January 15, 2019

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How Can We Protect Ourselves Against Cybercrime?

One of the most worrisome threats of our time is the destruction that can be wreaked by cybercriminals hacking an organization’s digital infrastructure.

John Wysseier, in his monthly Disruptive Leadership column, takes a hard look at how pervasive these crimes are and the nature of the malicious cyber schemes that are gaining momentum. It’s a challenge for every business leader.

INVERS Mobility Solutions has written a very interesting column about vehicle sharing. Amanda Lam cites specifics on how San Joaquin County (CA) and Seattle City Light’s motor pools have helped the fleets reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Are you thinking about that outstanding fleet professional who should be considered for NAFA’s Fleet Excellence Awards?

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

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VIDEO: Using Fewer Vehicles to Do the Same Job

INVERS Mobility Solutions focuses on people, not assets – with the final result being that you can use fewer vehicles to do the same job.


VIDEO: No More Trips to the Gas Station?

 Big Savings – and No More Gas Stations

It’s possible to save up to $1500 on fuel per vehicle annually – all while avoiding any trips to the gas station!

VIDEO: The Fleet Industry Today

 How to Be a Fleet Expert Today

If you want to be a fleet expert today, it will likely involve bringing in other experts.

The Fleet Spot

Transport Solutions of America names Paul Fox as SVP of Sales and Client Relations

Transport Solutions of America (TSOA), a leading provider of vehicle relocation and transportation services, has hired Paul Fox as Senior Vice President of Sales and Client Relations for the Atlanta based company.

Fox brings more than 20 years of sales and account management experience with him to TSOA. He joined PHH in 2007 as VP of Business Development for large market accounts. Most recently, Fox served as SVP of Sales for the mid-market sales team for Element Fleet Management.


Submissions Now Being Accepted for 2019 Fleet Excellence Awards!

The Fleet Excellence Awards (or FLEXYs) are open to every fleet management professional regardless of whether or not they are current members of NAFA Fleet Management Association.

The 2019 Fleet Excellence Awards winners will be recognized during NAFA’s Institute & Expo in Louisville, Ky., April 15-17.

If the work of you or your team led to major accomplishments in the past year, we welcome you to submit an entry for the 2019 Fleet Excellence Awards by clicking here

Submission deadline is February 1.


Making Safety Part of Your DNA in 2019

By Ed Dubens, CEO & Founder, eDriving

What would you do if a customer phoned you from their cell phone when driving?

One of my clients shared a story recently about a customer calling their “Customer Success Team” while driving. The representative taking the call politely said, “I’m sorry, it is against our company policy to talk to callers who are driving. Please call back when you’re not driving.”


Raven: An Ingenious New Safety System that Solves a Big Problem for Pooled Fleets

By Mark Boada, Executive Editor

One of the biggest safety challenges for pooled fleets is monitoring and assessing their drivers’ behavior, both over the long-term and in real time.

Now, there’s an ingenious safety device that can accomplish that, and much more. Introducing Raven by Klashwerks, a double-facing, streaming dashcam and telematics device that uses facial recognition to identify the driver piloting the vehicle.


Disruptive Leadership

By John F. Wysseier, President and CEO, The CEI Group, Inc.

My theme in this continuing blog is that business disruption – the kind that results from a continuous strategic embrace of cutting-edge technology – is not just a good thing, but a requirement. Call it creative destruction. But there’s another kind of technology-powered disruption that is simply destructive: the hacking of an organization’s digital infrastructure.

How pervasive is the threat? Consider the following:

• Computer Ventures, a researcher and publisher covering the global cyber economy, estimates that cyberattacks cost the global economy $3 trillion in 2015, a figure is likely to double to $6 trillion a year by 2021.
• PWC, the accounting and consulting firm, says that 32 percent of U.S. organizations were victims of cybercrime in 2016, and projects that 34 percent will have become victims by the end of 2018.
• Microsoft estimates that average cost of a data breach to a business is $3.8 million, and that the average attacker resides in a network for 146 days before being detected.
• A University of Maryland study found that hackers were attacking computers and networks “at near-constant rate”, with an average of one attack every 39 seconds.



In the Public Interest

By Amanda Lam, INVERS Mobility Solutions

Whether or not you are an experienced fleet manager, you have probably figured out what areas are easier to manage than others.

Many tools and resources are focused on asset management, whether that be for heavy duty vehicles or fuel usage. But what do you do when it comes to managing people’s transportation needs?

From the market research we have conducted so far, most fleets have some form of motor pool in place, though its application varies.



Managing the Reimbursed Fleet

This year’s report identified that the state of crude oil – and geopolitical factors impacting supply and demand of crude oil – will lead to continued fuel price uncertainty, likely resulting in a slight rise in price in early 2019.

The report also found that crude oil accounted for 61 percent of the price of every gallon of gasoline between 2008 and 2017, so a surplus or shortage in oil production as a result of geopolitical factors significantly impacts the prices consumers pay at the pump.

Click here for additional findings and to download Motus’s 2019 Fuel Trend Report

Fleet Trends & Issues

Everything You Thought You Knew About Driving on Snow Was Wrong

The New York Times

Driver education classes typically gloss over what makes winter driving different and how to avoid and handle skids, said Tim O’Neil, the founder of Team O’Neil, a rally-driving school in Dalton, N.H., that also teaches winter driving.

That’s why even people who have been driving for decades can make crucial mistakes on snowy roads, said Mark Cox, the director of the Bridgestone Winter Driving School in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

“We see a lot of people from all over the country who have grown up in the Snow Belt and have years and years of driving experience and in reality have just been lucky because their technique leaves a lot to be desired,” Mr. Cox said.

Read the article at The New York Times.

Car Theft on the Rise and People are Making it Easy for the Thieves

USA Today

More vehicles were stolen in 2017 than in any single year since 2009 with the biggest reason being a combination of new technology and careless drivers.

All thieves need to do is find a car where someone left the key inside, push the start button and hit the gas. With the proliferation of push-start buttons that can be activated as long as the key fob is inside the vehicle, it’s easier than ever to drive off with someone else’s car.

Read the article at USA Today.

Udelv’s Self-Driving Vans Will Deliver Walmart Groceries


Udelv, a startup that uses self-driving bright orange vans as delivery vehicles, announced that it will partner with Walmart on grocery delivery in 2019.

Udelv claims to have completed 1,200 deliveries and said it will deploy up to 100 vans in 2019.

Delivery services allow companies to deploy autonomous cars without having to convince members of the public to ride in them. That means companies can operate cars, and make money off them, regardless of the public’s attitude toward the technology.

Read the article at MSN.

Fiat Chrysler Agrees to Nearly $800 Million Settlement Over Emissions Cheating Charges

The Washington Post

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has agreed to a settlement with U.S. regulators and other plaintiffs that could cost the automaker roughly $800 million to resolve allegations that it cheated on emissions tests.

“By concealing this software, Fiat Chrysler deceived regulators and violated environmental law,” Jesse Panuccio, principal deputy associate attorney general, told reporters in a briefing at the department’s headquarters.

“Fiat Chrysler’s conduct was serious and egregious. Its deception robbed the public of the clean air we work hard to protect and put law-abiding competitors at a disadvantage.”

Read the article at The Washington Post.

Talking, Listening and Safety


In 2022, Ford will deploy cellular vehicle-to-everything technology — or C-V2X — in all new vehicle models in the United States.

C-V2X is a wireless communication technology that can “talk” to and “listen” for similarly equipped vehicles, people and traffic management infrastructure.

Communicating with infrastructure such as stoplights and road signs, meanwhile, means cities have even easier ways of making sure drivers get the information they need to move more freely and safely. With C-V2X, a traffic light can send signals alerting drivers about when it will turn green or red, or whether a driver is at risk of running a red light.

Read the article at Ford.


Charging Stations for EVs


International oil companies as Shell and ExxonMobil are investigating a move into providing places where EV owners can plug in and juice up.

One reason gasoline-powered vehicles proliferated was the growth of fueling stations. If cars ran low on fuel, drivers could tank up.

Many EVs on the market have ranges far below 100 miles. That may be fine for most local driving, but longer trips are more demanding. When drivers see the gauge drop to zero and realize that they failed to plug the car in last night, they will need a place to recharge.

Read the article at Fortune.


Cadillac vs. Tesla

The Detroit News

Cadillac will lead General Motors Co.’s march to 20 zero-emission vehicles by 2023, positioning the Detroit automaker’s luxury brand to compete with electric carmaker Tesla Inc.

“EVs are expensive and technology-laden, especially with the increase in autonomous features, so the luxury segment is a natural coupling,” Jeremy Acevedo, an automotive industry analyst for Edmunds, said in a Friday statement. “Tax rebates and subvented leases have masked this to a degree, but it looks like the next big steps in the EV segment are going to come from the luxury set.”

Read the article at The Detroit News.

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