June 21, 2022

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Game Changing Fleet Solutions

First, congratulations to the City of Tampa Fleet Team, honored by the mayor for going above and beyond to keep the city’s critical vehicles ready to provide essential services!

Steve Bender, who says that he grew up to be a used car dealer, tells an engaging story about what inspired him to launch his newest business: CarvantageEdge.

Ed Pierce writes about how the partnership of Car IQ and EverWash simplifies and offers a payment solution for fleets to manage car washes.

And keeping with our theme, in his video clip, CEI’s Brian Kinniry reveals two distinct solutions to keep your drivers safe.

There is much more to enjoy in this week’s newsletter. For daily updates, check in Fleet Management Weekly.com.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Two Different Game-Changing Safety Solutions from CEI

CEI Offers DriverCare Connect and DriverCare CoPilot – two different and distinct solutions that were built specifically to keep your drivers safe on the road.

VIDEO: Fleet Success

  The Four Pillars of Fleet Success

What does fleet success actually mean? That’s what folks at RTA were asking themselves when they came up with the Four Pillars of Fleet Success.

VIDEO: EV Charging

  Hands-Free High Power Wireless EV Charging

Momentum Dynamics offers modular and interoperable hands-free high-power wireless EV charging.


Send Your Fleet Drivers to a Core-Concept Open Enrollment Safety Training Class for Proven Results

Drivers acquire advanced crash avoidance skills and superior vehicle control in a convenient DriveReady™ two-part classroom and behind-the-wheel course

  • Based on the One Second Advantage™ —Looking, Steering, Braking Principles
  • Sessions Address Hazard Perception With S.E.E —Search, Evaluate, Execute
  • Students Practice Learned Skills and Techniques During Driving Exercises
  • Nationwide Open Enrollment and Employer-Dedicated Options Available

    Download the Fact Sheet

How to Prepare Your Business' Equipment Financing Ensuring Future Resiliency: How to Prepare Your Business’ Equipment Financing for an Uncertain Future

By Anthony Sasso, President, TD Equipment Finance (TDEF)

Businesses and financial institutions are continuing to pay close attention to the Federal Reserve, which recently raised its benchmark short-term interest rate by 0.5%, marking the largest increase since 2000.

While there are many factors outside of our control, business owners can take key steps now to prepare their businesses for future uncertainties, so they can feel confident, no matter what the future holds.


NETS and eDriving Webinar: Maximizing Driver Safety WITHOUT Compromising Driver Privacy NETS and eDriving Offer Driver Safety & Privacy Webinar

Responsible management of the relationship between data security, privacy compliance and driver risk management technology is one of the most important factors for both clients and drivers today.

In this webinar sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), eDriving’s Senior Vice President of Privacy, Compliance and Analytics, Stef Campbell, will help organizations understand and address the various privacy concerns that arise throughout evaluation, approval, onboarding, and implementation of driver safety programs.


Registration Now Open for NETS Hybrid Conference Event ~ October 5-6, 2022

Mark your calendar! Plan to join NETS on October 5 & 6, 2022 at the beautiful Marriott at Eagle Crest, Ann Arbor, Michigan

NETS annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference convenes each year to bring together Global, Corporate, Government, and Non-profit employers. Conference participants include NETS member companies from diverse industries, representing a collective global fleet of more than half-a-million vehicles that travel nearly 11 billion miles annually.

NETS’ 2022 Conference will be a hybrid event so you can join in person or join us virtually via Whova.


Word on the Street

By Steve Bender, CEO and President of Fleet Street Remarketing and Founder of CarvantEdge

As a remarketing provider for nearly 20 years, one of the things that I’ve always hated about the car business is the fact that there often seems to be both a winner – and a loser – in every transaction.

As a guy who grew up – in essence – to be a used car dealer, this was hardly the kind of experience I wanted my customers to have.

The problem is that, as a corporate vehicle remarketer, I rarely get to see the entire vehicle buying or selling process.

That’s because in most cases we sell vehicles to auctions or dealers who then sell them to the public. The process always felt a little cold and it made me wonder —



Car Wash Solutions

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Management Weekly Editor

Managing a fleet requires juggling countless expenses. From fueling to maintenance, it can be hard to monitor and minimize the various expenses required for the upkeep of an entire fleet.

But a new partnership between Car IQ and EverWash seeks to simplify at least one area of fleet management–washing the vehicles.

Car IQ offers a payment solution for vehicles and fleets. They’ve created technology to allow customers to use their vehicles to pay for services, receive and store funds without needing a credit card.

EverWash is a leader in wash marketing that offers its customers monthly unlimited car wash plans at a network of car washes.



Going Above and Beyond

City of Tampa Fleet Team Completes 13,000 Work Orders, 38,000 Repairs this Year, Keeping City’s Essential Vehicles on the Road

The City of Tampa’s Automotive Service Professionals go above and beyond, ensuring critical vehicles (including Fire and Police) stay on the road and continue to provide essential services to Tampa families and visitors. In honor of National Automotive Service Professionals Day, Mayor Jane Castor visited the City’s Central Fleet facility to say thank you to our fleet maintenance team and presented a proclamation honoring them.

The City of Tampa’s Fleet Maintenance Team has 68 employees, working both day and night shifts. They service 3,500 vehicles and pieces of equipment for the City of Tampa, including light-duty, medium/heavy duty vehicles including garbage trucks, fire apparatus, police vehicles, and fire trucks.

“This week is all about thanking our fleet team for all they do to provide other City departments with the resources that they need to serve Tampa,” Mayor Jane Castor said.



The 10 Cars Catalytic Converter Thieves Target Most

June 15, 2022According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), catalytic converter theft has spiked dramatically due to three precious metals found inside them: palladium, rhodium, and platinum. At the time of this writing, an ounce of rhodium costs about $15,000. For comparison, an ounce of gold costs a measly $1800.

The Toyota Prius, particularly the second-gen model produced from 2004 to 2009, is especially attractive when it comes to catalytic converter theft. Because a hybrid puts less wear on its catalytic converter, these vehicles’ cats remain especially valuable even after years of use.

via Car and Driver

Intersection Assistance Tech Shows Big Promise for Older Drivers

June 16, 2022To gain a better understanding of how available and upcoming crash avoidance features might help, IIHS researchers used federal crash data from 2016-19 to compare the types of crashes that are most common for older drivers and their middle-aged counterparts.

“Left turn assist and other, upcoming intersection-assistance technologies could deliver big safety benefits for drivers in their 70s and 80s,” says the paper’s author, IIHS Research Associate Aimee Cox.

Another planned feature called intersection movement assist would allow vehicles to warn drivers of possible collisions with others approaching a crossroads from multiple directions at various speeds and with different intentions.

via IIHS

via IIHS

As Software-Defined Vehicles Rise, Big Brother Isn’t the Only One Watching

June 15, 2022The massive amount of data software-defined vehicles collect about us is bound to be a headache for consumers, an ethical dilemma for automakers and third-party companies, and a target for bad actors.

If a car scanning your face and fingerprint seems alarming, it pales in comparison to the privacy risks autonomous vehicles bring to the table. A robust autonomous vehicle suite likely includes radar, lidar, cameras, precise GPS data, and a high-speed internet connection. Less scrupulous actors can use this info to figure out a driver’s home and work addresses, habits, demographics, and more.

Even as automakers and suppliers take privacy seriously, some third parties don’t appear to. Automotive data monetization could be a $750 billion business by 2030, and a slew of companies have popped up since then in an attempt to grab a slice of that pie.

via MotorTrend

EV Prices See Big Jump in Recent Days

June 17, 2022While prices of vehicles have been on the rise for much of the past two years, the check a buyer writes for an EV is substantially larger than the one they cut for an average ICE vehicle. The average mass market vehicle costs a little more than $43,000 while the average EV’s price exceeds $60,000.

While gas-powered vehicles are seeing prices increase as well, they’ve been pretty small on average in recent months, coming in at 1% or 2%, but EV price increases have been double digit hits. The reason is pretty straightforward.

“The costs of the components and materials that go into building our vehicles have risen considerably. Everything from semiconductors to sheet metal to seats has become more expensive,” said Rivian founder and CEO R.J. Scaringe in a statement at the time of his company’s price increase.

via The Detroit Bureau

NAFA I&E in Columbus

By Tod Trousdell, Contributor

A full two months after it wrapped perhaps its most successful expo in a decade, the afterglow of this year’s NAFA I & E is still shining brightly as exhibitors and participants continue to buzz about their positive experiences at this year’s conference.

For many, the 2022 I & E was the first trade show they’d attended since Covid restrictions kicked in over two years ago. Excitement was palpable as masks were few and hugs were plenty in what seemed to be a jam-packed two days on the show floor.

As it did at this year’s NTEA Work Truck Show in March, EV’s and all things electric took center stage with a plethora of new exhibitors supremely focused on electrification. This included everything from vehicle manufacturers to charging providers to a veritable smorgasbord of allied service providers peddling everything.



AI and Fleet Management

By Ed Pierce, Contributing Editor

Fleet Management Weekly had the opportunity to speak with LeasePlan’s Greg Buckland, Chief Information Officer (CIO), to learn more about how LeasePlan is applying technology to enhance its services and to gain his perspective on what fleet managers can expect from future AI applications.

Buckland says, “Traditionally, when you consider a change in technology, you do it to make something more secure, faster, automate a process or eliminate obsolete technology. Our changes are being made through the eye of the customer and their experience. Any technological change is intended to provide what the client needs in a frictionless way with the greatest level of scalability and efficiency.

We not only look at how we deliver services, but which services our clients really need and ask ourselves if a completely different product or model can better solve the problem. This requires not only a technology change, but also a mindset change.”



Colors and Values

June 15, 2022When choosing a car or truck, the buyer often considers the vehicle’s color. It’s only natural. But the color a consumer chooses will affect its resale value, according to an extensive analysis by iSeeCars.com.

The results were surprising. White, black, and silver may be the most common colors on the lot but they may not be the most desirable. In the depreciation analysis, vehicles painted black lost 16.1% of their value. White cars depreciated by 15.5%. Silver wasn’t much better, shedding 14.8% of its value. On the other hand, a yellow car lost only 4.5% of its value.

Yellow is among the least popular car colors with the lowest vehicle share, but because yellow cars are so rare, some people are willing to pay a premium when they find one. After yellow, orange ranks second as the color that holds its value best, for much the same reason – there aren’t that many of them.

via Consumer Affairs

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