September 28, 2022

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Weathering the Storm

Our first thoughts this morning center on the safety of folks in the path of Hurricane Ian, and our fleet professionals who provide essential services to their communities.

We welcome a new contributor to these pages. Kevin Dennehy, editor of Location Business News, has covered location technology for 30 years. Don’t miss his debut article for FMW: Will Going Green Break a Fleet Company’s Budget? Two Companies Say No.

FMW heartily congratulates the recipients of AFLA’s President’s Awards: Sharon Etherington, Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc; Carlos Oropeza, Wheels Don; Joe Stergios, Motorq; and Karyna Zarate, Jacobs.

We mourn the loss of our good friend and mentor, Charles M. (Chuck) Parker. He was a pioneer and innovator in our industry. I wrote a piece about him in Remembering Chuck Parker. Thanks to everyone who posted anecdotes and tributes to Chuck on our LinkedIn page.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: A Huge Business Advantage: Customer Experience Intelligence

The intelligence a company has collected from the customer experience level can be a huge game-changer when it comes to improvements and innovations.

VIDEO: Mobility Options

  Sustainable Superapp Shows Cost, Carbon and Calories Per Minute

This sustainable superapp from TMC shows you the best mobility options from A to B to C, all while calculating cost, carbon and calories per minute.

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We’re ramping up FMW’s video interviews via Zoom given the times, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: ted@fleetmanagementweekly.com.


Verizon Connect Introduces New EV features for Reveal Verizon Connect Introduces New EV features for Reveal

New enhancements to Verizon Connect Reveal, developed exclusively for EVs, help fleet-based businesses plan how to make more informed decisions about planning for, investing in and managing EVs.

Mobile workforce managers looking to make more informed investment and planning decisions as they consider moving to electric vehicles (EVs) from their gasoline-powered ones will benefit from new enhancements, developed exclusively for EVs, in the Verizon Connect Reveal fleet management platform.


Agile Fleet® Expands Team with Key Hires Throughout 2022 Agile Fleet® Expands Team with Key Hires Throughout 2022

Ted Cain, Vice President of Sales and Mike Hicks, Senior Director of Marketing, continue company’s internal growth efforts throughout this year.

Agile Fleet continues to add talent to its team to support the growing need for its products that increase fleet utilization and help right-size fleets in light of the changes in fleet brought on by, amongst other things, the global pandemic and economic hard times.

Two new employees join the company in Q3: Ted Cain, Vice President of Sales; and Mike Hicks, Senior Director of Marketing. They arrive after the promotion of Phelps Rogovoy to Vice President of Client Support Services in March.


AFLA Announces 2022 President's Award Recipients AFLA Announces 2022 President’s Award Recipients

AFLA’s President’s Awards are given at the discretion of the elected president, for those who have gone above and beyond to advance AFLA and the corporate fleet management industry. Congratulations to this year’s recipients:

-Sharon Etherington, Sr. Manager, Regional Administrative Services at Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.
-Carlos Oropeza, Director of Marketing at Wheels Donlen
-Joe Stergios, Vice President at Motorq
-Karyna Zarate, Fleet Manager at Jacobs

“It is my privilege and honor to be able to recognize these four individuals for their strong commitment to both AFLA and the corporate fleet industry, and to thank them for their time, talents and efforts towards supporting and furthering the mission of AFLA.” -MIke Antich, AFLA President

A Self-Coaching Driver Safety E-Lesson

A new 45–60-minute immersive online driver coaching service from Driving Dynamics, designed to help drivers understand how their behavior behind-the-wheel impacts overall driving risk and helps them adopt strategies to minimize that risk.

Based on the results of an online DrivActiv assessment, which analyzes responses to six personality dimensions linked to unsafe behaviors, drivers complete the iQuotient Insights™ Self-Coaching lesson exploring how personality and behavior affect driving styles and safety behind-the-wheel. The lesson concludes with the learner personally crafting their own Driver Safety Improvement plan.



Supply Chain

By Hasnain Jetha, Senior Procurement Manager, Wheels Donlen

We’ve gone from COVID, to supply chain shortages, to rising inflation and on to the lingering effects of all of them.

It feels like too long and due to many contributing reasons, it has been too long. Sometimes it’s difficult to muster up the necessary patience needed to do our jobs in this industry, yet “patience” should be the mantra of our age.

We live in an interconnected global economy that is emerging from some complicated times and it is the impact of many elements that has brought us here. None of these things happened in a vacuum, which makes any solution that much more complex.

So, lets address some of the questions we are all asking.



Green Telematics

By Kevin Dennehy, Editor, Location Business News

Fleet companies are in a quandary about adding more environmentally friendly technology.

While many believe that it is a good thing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, others believe that the cost is too high, particularly with higher fuel prices and associated costs.

One company believes that technology can play a crucial role in helping fleets to mitigate the impact of higher fuel costs. In fact, Trimble Transportation says the average carrier runs 15 percent of their miles empty—without a load—and eight percent of their miles out of route.

“Implementing technology can help fleets eliminate some of this waste and help accelerate a faster return on their investment. For example, if a 1,000-truck fleet were to make a one percentage point improvement in empty miles, they could reduce miles driven by one million, save $2 million in gross margin and eliminating three million pounds of CO2,” said Chris Orban, Trimble Transportation vice president and business area manager of supply chain insights.

Another company, fleet telematics giant Geotab, prioritizes proving ROI with data-driven tools to show companies what makes sense for each individualized sustainability journey, said Charlotte Argue, Geotab’s senior manager for sustainable mobility.



Risky Drivers

At Supervision, driver safety is our top priority. Everything we do centers around it.

However, before a true safety culture can be effective, driver and fleet managers must understand the level of risk an irresponsible driver poses to their organization. Entrusting a driver with a company vehicle, or entrusting them to drive their own vehicle on company time, is a big risk.

If the driver isn’t prepared to adhere to safety regulations, they are a risk that is not worth taking. But, how do you identify drivers who pose a risk?



Catalytic Converter Thieves Will Find California a Tough Spot Thanks to New Law

Governor Gavin Newsom of California signed into effect a law that will impose strict penalties on people who illegally buy and sell catalytic converters.

The anti-pollution devices are a frequent target for saw-and-grab thieves, with more than 18,026 reported stolen in California alone in 2021.

The new legislation attaches a $1000 fine to a first conviction and $2000 for a second. The buyers will also have to keep and show records of where they’re getting catalytic converters.

via Car and Driver

Hertz, bp Collaborate to Accelerate EV Charging in North America​

Hertz and bp announced today the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the development of a national network of EV charging stations powered by bp pulse, bp’s global electrification and charging solution brand.

The MOU sets the foundation for Hertz and bp to drive the future of mobility and accelerate EV consumer adoption.

Hertz has a national footprint of locations across North America suitable for bp pulse to build and manage a network of fast-charging hubs to serve Hertz customers, including taxi and ride sharing drivers, as well as the general public.


Damaged Vehicles Flooding the Used Car Market

Many parts of the U.S. saw record rainfall and damaging flooding. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is warning consumers that vehicles flooded by these storms may soon be appearing for sale around the nation.

NICB works with its member insurance companies, law enforcement, and auto auction companies to identify the vehicles that have had an insurance claim filed. Most of the damaged vehicles are sold to parts companies who will dismantle them and re-sell usable parts that were not damaged by the flooding.

It’s important for consumers to know some criminals will attempt to sell these flood-damaged vehicles to unsuspecting buyers. Before you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, be sure to run the vehicle identification number (VIN) through NICB VINCheck.

via NICB

Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Retroactively Extended for Propane Autogas Vehicles

The Propane Education & Research Council is encouraging propane autogas fleet operators to take advantage of the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit, which was recently passed by the U.S. Congress as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, 2022.

Propane autogas fleet operators who apply for the tax credit will be able to claim a credit for every gasoline gallon equivalent of propane autogas purchased, or about 37 cents per gallon. The bill not only extends the credits through Dec. 31, 2024, but fleet owners can also apply for credits retroactively for any fuel purchases made in 2022. Tax exempt entities that use propane autogas from an on-site fueling station for a vehicle fleet also qualify for the incentive.

“Thousands of fleets across the country rely on propane autogas every day for environmental sustainability, and these credits provide another opportunity for fleets to ensure they’re also realizing financial sustainability,” said Steve Whaley, director of autogas business development at PERC. “Even without the credits, propane autogas provides the lowest total cost-of-ownership. As an abundant and available energy source, propane autogas can make a difference in communities around the nation today.”


An Industry Icon

By Janice Sutton


When Chuck Parker passed away last Wednesday, September 21st, a piece of my heart broke.

Chuck was a pioneer in the fleet industry, holding key positions in companies such as Rollins, Avis, National, Lemans (now Fiserv Lending Solutions), US Fleet Leasing, and Bobit Business Media,.

He founded the industry’s first digital media company, Automotive Information Network (AIN), with nine industry segmented e-newsletters including Automotive Digest and Dealer Digest Daily. Fleet Management Weekly was one of those nine.

Chuck was an ideas man. Veteran fleet consultant Janis Christensen said, “Chuck was THE innovator in automotive electronic news – he saw where the industry was going before others did.”

Long before I met him, he was a U.S. Marine Corps pilot, flying A4 jets. He put himself through UCLA — earning a bachelors degree in political science — by working as a bartender on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.



The State of Fleet

What’s the biggest problem facing fleet? Will EVs change the face of our industry? How long have you been around this industry anyway?

By Richard Mallek, Director of Business Development at FLD

There are a lot of questions swirling around fleet these days.

Today’s fleets are facing the types of challenges one could hardly have imagined just a decade ago.

That got us to thinking at FLD. How are fleet professionals feeling after these raucous few years?

And where do they think our industry stands in the wake of these once in a lifetime challenges? Even more important, where do these same professionals think we’re headed in both the near and long term future?



Alcohol Detection

An investigation into a California crash that killed nine – including seven children – has led the National Transportation Safety Board to call for alcohol impairment detection systems to be included in all new vehicles, according to new recommendations released Tuesday.

Technology could’ve prevented this heartbreaking crash — just as it can prevent the tens of thousands of fatalities from impaired-driving and speeding-related crashes we see in the U.S. annually,” said NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy. “We need to implement the technologies we have right here, right now to save lives.”​

Driving under the influence of alcohol remains a leading cause of injury-involved highway crashes. Since 2000, more than 230,000 people have lost their lives in crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers according to NHTSA. As a result of the investigation, the NTSB is recommending measures leveraging new in-vehicle technologies that can limit or prohibit impaired drivers from operating their vehicles as well as technologies to prevent speeding.

via NTSB

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