May 17, 2022

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Slow Down and Pay Attention

It’s beyond scary how deadly roads in the U.S have gotten in the past couple of years. Phil Moser explains in today’s top video what some of the reasons are for this, and why it’s crucial to slow down, pay attention and stop driving aggressively.

ADAS, in Perspective
One of the tools that can keep our roadways safer is Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). But ADAS can also increase the dangers if used inappropriately, as Art Liggio details in this timely article.

EVs Keep Fleets Relevant
We recommend ‘Adopting Electric Vehicles is Key in Keeping Fleets Relevant,’ a whitepaper from Fleetio covering the latest trends in EV sales and charging, as well as key considerations for incorporating EVs into your fleet. You can download it here.

Ted Roberts

VIDEO: Slow Down. Pay Attention. Stop Driving Aggressively.

Roads in the U.S. have gotten considerably more deadly, for a variety of reasons. It’s time to slow down, pay attention and stop driving aggressively.

VIDEO: Leadership and Inclusion

  The Benefits of Inclusive Leadership at Element

Element Fleet Management prides itself on having diverse and inclusive leadership, which leads to better products and better outcomes.

VIDEO: You Have Influence

  You Are a Leader. You Have Influence.

Not all fleet managers think of themselves as leaders, but – as Mike Pitcher explained recently at RTA’s Fleet Success Summit in Phoenix – that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Registration Now Open for NETS Hybrid Conference Event ~ October 5-6, 2022

Mark your calendar! Plan to join NETS on October 5 & 6, 2022 at the beautiful Marriott at Eagle Crest, Ann Arbor, Michigan

NETS annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference convenes each year to bring together Global, Corporate, Government, and Non-profit employers. Conference participants include NETS member companies from diverse industries, representing a collective global fleet of more than half-a-million vehicles that travel nearly 11 billion miles annually.

NETS’ 2022 Conference will be a hybrid event so you can join in person or join us virtually via Whova.


EverWash and Car IQ Announce Partnership to Bring Autonomous Payments to Car Washes

EverWash, the nation’s leading car wash membership platform, announced they have partnered with Car IQ®, who has created a fleet payment solution that will allow fleet vehicles to pay for washes at EverWash car wash locations without the need for a credit card.

“We’re committed to creating the greatest customer experience in the car wash industry, and fleets are a major focus for us,” said Scott Pashley, Chief Revenue Officer at EverWash. “Car IQ is the perfect partner for us as we expand our capabilities as the only company in the car wash industry with autonomous payment for fleets, and the only company creating value for our wash partners by driving new customers and members to our 800+ locations.”


Adopting Electric Vehicles is Key in Keeping Fleets Relevant

Growing climate change concerns are increasing EV popularity among both consumers and lawmakers, spurring OEM manufacturers to offer a wider range of both EV classes and models.

With the number of EVs on the road increasing every day, there is cause for worry about overtaxing the charging infrastructure.

This timely whitepaper from Fleetio covers the latest trends in EV sales and charging infrastructure growth solutions and discusses key considerations for incorporating EVs into your fleet.


Without a Gas Tax, How Will EVs Be Charged for Road Use?

Fuel taxes account for 84 percent of federal and 29 percent of state highway funds. But where will the funding come from when more and more drivers switch to electric vehicles?

Currently, the federal tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon. The average state gas tax is 31 cents; it ranges from 8 cents per gallon in Alaska to 51.1 cents per gallon in California. Some states have compensated for that lost revenue by doubling the registration fees for EVs, for instance. Another approach is to increase tolls on roads and bridges, with every driver paying the same toll, no matter what type of car they drive.

via Consumer Reports

ADAS Pros and Cons

By Art Liggio, Chairman, Driving Dynamics

Numerous reports and warnings regarding the efficacy of Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to keep drivers safe have been published over the past few years by leading road safety groups such as U.S.-based AAA Traffic Safety Foundation and Thatcham Research in Europe.

Unfortunately, the cautionary messages, pointing out the shortcomings and failure points, of ADAS seem to have been overshadowed by the persuasive and persistent marketing campaigns suggesting that operating a vehicle can be more effortless than ever and will require little to no driver interaction.

For example, a recent television commercial showed the driver and passengers playing a game, with everyone clapping hands while executing a pass of another vehicle. Seriously, is this how any driver should be encouraged to operate a vehicle?



IoT and Fleet Management

By Ben Forgan, CEO, Hologram, Inc.

Managing fleets can be like juggling chainsaws – a bit stressful! It means balancing costs, keeping drivers and vehicles operating safely, and ensuring compliance.

However, introducing IoT (or the Internet of Things) into the management mix can alleviate some of the challenges and risks that fleet managers face.

While the details can get complicated, the overall concept of IoT for fleet management is pretty straightforward: IoT is technology that enables hardware (telematics systems) and software (remote applications) to exchange information that helps fleet managers assess situations and make adjustments.

In simplest terms, what’s needed to employ IoT?



Fleet Vehicle Optimization

Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC) is a model for how utility companies can optimize the use of fleet vehicles to drive down the total cost of providing energy to its customers while enhancing the levels of service to their drivers.

BEPC has transformed the way in which they manage their shared vehicle fleet using purpose-built vehicle sharing technology.

They have eliminated manual, time-consuming fleet tasks and now effortlessly capture key performance metrics while providing around-the-clock access to vehicles for their drivers. Data for all types of vehicles is now standardized and centralized.

The result is better use of fleet vehicles and lower costs of providing services.



Catalytic Converter Theft Explodes, Pickups and Hybrids Likely Targets

May 6, 2022Thieves want your catalytic converters at alarming rates. Claims of catalytic converter theft increased more than 1,200% from 2019 to 2021, according to the most recent data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau as reported by Carfax.

In 2021, there were 52,206 reported catalytic converter thefts versus 3,969 thefts in 2019. The number could be higher, since owners might not report the theft to their insurance provider. Either way, the staggering increase means new and old vehicles are susceptible, and owners could be on the hook for repairs and replacements that range from $1,000 to $3,000, according to the NICB.

Both sources recommend installing an anti-theft device or getting the converter etched with the car’s VIN to make it easier for law enforcement to trace. Additionally, parking in an enclosed area or garage will limit the risk of theft.

via The Car Connection

Reset a Check Engine Light at Your Own Risk

May 13, 2022 – It’s important to know what the dashboard light is actually telling you. In some vehicles, there are separate warning lights labeled Service Engine or Maintenance Due, versus a more traditional Check Engine light.

You can find out what’s ailing your engine through the vehicle’s OBD-II port. If your main reason for buying an inexpensive scanner is to reset the check-engine light, know this: clearing the code and turning the light off doesn’t mean your issue has gone away.

Some check-engine light warnings are temporary—like loose fuel-filler cap or a rare engine misfire. It’s possible that the warning light won’t come back on after you clear the code. If the light does come on again soon, you have an issue that needs to be addressed. Failure to do so could cost you a lot more later.

via Car and Driver

Google Updates Android Auto to Better Fit All the Different Sized Touchscreens in Cars Today

May 12, 2022Google says the new split-screen display will be standard for all Android Auto users, allowing them to access key features like navigation, media player, and messages – all from one screen. Previously, the split-screen display was only available to owners of certain vehicles. 

“We used to have a different screen mode that was available in a very limited amount of cars,” said Rod Lopez, lead product manager at Android Auto. “Now this is available no matter what type of display you have, what size, what form factor, and it’s a really, really exciting update.”

Android Auto will also adapt to any type of touchscreen, no matter what size. Automakers are starting to get creative with the size of their infotainment display, installing everything from large portrait-style screens to long vertical ones shaped like surfboards.

via The Verge

Most Electric Cars Are Cheaper to Own From Day One – Report

May 12, 2022Electric cars aren’t just cheaper over the long term but have cheaper total monthly cost from day one for most buyers in the United States, according to a new report from Energy Innovation.

This analysis expands on the total cost of ownership calculation – rather than looking at the entire average 12-year period of car ownership, it looks at monthly costs over the length of a six-year financing term. Since 85% of cars in the United States are financed at purchase, this is a more realistic way to view costs than by looking at the sticker price.

Energy Innovation’s analysis looks at EV vs. gas vehicle costs in every state and includes financing costs, fuel, maintenance, insurance, EV incentives, and even dumb EV fees that some states have implemented.

via Electrek

EV Carshare in the Twin Cities

May 13, 2022Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, alongside Senator Tina Smith, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, and partners announced the launch of Evie Carshare, a renewably-powered fleet of shared electric vehicles (EVs) and the EV Spot Network of charging stations across Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

“Carshares continue to be an important way for people to have affordable access to transportation. Installing 70 new renewably-powered electric vehicle charging stations across the Twin Cities is an important investment in clean energy and an exciting way to expand sustainable transportation options,” said Senator Smith.

This innovative model for expanding access to clean transportation was made possible by cutting edge investments from the U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Energy and the collaborative efforts between the City of Saint Paul, City of Minneapolis, HOURCAR, Xcel Energy, American Lung Association, and other local and national partners.

via St Paul Minnesota


Tag & Title

By Ed Pierce, Contributing Editor

While vehicle registrations can be difficult enough to manage for one vehicle, the task becomes even more daunting when you’re a company handling thousands of vehicles.

From car rental companies to fleet management companies, vehicle registration is an integral part of managing company-owned cars. These companies usually rely on tag & title businesses to ensure their vehicles are properly registered and kept up to date.

But while this field is dominated by larger businesses, there are a few smaller players that have managed to make a name for themselves in recent years.

One of the most notable of these businesses is J3 Management Group, a sister-run tag and title company specializing in serving fleet vehicles.

Founded by sisters Lora Dunton and Karla Jackson, J3 Management Group has experienced major success in the two short years since its inception, due in large part no doubt to the dynamic effort of these sisters and their families.



Money for Road Safety

May 16, 2022Federal data being released this week by the Transportation Department is expected to show another big jump in U.S. traffic deaths through 2021. Fatalities among pedestrians and cyclists have been rising faster than those within vehicles.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is directing $5 billion in federal aid to cities and localities to address the growing crisis by slowing down cars, carving out bike paths and wider sidewalks and nudging commuters to public transit under his department’s new Safe Streets & Roads for All program. “We have become far too accustomed to the loss of life and serious injuries happening on our roadways.”

“We face a national crisis of fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways, and these tragedies are preventable — so as a nation we must work urgently and collaboratively to save lives.” Buttigieg said the money “will help communities large and small take action to protect all Americans on our roads.”

via AP News

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