November 23, 2021

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VIDEO: A Trifecta of Tools to Boost Your Fleet’s Efficiency

Whether you have a fleet of 10 vehicles or 10,000 vehicles, Shell offers a trifecta of tools that combines telematics data with transaction data and maintenance data to boost the overall efficiency of your fleet.

VIDEO: Online Fleet Management

  Smart Automation and Tracking for Maintenance and Inspections

Fleetio’s intuitive online fleet management solutions capture the data you need to make maintenance and inspections clear, concise and cost-effective.

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  Request for Zoom Video Interviews

We’re ramping up FMW’s video interviews via Zoom given the times, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

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ARI’s Jim Jackson Named 2021 National Remarketing Executive of the Year

ARI® announced that Jim Jackson has been recognized as the 2021 National Remarketing Executive of the Year.

The annual award, presented by the Independent Auction Group (IAG), honors remarketing professionals who share their expertise and skills to help advance this segment of the industry.

“Not only does Jim represent the very best our industry has to offer, he’s also at the forefront of helping to educate and develop the next generation of remarketing professionals,” said Lynn Weaver, Executive Director, Independent Auction Group.

“Jim’s passion for the automotive industry is second-to-none and his profound impact on the remarketing segment of the industry simply cannot be overstated. He’s universally respected and admired by his peers across the entire industry and I truly cannot think of a better ambassador for our remarketing profession.”


Two Free Webinars from Agile Fleet on December 2 — Choose the Right One for Your Needs!

“Don’t Start a Motor Pool Without These Tips” – Free Live 15-minute Q&A Session on Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 2:00 pm EST. REGISTER NOW

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Booster Builds out Executive Team

Booster announced the appointment of Jason Godley as President of the company, along with a round of new executive hires to expand and fill top C-suite roles.

“These executive additions to Booster’s leadership team come at the perfect time to support the company’s growth and scale,” said Frank Mycroft, CEO and co-founder, Booster. “Their impressive credentials and blend of energy technology, sustainability, and operations leadership is a power trifecta for our business. As Booster continues to expand and innovate, this new team will provide the essential infrastructure for our growing roster of fleet customers.”


eDriving Awarded Prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for Mentor

eDriving has been awarded a 2021 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

In a letter addressed from Kensington Palace to eDriving, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent wrote: “I have been impressed by the valuable work your team at eDriving does to reduce risk, notably to those who drive for work.

“It is especially noteworthy to see how the company is able to develop and adapt programs for use in several different countries. Most impressive is the way in which you apply sound science to underpin your innovations.”

eDriving was selected for the award for its innovative digital driver safety app, MentorSM.


Beware of Negligent Hiring

By Adam Danielson, Sales and Business Development Director

March 1997, a 23rd old man was driving his Chevy 4×4 pickup truck when he was hit by a semi-truck owned by a commercial trucking company. The semi-truck crossed the centerline and hit the pickup truck head on.

The young man suffered a ruptured left anterior cruciate ligament in his knee, which required reconstructive surgery. He sued the trucking company for negligent hiring, retention, and supervision of its driver due to the truck drivers’ record.

Between 1978 and 1997, the driver had been convicted of 21 traffic violations, most of which involved speeding, a DUI, and he was driving with a suspended license at the time of the accident.



Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

By Mike Sheldrick, Senior Editor

There are few fleet managers who would argue that Advanced Driver Assistance systems are valuable features to incorporate in their acquisition plans.

Perhaps most importantly, these systems can save lives. But still, a firm case for a better bottom line has been difficult to make, principally because higher repair costs for ADAS systems offsets many of their advantages in mitigating or avoiding collisions.

LexisNexis found that in general, ADAS systems led to minor reductions in claim severity, but greatly reduced claim frequency. Vehicles with any ADAS feature had a 23% reduction in bodily injury loss cost, a 14% reduction in property damage loss cost and an 8% reduction in collision claims cost, when compared to vehicles with no ADAS features.

Now, LexisNexis Risk Solutions has released an update of an earlier study of ADAS that makes it clear that ADAS can reduce costs.



Excellent Driver Behavior

Editor’s note: FMW first published this article last spring. The seasons change, but the message is timeless.

By Ed Pierce, Contributing Editor

A well-run fleet management program can dramatically reduce fleet costs by focusing on the vehicle throughout its life cycle. As a general rule of thumb, companies can expect a 15-20% reduction in fleet costs in the first full year.

However, fleet management companies have also found that companies that employ a comprehensive program to achieve excellence among their drivers can realize an additional 5-10% reduction.

Just consider the cost of preventable collisions, downtime due to repairs or injury, or worse, liability.



Fleet Operators Want Teslas. But Not ‘full self-driving’


Police departments are among the fleet operators that are increasingly turning to electric vehicles for the economic and environmental benefits.

But for all their Tesla enthusiasm, there’s one feature they overwhelmingly aren’t touching — “full self-driving.”

Fleet operators want safer driving and more productive vehicles, according to Westport, Connecticut police chief Foti Koskinas. He said there is no objective data proving that “full self-driving” is safer than a human driver. “Full self-driving” has not been shown to make Teslas today more productive, he said.

Read the article at MSN/CNN.

The Ford F-150 Lightning Will Be Able to Charge Other Lightnings

The Drive

Ford has a trick up its sleeve that may finally persuade truck owners to go electric: The F-150 Lighting will be able to charge other F-150 Lightnings.

One of the key traits revolves around the truck’s ability to act as a rolling battery and power generator, which allows it to share its electric charge with other devices – anything from camping gear to an entire house.

Theoretically, an F-150 Lightning could charge any electric vehicle, but the charging cord and electrical architecture compatibilities are the limiting factors. So at first, the truck will only be able to share its charge with other F-150 Lightnings.

Read the article at The Drive.

J.D. Power Announces 2022 U.S. ALG Residual Value Awards

J.D. Power

The J.D. Power U.S. ALG Residual Value Awards are the automotive industry standard in recognizing vehicle models projected to hold the highest percentage of their manufacturer’s suggested retail price following a three-year period of ownership.

“Accurately forecasting residual values in the auto industry is a key factor in assessing an estimated $225 billion lease portfolio of vehicles in the United States,” said Eric Lyman, vice president of ALG.

In addition to the mass market brand level award, Honda also takes home three model-level awards. Lexus ranks highest among premium brands while only having one segment-winning model.

Read the article at J.D. Power.

Autolist Survey: Ford F-150 Lightning Is The Most Wanted EV Pickup

Inside EVs

A new survey, conducted by Autolist, reveals which battery-electric pickups (launched or upcoming) are the most wanted in the U.S. 

The company asked over 1,100 current car shoppers in late October and early November “to gauge their interest in and awareness of the all-electric pickup truck segment.” Not only was Ford’s Lightning the most popular pick, but it also won over key groups of shoppers who will be crucial to the success of it and any other electric pickup.

The Ford was also the top choice among first-time EV buyers and existing or previous EV owners, first-time and existing/previous truck owners, nearly all of the age groups polled, and across all household income levels.”

Read the article at Inside EVs.

Vehicle Reliability

The Detroit Bureau

Japanese automakers – again – dominated the Annual Auto Reliability study from Consumer Reports, but there was some good news for Detroit manufacturers in the latest survey of vehicle owners.

The study found Lexus, Mazda and Toyota suffering the fewest reliability issues, with eight Japanese brands in the top 10. Only Buick made that cut among domestics. Detroit brands scored extremely well in some key product segments, including compact SUVs and all pickup categories. Domestics dominated in seven growing categories, including midsize and full-size pickups, overall.

The closely watched report had mixed news, meanwhile, on the “electrified” vehicle front. It revealed that hybrids and plug-in hybrids are among the most reliable vehicles on the market. But pure battery-electric vehicles, especially those built by Tesla, suffered from a number of serious problems.

Read the article at The Detroit Bureau.


EV Charging

By Ed Pierce, Contributing Editor

Every day some 65,000 public buses travel the streets of our nation’s cities.

Local transit authorities operating these fleets are coming under increased pressure to control operating costs and at the same time improve the environment by reducing or eliminating their buses’ emissions.

One option many of them are considering is the use of electric buses because several bus manufactures produce them.

Kevin Fisher, Director of Truck Electrification Systems at Momentum Dynamics of Malvern, PA, believes his company has one of the best systems to help them reach these goals: high-power, automatic electric charging systems for battery-electric buses.



Work Fleet Forum

By Tod Trousdell, Fleet Marketing Consultant/Partner, RobertsTrousdell Communications

Ever hear the one about what happens when you take 50 fleet managers and 50 fleet services providers and sequester them in a luxury surroundings for three days?

Well, if last week’s Work Truck Forum is any indication, several days of information-sharing, camaraderie and just plain fun!

First held in 2011, the Work Fleet Forum is the brainchild of Scott Goldman, an event specialist who got his start in the conference industry as a printing executive who dropped by a trade show to see where all the literature he was churning out ended up.

Enamored, he went on to work in the conference world for years before realizing there might be a better way of conducting trade shows.


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