March 22, 2023

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FMW Celebrates Women’s History Month

This week, we celebrate Women’s History Month with an interview with General Motors Fleet marketing executive Jennifer Costabile, on behalf of WIFM. Jennifer has an engaging story to tell and makes a compelling case for WIFM’s mentorship program.

We hear that the recently concluded NTEA The Work Truck Show was a huge success. Tod Trousdell was an enthusiastic participant and gives us a nuanced view into this year’s event.

Have you registered for NAFA I&E yet? Whether you are new to fleet or a veteran fleet professional, this is a conference that you will not want to miss. Make an appointment to talk with a member of FMW’s team about our exciting new Brand Acceleration marketing program or stop by our booth #324 on the exhibit floor.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Casual Conversations with Kingbee

Chris Thomas, VP of sales, is a busy bee, but we managed to get some answers from him.

Stay tuned ‘til the end for a special surprise, and visit their website for a free quote.

VIDEO: Customer Advocacy

  Great Customer Experience Drives Customer Advocacy

Building an amazing Customer Experience is a great way to drive Customer Advocacy, and that can result in lower marketing and sales costs.

Zoom Video Interview with You Here?

  Request for Zoom Video Interviews

We now conduct the majority of our interviews via Zoom, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: [email protected].


DriverCare Webinar Series: How to Self-Fund Your Fleet Safety Program

Even in the face of a tight budget, companies can reduce accidents, improve drive safety, and generate cost savings that can be used to fund the program itself. The latest free online DRIVERCARE WEBINAR will detail how to self-fund a fleet safety program on Wednesday, March 29th from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT.

Fleet industry panelists Eliot Bensel, CEI’s Director of Risk & Safety Account Development and Heather Brown, CEI’s Senior Risk & Safety Solutions Expert, will lead the discussion and Q&A on how fleets can fund a fleet safety program without adding to the budget.

Register for the DriverCare Webinar Series: How to Self-Fund Your Fleet Safety Program

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Eric Attias Joins Holman as Canadian Vice President of Sales Eric Attias Joins Holman as Canadian VP of Sales

Holman, a global automotive services organization, announced that Eric Attias has joined the company as Vice President of Sales for the organization’s Canadian Fleet and Mobility division.

“Eric’s extensive leadership experience and operational fleet expertise combined with his profound understanding of the Canadian market will be invaluable to our clients and our entire organization. We’re certainly excited to welcome him to Holman,” said Craig Pierce, Senior Vice President, Fleet & Mobility Sales, Holman.


Immerse Yourself in the World of Fleet at NAFA I&E Immerse Yourself in the World of Fleet at NAFA I&E

NAFA’s Institute & Expo keeps you thriving in today’s ever-changing landscape while discovering the trends that affect and influence your fleet’s success.

Learn from the brightest minds in fleet and mobility as they discuss top fleet issues, cutting-edge solutions and emerging trends that will help you make an impact on your fleet’s operations.

Don’t miss your chance to tune up your fleet knowledge and meet face-to-face with your peers and the industry’s premier suppliers.

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FMW Brand Acceleration FMW: New Branding and Marketing Support for Fleet Product and Service Providers

Customized Approach Ensures a Perfect Fit from Tactical Projects to Integrated Strategic Efforts

Whether your business has an internal marketing team, relies on an agency, or calls on multiple specialists, FMW has a new, customized, fleet-specific branding program — FMW Fleet Brand Acceleration – that can meet any marketing and sales generation need or budget.

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Women in Fleet Management

By Ed Pierce, Contributing Editor, Fleet Management Weekly

Jennifer Costabile serves as General Director, Marketing and Sales Enablement for General Motors Fleet and brings more than 30 years of experience and success in automotive sales and marketing management.

She has worked for every division of General Motors and has held a number of leadership roles throughout GM’s U.S. operations. Here, Jennifer answers a number of questions that provide insight into her success in the automotive and fleet industries.

This is part of the Fleet Management Weekly series of Women in Fleet Management (WIFM) profiles.



Hiring and Retaining Drivers

By Solera Fleet Solutions

Hiring truck drivers in this competitive market can be a tall order. The market is competitive, and companies who improve driver satisfaction by using both technology and the right programs are much more likely to retain and hire drivers for the long haul.

Why are truck drivers leaving their jobs and in some cases the industry? Because they aren’t happy where they are. Long hours lead to drivers who not only feel overworked but feel unsafe.

The key to hiring and retaining great talent is to set your company apart from the rest. Want to learn more about hiring and retaining drivers in a competitive market, and learning how we can help? Check out all fleet and driver management solutions today.



Work Truck Week

By Tod Trousdell, Fleet Marketing Consultant

With most OEMs touting electric fleets as the cornerstone of their aggressive ESG initiatives, lingering questions abound, mostly concerning range, charging infrastructure and cost.

While last year’s post-pandemic fervor seemingly had show-goers granting EVs a “free pass” in terms of scrutiny, this year’s attendees were looking for cold, hard facts as reality seems to have set in that the road to electrification will be long, winding and full of potholes.

“To be sure, there is a lot of excitement around EVs,” said David Hayward, Sr. Manager of Fleet Operations for ABM. “But excitement doesn’t always translate to viability, and that’s why it’s so important to take the time to vet the possibilities.” Hayward added that he would need to see more progress before he was ready to commit to wholesale EV integration.



Safe Driving: The Only Sure March Madness Pick

March Madness is the buzz around town and on social media now, but remember to keep the buzz out of your car.

Before picking up your phone while driving to check the latest scores or your bracket, know that 3,142 people died in distracted-driving crashes in 2020. Yes, simply glancing at your phone for a few seconds while driving is considered distracted driving.

If you’re out watching one of the many games over the three-week tournament, know that Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. On average, one alcohol-impaired-driving fatality occurred every 45 minutes in 2020; a total of 11,654 people died in drunk-driving crashes.


Electric Car Prices Are Coming Very Close to Gas Car Prices

The main barrier to widespread EV adoption, from a car buyer’s standpoint, is a very simple one: they cost more to buy than legacy vehicles.

The costs of producing EVs could drop drastically over the next few years, and given the competitive nature of the auto industry, automakers are likely to pass on much of the savings to buyers by lowering prices. The main reason for the steadily shrinking cost of an EV can be found in its batteries. Battery costs have been on a steady downward trajectory ever since the advent of modern EVs, thanks to improvements in the technology, along with economies of scale resulting from higher production volumes.

via InsideEVs

Detroit Mayor Announces the City’s First Fully (EV) Fleet at Municipal Parking Department

Image: City of Detroit

The Municipal Parking Department has become the first city department to fully convert its fleet to all electric, announced Mayor Mike Duggan. 

Detroit is now working toward converting the city’s active fleet of over 3000 vehicles to electric or hybrid vehicles, a key strategic initiative in our climate action plan to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions. The announcement of 48 new Chevy Bolt EVs and 25 on-site Level 2 charging stations marks a milestone for the city. The new fleet was deployed this week and residents can spot the new vehicles by the decals outfitted to illustrate the fleet’s 100% electric, zero emissions capacity.

via City of Detroit 

EV Home Charging Study Finds Owner Satisfaction Down

When J.D. Power quantified EV owner satisfaction with the public charging experience at Level 2 and DC fast chargers, it found owners unhappy about “finding the charging infrastructure inadequate and plagued with non-functioning stations.”

More homes have been fitted with Level 2 permanently mounted charging stations and more BEV and PHEV buyers own Level 2 portable stations. Despite the increased convenience, the study found owners less satisfied overall with the charging experience, the overall happiness with permanent home stations dropping from a score of 752 to 740 out of 1,000. Respondents cited cost as part of the problem, public utility kWh rates climbing with the prices of everything else. Another problem comes from charging speeds that apparently haven’t fulfilled expectations.

via Autoblog

Fleet Marketing

Companies know that “Content is King,” but few have access to the fleet-savvy content creators who produce compelling fleet marketing copy needed for a whole host of marketing activities. FMW Brand Acceleration meets that need!

Whether you have internal marketing resources, rely on an agency, or call on multiple resources, FMW has a new, customized, fleet-specific branding solution that can meet any company’s marketing and lead generation need or budget.

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The New Wheels

By Matt Dyer, President, Wheels

It’s an exciting time in the fleet industry, as we’ve recently announced our decision to align our newly combined company, previously known as Wheels Donlen LeasePlan, under the brand name “Wheels.” I see this as an important milestone in our integration journey, as it unites our team—and our customers—under one name, one brand, one mission.

We’re moving forward with the Wheels name, but this is truly a new business we’re forming. This is The New Wheels, and I believe our name, logo, color palette, and tagline bring our new brand to life in a fresh, strong, and exciting way.

“Together Let’s Go Far.” We wanted this tagline to capture our mission—who we are, what we do and how we do it. Four simple words, but they carry a powerful message. This tagline is our commitment to help our clients succeed, and, as President of The New Wheels, I’m very excited for the road ahead.



Fleet Sustainability

By Geotab

Regarding fleet management, industry standards have moved towards greater sustainability and efficiency over the last several years with the introduction of electric vehicle fleets, telematics for route optimization and efficiency, and alternative fuel options.

Practicing sustainability in fleet management is essential for becoming a leader in the industry and landing more clients searching for sustainable practices in their supply chain leaders.

This article will take a closer look at some of the sustainable practices becoming standard within the industry and the challenges facing transportation leaders in an increasingly green marketplace.


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