May 10, 2022

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A Family Affair

Fleet management professionals know that one of the key components that must be performed perfectly is vehicle registration. A company that is clearly doing something right is J3 Management Group. Ed Pierce authors a delightful piece about this sister-run company.

Last month, Ted Roberts and I attended the superb RTA Fleet Success Summitt where industry expert Paul Lauria was a speaker. We never miss an opportunity to sit down with Paul and this week we feature a video clip from that interview. He confidently states, “Fleet management is going to change more in the next decade than it has changed in the last century.”

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Drive Safety!

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Fleet Management Could Change More in the Next 10 Years Than It Has in the Past Century

Industry expert Paul Lauria shared his take on a rapidly changing fleet industry recently at The Fleet Success Summit in Phoenix.

VIDEO: Public Fleets

  Helping Public Fleets Make Smart Transitions to EVs

Geotab’s Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment has helped many public fleets determine exactly which of their vehicles are best suited for converting to EVs.

VIDEO: Charge Management

  Charge Management and Infrastructure Go Hand in Hand

Charge management and infrastructure are deeply intertwined, and the #1 challenge is adoption and knowledge.


Wheels Donlen Lauded with Gold Stevie Award

Wheels Donlen was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the ‘Company of the Year’ category in the 20th Annual American Business Awards® – the only fleet management company to win an award in this category.

Shlomo Crandus, Wheels Donlen’s CEO, said, “We are very excited and humbled to receive this award. It is a testament to the great work all our employees do every day to serve our clients and help them achieve their goals. As Wheels Donlen continues to evolve, we cherish our role as an industry-leading partner for our clients.”


Sofico: Smart, Flexible Contract Management is Answer to EV Multi-Cycle Leasing

The growing uptake of electric vehicles across Europe is leading to the development of multi-cycle leasing as OEMs and leasing companies look to keep control of the valuable battery within the EV.

Such developments increasingly require sophisticated, flexible, smart software capable of managing subsequent leases of the same asset.

So says Ghent-based automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management software provider, Sofico, as growing numbers of OEMs look to offer used-vehicle leases on EVs as a strategy to keep control over the highly valuable batteries which may have longer shelf lives than the vehicle itself.


EverWash and Car IQ Announce Partnership to Bring Autonomous Payments to Car Washes

EverWash, the nation’s leading car wash membership platform, today announced they have partnered with Car IQ®, who has created a fleet payment solution that will allow fleet vehicles to pay for washes at EverWash car wash locations without the need for a credit card.

“We’re committed to creating the greatest customer experience in the car wash industry, and fleets are a major focus for us,” said Scott Pashley, Chief Revenue Officer at EverWash. “Car IQ is the perfect partner for us as we expand our capabilities as the only company in the car wash industry with autonomous payment for fleets, and the only company creating value for our wash partners by driving new customers and members to our 800+ locations.”


Holman, FATEC Group Now Partners in Global Fleet Support

Holman, a global automotive services organization, and FATEC Group, the largest independent French fleet management company, have announced a new partnership to further expand their combined footprint for global fleet support.

“Holman and FATEC Group share a similar vision for effective fleet management; emphasizing transparency and simplicity while prioritizing proactive strategic planning throughout each phase of the vehicle lifecycle, allowing businesses to adapt locally while still managing globally,” said Rick Tousaw, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Holman.


Vehicle Registations

By Ed Pierce, Contributing Editor

While vehicle registrations can be difficult enough to manage for one vehicle, the task becomes even more daunting when you’re a company handling thousands of vehicles.

From car rental companies to fleet management companies, vehicle registration is an integral part of managing company-owned cars. These companies usually rely on tag & title businesses to ensure their vehicles are properly registered and kept up to date.

But while this field is dominated by larger businesses, there are a few smaller players that have managed to make a name for themselves in recent years.

One of the most notable of these businesses is J3 Management Group, a sister-run tag and title company specializing in serving fleet vehicles.

Founded by sisters Lora Dunton and Karla Jackson, J3 Management Group has experienced major success in the two short years since its inception, due in large part no doubt to the dynamic effort of these sisters and their families.



EV Readiness

By Mike Sheldrick, Senior Editor

LeasePlan USA has released its first EV Readiness study across the U.S.

According to the company, “It provides a clear overview, across all 50 states (plus the District of Columbia), of five key factors for electrification: favorable state legislation and incentives, EV penetration, charger to vehicle ratio, charger availability, and climate suitability.” It does that in a thoroughgoing, readable study.

There some are surprises. Top among them, the state with the leading readiness score is Nevada, followed by Mississippi, and Hawaii. LeasePlan’s 2022 data showed that all three states have a welcoming climate for EVs, and Nevada and Mississippi provide a “reasonable” amount of public charging stations. Hawaii already has begun integrating EVs into its overall vehicle market.

Some statisticians will have a field day with findings that seem so surprisingly different than common wisdom, but that won’t detract from the value of the study. It’s well-reasoned; moreover, LeasePlan lays out its methods in detail. Besides, as LeasePlan points out in its top takeaway, “It’s important to note that no states ranked in the top bracket for EV readiness, and the top three states in the index barely qualified for the second rating bracket of EV accepted.”



EV Sales and Infrastructure

Growing climate change concerns are increasing EV popularity among both consumers and lawmakers, spurring OEM manufacturers to offer a wider range of both EV classes and models.

With the number of EVs on the road increasing every day, there is cause for worry about overtaxing the charging infrastructure.

This timely whitepaper from Fleetio covers the latest trends in EV sales and charging infrastructure growth solutions and discuss key considerations for incorporating EVs into your fleet.



5G is Soon Coming to Your Car

May 7, 2022Drivers and passengers in a 5G-enabled vehicle will be able to quickly connect to various online services — for information, entertainment, navigation and communication — but 5G will also allow fast over-the-air updates to the vehicle’s various computer systems.

Just like Apple, Android and Microsoft push updates to phones, tablets and laptops, car owners will be able to benefit from new features and software “patches” to fix issues. 5G also helps facilitate a faster and more reliable connection between a driver and their vehicle, even when they are not inside of it, such as accessing the car’s systems remotely on a companion app.

via The Star

Automobile Deaths, Injuries Are Rising Rapidly: A Changed Direction in Infrastructure Bill Offers Hope

May 7, 2022While the Infrastructure Act was primarily intended to deliver big money to the states for the improvement or repair of crumbling roads, bridges, pipelines, internet broadband access and power grids, it also contains little-noticed sections designed to implement a reduction in the rising toll of automobile crashes, deaths and injuries.

The infrastructure bill includes such safety issues as improved headlights, updated back-seat safety standards, new front seatback standards, incorporation of crash avoidance technology in all new cars, and new federal hood and bumper standards.

While the vehicle safety provisions may appear to be a modest part of the new law, we should celebrate that the often deadlocked Congress passed legislation that can have a major impact in reversing the shocking increase in vehicle crashes and in the lives lost or forever changed on our nation’s roads.

via The Hill

Jeep Owner Drops Off Car for Oil Change, Ends Up Fighting $15M Lawsuit

May 6, 2022The owner of a stick-shift Jeep handed the keys over to a Jeep dealership for a routine oil change. A teenage dealer employee who reportedly wasn’t licensed to drive and didn’t know how to operate a stick-shift attempted to move the owner’s Jeep, when it lurched forward with enough force to kill a nearby service technician.

Because of the way the law works with regard to the legal principle known as vicarious liability, the family of the service tech isn’t suing the dealership—they’re suing the owner of the Jeep. Anything a driver does with an owner’s vehicle, it’s still the owner’s responsibility.

via MotorTrend

IIHS Eyes Higher-Speed Test for Automatic Emergency Braking

May 5, 2022Now that nearly every new vehicle comes with automatic emergency braking (AEB), the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is looking for ways to encourage even better systems that can prevent more severe front-to-rear crashes that occur at higher speeds.

In the new study, IIHS Senior Research Scientist David Kidd found that only 3 percent of police-reported rear-end crashes happen at low speed limits. Increasing the speed of the IIHS test to 35-45 mph would make it relevant to more than 10 times as many police-reported rear-end crashes.

Based on Kidd’s findings, IIHS plans to conduct research tests on six vehicles equipped with different front crash prevention systems at speeds up to 45 mph. Tests will also be conducted using different types of passenger vehicles and other vehicles like a motorcycle and various sizes of trucks as the stationary vehicle.


EV Smartphone Apps

By Dave Bean, Associate Editor

While owners of electric vehicles (EVs) are more likely to use automotive smartphone apps than gas-powered vehicle owners, they are less satisfied with the experience, according to a newly released survey.

The J.D. Power OEM EV App Benchmark Study examines user experience (UX) satisfaction with automotive mobile apps from 20 leading car makers that offer EVs in the US and Europe.

This key finding is especially poignant since even though all vehicle owners are reporting an uptick in reliance upon auto-specific smartphone apps, EV owners remain more likely to use it regularly.



Amply Power

By Ed Pierce, Contributing Editor

“All vertical fleet markets want to become electric,” says Sean Larkin, Director of Sales and Business Development for Amply Power. “There is a demand in the marketplace. The vehicles themselves are the true drivers.”

This trend toward electrification is evident and growing every year. Companies are setting goals to limit their carbon footprint and making the transition towards all-electric fleets. EVs have been ready, available, and deployed for quite some time now, and an upcoming surge in light- and medium-duty vehicles is all but certain.

In order to effectively make that transition, however, fleet operators have to do a lot more than just onboard a few electric vehicles.

They need a solution that can handle the infrastructure and charging aspects of electrification while guiding them through the design, deployment, operation, and maintenance of their new EV charging infrastructure.



Crash-Free Culture

By Ed Dubens, CEO/Founder of eDriving, a Solera company

“The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response,” is a quote attributed to Milton Erickson, a late American psychiatrist and psychologist.

Why is this relevant? Because it perfectly describes what happens if fleet operators don’t communicate effectively, they don’t get the response or results they want.

Effective communication is one of the key elements of a successful driver safety program. But what constitutes effective communication?


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