July 26, 2023

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What Are Your Intentions?

How do you want to show up for your clients today? In her latest Customer Driven column, Laura Jozwiak gives us brilliant insight into how her six daily disciplines are integral to her and her team’s success. Laura says, “It is about setting an intention of who you want to be so you show up ready for those around you each day.”

Congratulations to the newly elected board members and officers at AFLA: Dan Fiero, Erin Gilchrist, Suresh Rajapakse, and Don Wright. Meet them all at the AFLA Corporate Fleet Conference in Palm Springs, October 2-5. We wouldn’t miss it!

New to fleet or want to brush up on your skills? Also in October: NAFA Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar New Orleans, October 16-18. Build skills—and relationships—that will help you move forward in the fleet community.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Electrify Your Fleet with Kingbee, Canoo & Pollen

Retail demand for cargo vans is declining, and manufacturers are responding by throttling back ICE (internal combustion engine) production in favor of more electric vehicles. The EV revolution begins with cargo vans! But first fleets must solve two main challenges: 1) range anxiety, and 2) where to charge.

Watch this video to see how Kingbee, Canoo, and Pollen together provide the simplest way for fleets to adopt EVs.

VIDEO: LINE-X Fleet Solutions

  One Source for Your Upfitting Needs

With LINE-X National Accounts, fleet managers gain access to a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective one-source solution for their fleet’s upfitting needs.

Zoom Video Interview with You Here?

  Request for Zoom Video Interviews

We now conduct the majority of our interviews via Zoom, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: [email protected].


AFLA Announces New Board Leaders AFLA Announces New Board Leaders

The Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) recently elected new board members and officers to serve on the 2023-2024 Board of Directors.

Suresh Rajapakse was elected to serve as Secretary; Don Wright, was re-elected to the position of Director, Dealers; Erin Gilchrist was elected to serve as Director, Allied Service Providers; Dan Fierro will hold the office of Director, Remarketers.

AFLA’s new leaders will officially begin their terms at the close of the AFLA 2023 Corporate Fleet Conference, Best is Yet to Come, which will be held October 2-5, 2023 in Palm Springs, CA.


NETS Full Program, Keynote Speakers Announced for EMEA Regional Conference NETS Full Program, Keynote Speakers Announced for EMEA Regional Conference

NETS 2023 Europe – Middle East – Africa (EMEA) Road Safety Conference represents a valuable opportunity to learn about the variety of road safety initiatives and challenges specific to the region.

Keynote Speakers include Dr. Marcin Nazaruk, Director, Psychology Applied, who will introduce the Learning from Normal Work methodology and how it can be used to get ahead of failure to identify precursors of future accidents and Alejandro Furas, Secretary General, Global NCAP, who will provide the most recent vehicle rating findings and updates on vehicle safety in the EMEA Region.

The conference takes place in Paris, France, September 11-13, 2023.


NAFA Seminar in New Orleans: Essentials of Fleet Management NAFA Seminar in New Orleans: Essentials of Fleet Management

NAFA’s one-stop training program, the Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar, returns as a live experience this October in New Orleans! If you are new to fleet, or growing in your role, this immersive program will guide you through the latest best-practices, strategies, key skills, and resources for managing your fleet.

Early Bird rates are available! Reserve your spot today. Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar • October 16-18 • New Orleans, LA. Click here to register


Why ‘Upsourcing’ Fleet Marketing Services Makes Sense Why ‘Upsourcing’ Fleet Marketing Services Makes Sense

By Hannah Lamont-Schonely, Inertia Public Relations

Though it may not be an official term in the dictionary, ‘Upsourcing’ is the best way to define how your business can exceed expectations and take them to the next level.

Consider putting outsourcing on the back burner and turning up the ‘upsourcing’ heat. There are advantages to bringing on an existing marketing team.

FMW Brand Acceleration is the first fleet industry-only marketing team and the only ‘upsourced’ solution for any fleet services provider looking to build a brand and generate more leads.


Customer Driven

By Laura Jozwiak

I admit it. I am a list maker.

It isn’t just about getting that task done, but the dopamine hit I get when I can cross it off my list. With that confession made, it won’t surprise you that I have well-organized lists to support almost every aspect of my life.

Based on an outcome I am looking to achieve, my lists are categorized by year, quarter, month, week, and day. I set forth an expectation of what I need to accomplish and why.

Some of the tasks on my list may change over time as events change, new opportunities develop, and new ideas are formed.

One thing that has stayed consistent is to have six daily disciplines.



Solar Fleets

By Tanner Lee, Kingbee Vans

As supply issues ease, and allocation becomes more democratized, solar fleets are still finding themselves without enough vehicles to keep up with business.

Kingbee provides vans right away. In 3-4 weeks, you could have new vans that are wrapped with your company’s branding and upfitted with shelves and racks, all without adding to the balance sheet.

Sunrun is the largest solar installer in the US, and they source their fleet through a combination of leasing, purchasing, and renting. They previously rented vans from a well-known rental company, until they recognized the total value they could receive from Kingbee.



Monitoring Drug & Alcohol Impairment

By Adam Danielson, Director of Business Development, SuperVision

Excessive drug and alcohol use in the U.S. negatively impacts almost every aspect of our society and economy.

And the trucking industry is no exception, where positive drug test results are rising. In the first three months of 2023, truck drivers testing positive for marijuana increased by 9.2%. Also, many of these drivers have not enrolled in the return-to-work program. This troubling data from the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse defines the significant challenges this problem puts on fleet management.

However, there are ways of dealing with drivers testing positive for marijuana.

One of the most effective ways is proactive monitoring. In this article, you will learn more about this issue and how preventative fleet monitoring with SuperVision can help protect your fleet from the increasing drug and alcohol challenge.



Report: Heat Waves Reduce Range of Some EVs up to 31%

People living under extreme heat conditions probably don’t need another thing to worry about. But we have one for them anyway. Extreme heat can reduce the range of some electric vehicles (EVs) by nearly a third, according to a new study.

The data comes from Recurrent, a company that tracks EV battery life and uses machine learning to help owners care for their car’s batteries. The company “analyzed battery readings from 7,500 vehicles to answer the summer range question and underlying concerns.”

via KBB.com

These States Are Following California’s ZEV Goals

California’s Advanced Clean Cars II (ACC II) framework is on a roll, with more states taking steps to adopt the program’s regulations that envision 100% zero-emission sales of cars and light trucks by 2035.

New Jersey would join others in the region, including New York, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and others in taking steps to adopt ACC II in recent months, with 2026 being the first major interim date on the road to the 2035 target, requiring that 35% of cars and light trucks sold in the state to be zero-emission by that year, which also encompasses plug-in hybrids. New Mexico is moving to adopt Advanced Clean Cars and Advanced Clean Trucks regulations, also following California’s lead.

via Autoweek

Car Thefts Are Way Up in Multiple Major Cities: Study

Many major cities in the United States are seeing massive increases in motor vehicle theft, according to a study by the Council on Criminal Justice. While not every city that reported data to the CCJ saw an increase in car theft, U.S. cities in the first half of 2023 saw a 33.5% increase on average, compared to the same timeframe last year.

Obviously, some cities have it worse than others. For instance, Rochester, New York saw a massive increase of 355% in the first half of 2023 versus 2020. However, St. Paul, Minnesota saw a decrease of 41%. Interestingly, some of the U.S.’s largest, most densely packed cities saw decreases in car theft, such as Denver, Phoenix, Boston, and even Los Angeles.

via The Drive

How Hot Does a Car Get in the Sun? Here’s Why Heat Can Be So Deadly In a Parked Car

Extreme heat is the No. 1 weather-related killer in the U.S. Even when temperatures outside seem relatively low compared with what’s been experienced in recent weeks, parked vehicles essentially become ovens under the sun’s rays.

After just 20 minutes on an 80-degree day, the CDC says the inside of a car can hit 109 degrees Fahrenheit. After 40 minutes, it hits 118 degrees, and after an hour, it can hit 123 degrees. That means that on days when cities are experiencing triple digits temperatures —like Phoenix has been for weeks on end— those temperatures become even hotter in a short amount of time. “Cars can quickly heat up to dangerous temperatures, even with a window cracked open,” the CDC says.

via CBS News

The APEAL Study

By Dave Bean, FMW Associate Editor

For the first time in its nearly thirty year history, the J.D. Power U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study revealed a decline in owner satisfaction in back-to-back years.

“The decline in consecutive years might look small, but it’s an indicator that larger issues may lie under the surface,” said Frank Hanley, senior director of auto benchmarking at J.D. Power.

Porsche 911 was the highest ranking model overall. Kia garnered the most brand awards, with the KIA K5 winning a model-level award for the third consecutive year.



Dashcam Technology

By Dave Bean

Verizon Connect has boosted their dashcam technology, including AI functions that better identify both speeding and lack of seat belt use, among other enhancements.

A new Cloud AI Video Analytics Engine provides video tags for speeding, non-use of seat belts, distracted driving, tailgating and rolling stops. Fleet managers will be better equipped to identify more exactly what circumstances exist in a particular driver’s shortcomings.

“Video is a transformational medium for fleets, boosting operations as well as driver safety,” said Lisa Donnelly, Associate Director of Product Management, Verizon Connect.




By FMW Staff

Utilimarc is a leader in Business Intelligence solutions for fleet optimization. Their team of expert fleet analysts, technologists, and data scientists make sure your fleet’s data is clean, actionable, and available in one unified platform.

We had the chance to interview Gretchen Reese, the Growth Marketing Manager from Utilimarc, and ask her about the company’s one-of-a-kind data solutions.

“We’re a company full of fleet experts. We’re run by fleet analysts, and we were founded in the foundation of fleet data. We’re an advanced analytics tool AND a team. And the team itself is the backbone of your experience working with Utilimarc.”


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