November 9, 2022

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Education: Passport to the Future

We are privileged to learn from the best in our industry in an abundance of venues, including this publication.You will find a plethora of great articles on a wide variety of fleet-related topics in FMW’s Thought Leadership Library.

Ted Roberts and I had the pleasure of attending RTA Fleet’s outstanding 2022 Fleet Success Summit this last spring. Now, fleet expert Steve Saltzgiver talks with FMW about RTA’s upcoming 2023 Fleet Success Summit scheduled for March 21-23 in Las Vegas. Saltzgiver says, “This year, the slogan ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ will be violated as attendees will take back some priceless fleet management gems and best practices to significantly improve their operations”

We recently talked with G. Satish, CEO and co-founder of Connixt to learn about their mobile app for maintenance crews. It has some impressive intuitive features — don’t miss Fleet Maintenance Made Modern: Connixt Changes the Game.

Do you always use your turn signals when you change lanes? I thought about my own habits when I read Art Liggio’s article: Understanding the Real-Life Failure Points that Minimize the Benefits of Lane Keeping Technology.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Bidirectional Charging Can Make EV Charging a Profit Center

This bidirectional charging solution from Fermata Energy can make EV charging a profit center for your fleet.

VIDEO: Electric Vehicles

  How Does the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Impact You?

How does the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 impact you and your electric vehicle program? For fleets, Section 30C and Section 45 provide potential rebates and credits. View this video for the basics on the clean vehicle provisions in HR 5376!

VIDEO: Customer Experience

  Where Customer Experience is Headed with Gen Z

Gen Z are natives of the Internet, and you should expect them to have much bigger demands when it comes to Customer Experience.


New Study by Solera Shows 67% of Americans Say Video-based Safety Systems Would Improve Fleet Driver Safety New Study by Solera Shows 67% of Americans Say Video-based Safety Systems Would Improve Fleet Driver Safety

Solera Holdings, LLC, released new research underscoring the importance of safety-based technologies in commercial fleets.

The findings show that despite safety efforts deployed by many fleets, Americans feel greatly impacted by unsafe fleet driving behaviors – and there’s a clear opportunity for technology to play a role in making drivers safer.

“The industry has come a long way in improving driver safety standards, and it’s important that we continue on this journey collectively – especially as there are public perceptions to overcome,” said Michal Yariv VP and GM of Strategic Initiatives at Solera.


Forward Together AFLA Learning Panel Discussion AFLA Learning Series Webinar – ‘Forward Together’ Takeaways

November often kicks off the holiday season of gratitude and togetherness, and what a better way to celebrate with your AFLA family than by joining us on Tuesday, November 15th at 2pm. This month’s AFLA Learning Series Panel will continue our conference theme, “Forward Together.”

Join Matt Betz, AFLA Vice President and Steve Bender, AFLA President & 2022 Conference Task Force chair, along with first-time conference attendees Jennifer Medina, Gary Prasad and Melissa Rousseau to hear takeaways and actionable next steps they garnered from the AFLA 2022 Corporate Fleet Conference: Forward Together.

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Poll: When Will Supply Chain Woes Ease?

Have you taken the latest FLD/FMW Fleet Poll? It’s on a very timely topic: “When are your suppliers telling you that supply chain woes will ease?”

We would definitely like your opinion!

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October Fleet Sales Up Nearly 49% Year Over Year Cox Automotive: October Fleet Sales Up Nearly 49% Year Over Year

Sales into large fleets, not including sales into dealer and manufacturer fleets, increased 21% month over month in October to 148,721 units, according to an early estimate from Cox Automotive.

Combined sales into large rental, commercial, and government fleets were up nearly 49% year over year in October. Sales into rental and commercial were both up 58% year over year, while sales into government fleets were down just slightly at 0.3%.

“In October, we saw a slight uptick in fleet share month over month,” said Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist, Cox Automotive. “It’s too soon to tell, but this could be the beginning of some manufacturers leveraging the fleet ‘relief valve’ by shifting more of their sales to fleet as they see retail sales soften a bit due to consumers facing economic uncertainly and affordability concerns.”


Lane Keeping Technology

By Art Liggio, Chairman, Driving Dynamics

As fleet operators modernize their inventory, most vehicles are ordered with the latest Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features. While automation is predominantly touted in all of the advertising related to ADAS, critical functions of many these systems still heavily rely on the successful and correct use by the driver.

A common feature now installed in new vehicles is Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), which is designed to detect if a vehicle is wandering out of its lane. LKA will automatically make steering corrections to return the vehicle back to its proper position within the lane.

There is a very useful feature, however, in everyday driving situations that fundamentally relies on the driver to use a safety system that’s been installed in vehicles for more than 80 years…



Fleet Maintenance

By FMW Editorial Staff

No area of fleet management is immune to the advancement of technology. From updated EVs to evolving charging technology, fleets are able to take advantage of technology to streamline every part of the management process.

One of these areas is maintenance, a major factor in the health and safety of vehicles and drivers alike. Using their Mobile IoT-driven suite, Connixt is seeking to digitize and automate maintenance, giving mechanics and technicians the ability to modernize the process and save time and money.

We sat down with Connixt CEO and Co-founder G. Satish to hear more about how Connixt is revolutionizing the maintenance industry with a user-friendly new application



Fleet Events

Fleet Success Summit 2023 – Sponsored by RTA – The Fleet Success Company

By Steve Saltzgiver

Wow! It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on another year since the inaugural Fleet Success Summit was held in Mesa, AZ!

However, I’m really looking forward to our second event March 21-22, 2023, at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas! This year the slogan of ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ will be violated as attendees will take back some priceless fleet management gems and best practices to significantly improve their operations.

Those of us who attended the 2022 Fleet Success Summit in Mesa took away many important best practices to greatly improve our organizations. As a recap for newcomers to the Fleet Success model, the event is centered around our Four Pillars of Fleet Success:



Almost All Electric Vehicles Would Qualify for the US EV Tax Credit with New Congress Bill

A new bill called the Affordable Electric Vehicles for America Act would allow essentially all EVs in the US to qualify for the $7,500 tax credit, if passed.

The bill would establish a phase-in period for the battery sourcing and manufacturing requirements included in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed in August.

Foreign leaders from South Korea, Japan, and the EU have lobbied for provision changes, expressing concerns over unfair competitive advantages. According to reports, Hyundai and other automakers are looking for a delay for the battery sourcing and manufacturing provisions kicking in at the end of the year to give them time to build and scale production.

via Electrek

Watch Out While Driving: You’re More Likely to Hit a Deer This Week

A new study found that the week after the annual shift back to standard time sees a 16 percent increase in deer-vehicle collisions each year.

On average, around 2.1 million deer-vehicle collisions happen in the U.S. each year. These incidents are responsible for over $10 billion in economic losses as well as 59,000 human injuries and 440 human deaths.

The researchers found that deer-vehicle collisions are 14 times more frequent in the two hours after sunset than before sunset. Animals, of course, stick to their pattern no matter what human clocks say, going about their lives even as traffic patterns shift to an hour “earlier” and causing more driving at dusk.

via Car and Driver

Electric Cars Remove Tailpipe Emissions and May Even Strengthen the Power Grid

Energy and transportation experts say that with some planning, utilities are fully capable of handling more clean cars plugging in. Better yet, electric SUVs, trucks, and buses can strengthen the grid if deployed smartly.

Someday, millions of vehicles could use special bidirectional chargers to absorb energy when it’s plentiful and release it back to the grid as needed, helping utilities manage heatwaves and other spikes in demand. This vision rests on something called vehicle-to-grid technology, or V2G.

If much of the US fleet goes electric, the amount of battery storage available is enormous: The National Resources Defense Council estimates that the 14 million EVs expected to be on California’s roads by 2035 could power all the state’s homes for three days.

via Autoblog

The Car Safety Feature That Kills the Other Guy

For decades, roadway safety efforts have focused on a single, dominant mission: Protect the people inside cars. But vehicle safety issues are very different now.

Car buyers who purchase an SUV or truck “to protect themselves” are turning safety into a zero-sum game, with pedestrians and cyclists paying the price. Buying a bigger car can be a rational choice for an individual or family. But when you scale that decision across an entire nation, it’s a recipe for carnage.

A 2015 federal study found that an SUV is two to three times more likely to kill a pedestrian than a car is. The ascent of SUVs increased pedestrian deaths, which hit a 40-year high in 2021. Cyclist deaths, meanwhile, rose 44 percent from 2010 to 2020.

via Slate

Distracted Driving

Gig-economy workers are 4 times as likely as other drivers to use smartphone apps regularly while driving, a new survey from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows.

“The explosion of smartphone features and services has not only created new forms of driver distraction, but also a new group of rideshare and delivery drivers whose jobs require them to interact with their phones while they’re on the road,” IIHS President David Harkey said.

One possible reason could be that they’re more tempted to conduct other business or find ways to entertain themselves while driving because their jobs force them to spend so much time behind the wheel. Parents are also nearly 50 percent more prone to routinely making video calls, checking weather reports and other types of smartphone-enabled distractions than drivers without children 18 or younger, the survey found.

via IIHS


Crash-Free Culture

By Ed Dubens, CEO/Founder of eDriving

We are seeing an increasing number of smartphone-based collision detection, personal SOS, and emergency response service solutions being launched across the globe.

A poor crash detection system can mistake a dropped or tossed phone for a crash. Even very competent algorithms frequently misread forceful braking and cornering, as well as merely moving the phone, as crashes.

To solve the need for low-speed collision detection and for drivers to receive live help in the event of an emergency in or out of their vehicle, eDriving partnered with Sfara & Bosch to provide a smartphone-integrated solution in 50 countries globally.



Fleet Marketing

By Ed Pierce, FMW Brand Acceleration

In this era of digital marketing, account-based marketing can deliver excellent branding and lead generation results.

However, the value of this customer-centric approach eludes many B2B organizations, including many in the fleet industry. The problem stems from the typical marketing and sales (or sales and marketing) structure.

While B2B marketing has been traditionally focused on identifying and communicating with “target markets” through appropriate media, messaging is usually based on an understanding of common needs.

In today’s effective integrated sales and marketing strategy, be sure to organize an integrated sales and marketing effort more tightly wound around a specific account.


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