September 7, 2022

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Time, Managed Wisely

Smart time management is one of the greatest challenges we all face, but getting it right is hugely beneficial to our clients, colleagues, friends, families, and ourselves. Wheels Donlen’s Jim Wohlever has penned a thoughtful piece on just this topic to coincide with our nations’s 128th Labor Day.

ESG is on pretty much every organization’s agenda these days. eDriving’s Ed Dubens points out that implementing a formal driver safety program can help enterprises reduce the environmental impact of their fleet activity, while boosting their social impact by reducing the severity and frequency of collisions.

Janice Sutton and I are excited to be representing FMW at the NETS conference next month. Susan Gillies-Hipp gives us some compelling reasons why every fleet concerned with safety should attend.

Ted Roberts

VIDEO: Developing and Delivering Great Customer Experience Results

Fleet managers can learn from this expert how to develop and deliver some fantastic customer experience results.

VIDEO: Road Safety

  Road Safety: Put the Phone Down

There were nearly 43,000 fatalities on the roads last year, many of them due to distracted driving, and that’s just not acceptable. It’s important to remember that the fleet industry is uniquely positioned to make our roadways safer.

VIDEO: NETS in Ann Arbor

Susan Gillies-Hipp
  Come to the NETS Fleet Safety Benchmark Conference

If you are concerned about road safety, please consider attending the annual NETS Strength In Numbers Fleet Safety Benchmark Conference in Ann Arbor in October. It’s a great place to both learn and network.

Learn more about NETS here.

Become a NETS member here.


Brad Jacobs, Hari Nayar of Merchants Fleet Awarded for Sustainability Leadership by Business Intelligence Group Brad Jacobs, Hari Nayar of Merchants Fleet Awarded for Sustainability Leadership by Business Intelligence Group

Merchants Fleet announced that Brad Jacobs, VP of Fleet Consulting & Product Development and Hari Nayar, VP of Electrification & Sustainability have been recognized by the Business Intelligence Group’s 2022 Sustainability Awards for their work on Merchants’ Fleet Electrification program.

Brendan P. Keegan, Chairman, CEO & President of Merchants Fleet, said, “We are extremely proud of the fleet electrification program that Brad, Hari and their teams have created, which provides a clear path to sustainability that will help propel our nation into an emission-free future.”


NAFA Announces its 2022 Green Fleet Awards Winners

NAFA Fleet Management Association announced the annual Green Fleet Awards winners during the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo in Durham, North Carolina.

Top honors were awarded to City of Riverside, CA as the first-place fleet; City of Long Beach, CA Fleet Services as the second-place fleet; and City of Dublin, OH as the third-place fleet.

View the full list of winners at: https://www.nafa.org/green-fleet-awards-2022/.

The top three Green Fleets showcased their commitments towards the use of alternative fuel and hybrid vehicle composition, fuel usage and savings, purchasing policy, long-range planning, and community outreach among other areas.


Mentor by eDriving Wins Silver Stevie Award in 2022 International Business Awards

eDrivingSM, a Solera company, was named the winner of a Silver Stevie® Award in the Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution category in the 19th Annual International Business Awards®.

“We’re absolutely delighted and incredibly proud to have now won four American Business Awards and five International Business Awards since 2019 for our comprehensive driver risk solution, Mentor by eDriving,” said Ed Dubens, Founder/CEO of eDriving. 


Forward Together with Supply Chain at AFLA 2022 Conference

The complexity of keeping our drivers safe in today’s fleets continues to challenge fleet managers.

In addition to battling driver distraction and stress due to economic pressures, the latest impacts of supply chain shortages on maintenance programs, rising inflation on total cost of ownership, and ultimately the safety of our fleets are more challenging than ever.

Register to attend AFLA 2022 Corporate Fleet Conference to hear from a panel of experts on what best practices will help to minimize these impacts.


Customer Driven

By Jim Wohlever,  Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Wheels Donlen

As we enjoyed the recent Labor Day weekend, it was more quiet than usual since many people started their holidays earlier.

This past Labor Day is the 128th time it has been celebrated as a National holiday. I have always smiled when thinking of Labor Day. Having a day off to celebrate working seems a bit contradictory, but in reality, Labor Day originated during a time when workers were establishing their rights and fair labor practices.

While we have just celebrated the 128th Labor Day, our intentions should be to reflect and assess how we are working and how we can make ourselves available for our clients, colleagues, friends, families, and ourselves.

So, I took some time to think about how I spend my time on a daily and weekly basis.



Strength in Numbers

October 5-6 at the Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest or with Online Participation

By Ed Pierce, Contributing editor, Fleet Management Weekly

“NETS annual conference is the perfect time to learn from experts and road safety advocates about the state of road safety today and tomorrow,” says NETS Executive Director Susan Gillies-Hipp.

“The conference is unique in that participants from a variety of industry sectors can share best practices, talk to others who have similar interests, and get the latest information about technology and success stories that can be applied to their own fleets.

“In addition, the conference is when NETS shares the results of our annual Benchmark report, providing exclusive insight into the comparison of leading road safety programs and the identification of best practices to put into place a cost-effective, integrated, and comprehensive plan to improve road safety performance.”



Crash-Free Culture

By Ed Dubens, CEO/Founder of eDriving

Companies don’t operate in a vacuum. They affect the world in myriad ways, and if organizations employ drivers, they undoubtedly have an impact on those around them on the road every day.

Investing in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) initiatives demonstrates corporate commitment to your employees and the communities in which they operate.

One such initiative that can produce measurable ESG impact is implementation of a formal driver safety program. Through such programs, enterprises can help reduce the environmental impact of its fleet activity, while boosting their social impact by reducing the severity and frequency of collisions and helping to ensure that employees driving for work purposes return safely to their loved ones and communities at the end of each day.

While many enterprises currently employ a driver safety program, there are several components that must be included to achieve holistic and sustainable results that demonstrate action in relation to ESG objectives.



Federal EV Tax Credit Is Prompting Massive US Investment

September 4, 2022The $7,500 tax credit from the Inflation Reduction Act excludes foreign automakers. The move has prompted many automakers to start moving quickly. In a matter of weeks, several massive announcements have come from various automakers, each pertaining to battery production within North America.

Even larger OEMs like Hyundai and Kia are hopping mad they are excluded and are ready to put up a fight before the proposed Georgia EV battery plant comes online.

Other large automakers like Toyota and Honda are all making big, expensive moves amounting to billions of dollars worth of investment. Toyota just dropped an investment of another $2.5 billion into a future EV battery plant in North Carolina. Panasonic has started to make moves to dominate the US EV battery plant landscape with partner Tesla.

via CarBuzz

Everything You Need to Know About Charging an Electric Vehicle

September 3, 2022Unlike purchasing a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, buying an EV involves some forethought and planning. Particularly when it comes to keeping it running.

One of the best decisions you can make before purchasing an EV is to have a charger installed where you live. That’s certainly easier if you own your home, but there are plenty of hoops to jump through to make it happen (permits, contractors, fees).

To simplify the process, some automakers incentivize this process, as do a number of state and local governments. If you happen to rent the place you call home, then it never hurts to ask your landlord about the possibility of installing an electric car charger.

via MSN

State Senator Pushes Safety Features on Passenger Trucks

September 6, 2022State Sen. Brad Hoylman, D-New York City, has proposed legislation that would require several safety features in vehicles weighing more than 3,000 pounds.

A study released earlier this year by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety pointed to vehicles getting bigger as reasons for rising pedestrian deaths on U.S. roads.

Hoylman wants to see those vehicles, and anything bigger, to be sold with active intelligent speed assist, advanced emergency braking, emergency lane keeping systems, blind spot information systems, drowsiness and distraction recognition technology, rear view camera sensor systems and event data recorders. The proposal would require blind spot information systems to also include cyclist and pedestrian detection technology.

via The Post-Journal

Can California’s Grid Keep Up with Its Gas-Car Ban? Governor Newsom Responds

September 2, 2022On August 24th, Governor Gavin Newsom revealed a proposal to ban the sale of new fossil fueled cars in the state by 2035 with the ramp-up beginning as soon as 2026. Just a week later, a heat wave hit the state resulting in Governor Newsom declaring a state of emergency.

There is a plan to increase power availability by 68 percent in California by “2045 or sooner” which works out to an average growth of about 3 percent per year between 2023 and 2045.

For now, all Californian EV owners can do to help is to charge their vehicles during the day – before about 4:00 pm or wait until after 9:00 pm to reduce the strain on the power grid. Only time will tell if Newsom’s plan will really be enough to support the lofty goal of 100 percent new EV sales in a few decades.

via MotorTrend

Transitioning to Green Fleets

Corporate fleets are placing record-setting orders for EVs. It’s one thing to want to showcase all-electric transportation for clean energy-conscious clients. It’s another to execute it easily.

Here are two important issues that arise when discussing the transition to green vehicle fleets.

Accessible charging infrastructure: Companies profess fear that their fleets won’t find charging opportunities as needed. Yet EV fleets represent a particularly promising segment of the potential market for charging services, which can help fleet operators reduce their costs by procuring and managing energy in efficient ways.

A variety of EVs to match function and aesthetics: Due to chip shortages, supply chain issues, inconsistent inflation, spooky gas prices, awareness of the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine, and continual consumer demand, EVs can’t meet demand right now from individual consumers or fleets. Waits will continue until supply catches up with fleet demand.

via CleanTechnica


Fleet Success

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Management Weekly Contributing Editor

Almost two years ago, RTA recruited fleet industry veteran Steve Saltzgiver to join its staff as the Director of Strategic Innovation.

In his time with RTA, Saltzgiver’s role with the company has evolved to his current title of Fleet Success Ambassador. As Fleet Success Ambassador, Saltzgiver is instrumental in working with clients, improving RTA’s brand, and marketing their Fleet Success solutions.

From their four-pillared Fleet Success Scorecard to the leadership training at their Fleet Success Summit, RTA is pushing the limits of how fleet managers can succeed.

“We are a fleet management information system, but we’re changing to be more than a fleet information systems company now,” says Saltzgiver. “We are jumping to that next level to produce products and things that will help the fleet managers actually manage their system without having to have training.

They’ll be able to have machine language and AI data in front of them that, when they open up their computer, it actually tells them what they need to do for that day.”



Fighting Distracted Driving

By Bill Brower, Vice President of Industry Relations, Solera

Any driver can fall victim to distracted driving, including truck drivers who are under pressure to complete deliveries quickly and make frequent long-haul and overnight journeys.

When a driver spends so much time on the road, it’s easy to think they have complete control over their vehicle and don’t need to remain as vigilant during their journeys. This is a crucial and often fatal mistake.

It’s essential for fleet managers and drivers to work together to develop safe driving habits through preparation, modern technology, awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, and coaching to correct bad habits.

Distracted driving is an ongoing problem, but preparation and commitment can vastly improve the safety of fleets and fellow drivers.


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