June 28, 2022

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Time for a Fleet Policy Review?

A lot of us have started spending more time driving. Meanwhile, the roads got considerably more dangerous in the past couple years. As Tim Harrison points out it todays’ top video, it’s time to review your fleet policy.

AFLA Announces Keynote Speaker

We were excited to learn that AFLA has announced best-selling author Shola Richards (CEO and Founder of Go Together Global) as keynote speaker at the Fast Forward conference in Tucson this October. Have you registered yet? We hope to see you there.

Top Trucking Trends

Also in today’s issue, Ryder’s Eric Bandin gives a timely report on the Trucking Industry in 2022 and Beyond. It’s a worthwhile read.


VIDEO: It’s Time to Review Your Fleet Policy

It’s been a while since some drivers have been on the road, and it’s getting more dangerous out there. Consequently, it’s time to review your fleet policy.

VIDEO: Fleet Remarketing

  The Feel-Good Aspect of CarVantedge

CarVantedge represents a welcome change in the used vehicle industry by creating a win-win situation for all players involved.

VIDEO: EV Charging

  Fleet-Focused EV Charging Solutions

Blink is a fleet-focused EV charging solutions provider offering hardware and software, including a product for fleet drivers who charge at home.


AFLA 2022: Forward Together with Shola Richards AFLA 2022: Forward Together with Shola Richards

Shola Richards joins the AFLA stage as the opening keynote speaker!

Richards is the CEO and Founder of Go Together Global™, the best-selling author of Making Work Work, and Go Together, as well as a civility writer with a passionate worldwide following.

Register now to join fellow leaders at sessions focused on fleet excellence, networking receptions, outdoor social events, and best practice roundtable discussions.

October 10-13 — JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort, Tucson, AZ

NETS and eDriving Webinar: Maximizing Driver Safety WITHOUT Compromising Driver Privacy NETS and eDriving Offer Driver Safety & Privacy Webinar

Responsible management of the relationship between data security, privacy compliance and driver risk management technology is one of the most important factors for both clients and drivers today.

In this July 12th webinar sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), eDriving’s Senior Vice President of Privacy, Compliance and Analytics, Stef Campbell, will help organizations understand and address the various privacy concerns that arise throughout evaluation, approval, onboarding, and implementation of driver safety programs.


Cox Automotive: Smoke on Cars

Auto Market Weekly Summary

June 27, 2022The job market continues to be one of the strongest parts of the economy and is showing no signs of new stress.

The jobless claims data continue to show that the labor market remains historically strong. Meantime, the housing market is suffering the most from the dramatic increase in mortgage rates.

Consumer sentiment has declined in June, but consumers are not expecting inflation to be as high in five years as the Fed thought they were when they raised rates last week. Buying conditions for vehicles also declined to a new official low.

via Cox Automotive

NAFA: U.S. Legislative Update Webinar

Join NAFA on Tuesday, July 5, 1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern, for a one-hour webinar covering relevant legislative activities on the horizon for fleet.

NAFA’s Government Affairs Committee is pleased to provide quarterly updates on issues and policies of the current administration, and to discuss other legislative activities impacting fleets so that you can stay current on these important legislative issues.

Speakers include:

Patrick O’Connor, NAFA Legislative Counsel

Maria Neve, NAFA Board of Directors and Board Liaison for the Government Affairs Committee


Fleet Maintenance

By Oswaldo Flores, Product Manager, Teletrac Navman

Over the years, sensor technology has become a stalwart ally in keeping up with the maintenance needs of a fleet, but for how far this tech has come, there will always be some parts of a vehicle that simply aren’t capable of announcing that they need attention.

Fleets have adopted different strategies to address this gap, often leaning towards either rigid scheduling or pure reactive maintenance when something goes wrong.

Instead, by utilizing electronic tracking, fleet managers can automatically track and record digital inspection reports, machine hours, mileage and even fault codes. This avoids common errors that can arise from relying on drivers and operators to record information using paper records, but it has the additional boon of providing an easy way to track large amounts of historical data.



The Trucking Industry

By Eric Bandin, Content Specialist, COOP by Ryder

The past two years have brought a lot of changes, to our society as a whole as well as within many different industries.

Aside from the supply chain issues caused by the global lockdowns and problems that people had trying to find out of stock items that they wanted or needed, there have been a large number of changes that were invisible to the average consumer.

The changes in consumer behavior and even place of deliveries changed, forcing the logistics industry to adapt once again to ensure that the trillions of dollars worth of goods sold in this country every year arrived where they needed to be.

The industry is known for both its adaptability and resilience, so while there may be major changes and challenges on the horizon, we can rest assured that the transportation industry will meet those challenges in stride.



IoT Fleets

Hologram, a global cellular platform for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, unveiled its enhanced IoT Dashboard analytics, the industry’s first to provide teams both with at-a-glance views into fleet health data and device usage and the tools for taking action in real time.

In industries from transportation and logistics to healthcare and agriculture, companies have rapidly adopted IoT technology but have lacked the transparency and control required to proactively manage costs, downtime and safety issues.

In addition to metrics around device health and location information, fleet managers are presented with opportunities to reduce spend and manage total cost of ownership, directly from the Dashboard homepage.



Biden’s Bold Bet on Vehicle Charging

June 28, 2022 — The Biden administration announced $700 million in private sector commitments to build and expand the vehicle charging infrastructure needed to transition to zero-emission cars and trucks.

“Given the task before us, we need both public and private investments in charging infrastructure to scale up as quickly as possible – and deliver a clean-driving future,” said Colleen Quinn, president of eMobility Advisors and one of the coalition’s organizers. “The announcement from President Biden today demonstrates that the private sector is stepping up to do its part.”


GM is Latest to Join the Race to Streamline EV Charging

June 26, 2022GM will join a growing list of automakers focused on streamlining the EV charging process by equipping its models with ‘Plug and Charge’ capability.

Plug and Charge simplifies the process by allowing drivers to pay at a charging station using their account for a different charging network. Though it’s an important step, GM’s reach remains limited to the EVgo network.

“We want to be the company that makes the EV experience seamless and convenient for everyone, as well as take the mystery and fear factor out of EV ownership,” Hoss Hassani, GM vice president of EV Ecosystem, said in a statement.

via Autoblog

Pandemic Lockdowns Made Rush-Hour Speeding, Risky Driving the New Normal

June 21, 2022Speeding increased during the morning and afternoon commuting hours in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic — and drivers never slowed down.

“The empty roads probably tempted pandemic-stressed drivers to put the pedal down,” says Jessica Cicchino, vice president of research at IIHS. “But information collected since the lockdowns ended and the roads filled back up suggests that risky driving has become the new normal.”

A new study from the IIHS shows that the absence of rush-hour traffic prompted drivers to step on the gas. Crash deaths rose 7 percent in 2020 despite a dramatic decrease in the number of miles Americans drove.

via IIHS

The Safest New Cars of 2022

June 24, 2022 Manufacturers make vehicles that are safer than those from 10 years ago, for sure. However, some are safer than others. At least that’s the finding of the IIHS and the government’s NHTSA

If you choose a car on this list, you can be assured you will likely survive a crash, but in many cases avoid it altogether. In a nutshell, these car models go above and beyond government-mandated safety features and manufacturer norms.

The 2022 Acura TLX shines where safety is concerned. Its safety and driver aids include lane-departure warning, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, and Traffic Jam Assist. Adaptive cruise control and high-beam assist are standard as well.

via Kelley Blue Book

What Drivers Want

A new report from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that drivers are aware of the risks of driver distraction and want help staying engaged while their cars automate some tasks.

When the road safety advocacy group asked drivers about advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) such as lane centering assist (LCA), automatic lane changing, and driver monitoring, respondents said they wanted the features—but they also indicated that they wanted to remain engaged behind the wheel.

These results are in line with Consumer Reports’ own findings on the topic. When CR surveyed over 47,000 members about their vehicles’ ADAS features, they learned that drivers prefer systems that relieve stress and help them drive more safely—and that they don’t like features that interfere with the driver’s intentions.

via Consumer Reports


Word on the Street

By Steve Bender, CEO and President of Fleet Street Remarketing and Founder of CarvantEdge

As a remarketing provider for nearly 20 years, one of the things that I’ve always hated about the car business is the fact that there often seems to be both a winner – and a loser – in every transaction.

As a guy who grew up – in essence – to be a used car dealer, this was hardly the kind of experience I wanted my customers to have.

The problem is that, as a corporate vehicle remarketer, I rarely get to see the entire vehicle buying or selling process.

That’s because in most cases we sell vehicles to auctions or dealers who then sell them to the public. The process always felt a little cold and it made me wonder —



Car Wash Solutions

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Management Weekly Editor

Managing a fleet requires juggling countless expenses. From fueling to maintenance, it can be hard to monitor and minimize the various expenses required for the upkeep of an entire fleet.

But a new partnership between Car IQ and EverWash seeks to simplify at least one area of fleet management–washing the vehicles.

Car IQ offers a payment solution for vehicles and fleets. They’ve created technology to allow customers to use their vehicles to pay for services, receive and store funds without needing a credit card.

EverWash is a leader in wash marketing that offers its customers monthly unlimited car wash plans at a network of car washes.


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