most Ford models, only 42% are trading in a non-Ford vehicle. For General Motors’ Chevrolet brand, the trend is similar. Among buyers of the Chevrolet Bolt models, 60% were new to the Chevrolet brand.

Read the article at CNN Business.

Apple AirTags Are Now Being Used to Steal Cars in Canada


Police in Aurora, Ontario identified five separate incidents where thieves have surreptitiously slipped an AirTag on to a “high-end vehicle” with the intent to steal it. The thieves’ technique is to leave the tracker somewhere on a target vehicle, then follow its location in Apple’s Find My app to discover where it’s parked.

When Apple first released AirTags earlier this year, concerns immediately sprung up about nefarious use cases for the covert trackers. Apple responded with a slew of anti-stalking measures, but those are more intended for keeping people safe than cars.

An AirTag away from its owner will sound an alarm, letting anyone nearby know that it’s been left behind, but it can take up to 24 hours for that alarm to go off — more than enough time to nab a car in the dead of night.

Read the article at Jalopnik.

The New Key to Automotive Success: Put Customer Experience in the Driver’s Seat

McKinsey & Company

Car manufacturers once competed largely on their engineering capabilities: superior driving performance and reliability were their marketing boasts. These qualities still matter, but they are table stakes. The new battleground is customer experience.

In a world of electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles, OEMs face a considerable challenge if they intend to keep pace. They will need to rapidly discover, design, scale, and constantly refine solutions that thrill customers, generate new sources of revenue, and keep costs in check – an approach honed by leading customer-centric companies.

Leadership from the CEO and a chief experience office will be key to establishing the components of a transformation: a new business model, and the ability to scale fast, to amass data at every customer touchpoint, and to measure the customer experience in a manner that reveals precisely how to improve it.

Read the article at McKinsey & Company.

Digital Car Keys Arrive on Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21


Google has revealed a slew of features and updates for Android 12. The digital car key function that was announced at Google I/O in May is now available on Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 for compatible BMW vehicles in select countries.

You can use your phone to lock and unlock the doors, and start the engine. The feature is likely coming to other vehicles later  – Google has been working with other, unnamed automakers on support for digital car keys.

There’s now an option to open Android Auto automatically when you connect your device to a compatible car. In addition, the home screen will have an always-on play button, so you can fire up your favorite music with a single tap.

Read the article at Autoblog.

Building Great Teams


Today’s vision of teamwork has shifted from a system that revolves around an individual to a system that revolves around all the individuals working together: collective functioning.

Collective functioning is about what can be harnessed and created from the intersections of people’s skills and emotions; it’s the emotions that create a ripple effect that forms a culture.

Teams that share resources, and have flexibility and opportunities for collective learning, still might underachieve if their structure and leadership are wrong. But get those elements right, and the team will flourish. If the value of an organization is based on a combination of each employee’s contributions, then success is determined by the weakest of those employees, not the strongest.

Teammates who collaborate more effectively, in any organization, can outperform those whose individual skills may be superior. The key is to discover who works best with whom, and who brings out the best in others. Teams that recognize the power of collective functioning and have leaders who create environments for those partnerships to flourish reap the benefits.

Read the article at strategy+business.


Money from Remarketing

By Richard Mallek, Director of Business Development/FLD Remarketing

December – it’s a month that everyone looks forward to. This year, that’s probably even more true, as the world does its best to move past Covid to experience the joy and familiarity the holidays bring.

In the fleet space, as in most industries, December is a time to not only put the finishing touches on the previous eleven months, but to get one’s “ducks” in a row for the year ahead. Right sizing fleets. Planning strategy. And getting excess inventory off the books.

At FLD, December has been an especially busy time ever since we first pioneered the space nearly 45 years ago. That’s because as the only remarketing provider that gives customers a quote – and gets them paid – in less than a week, we know fleets will turn to us to get their transactions wrapped up quickly, and them prepared for the year ahead.



Safety and the Holidays

Art Liggio, President & CEO, Driving Dynamics

The holidays are here, and we’re excited to welcome the bright lights and warmth that comes with the season.

We all had a great deal of hope riding into 2021 and despite health and economic challenges, we’re grateful that many of the customers we serve and the overall fleet community, are making steady progress in resuming operations and, in many cases, exceeding expectations.

At Driving Dynamics, we’ve been busy adding new programs to address the everchanging issues affecting safe driving performance. With 34 years of service now behind us, we’ve been honored this year to reach the highest number of enrollments in the company’s history. We thank you for the privilege of guiding your drivers toward safety excellence.

While we understand that there are many challenges ahead, this is a time of year to pause and enjoy some good cheer. With that, the staff and management at Driving Dynamics would like to share a well-known Christmas poem, but with our own fun little twist. Enjoy!


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