September 6, 2023

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Sounding Boards

I have always believed that one of the very best things about our fleet community is our willingness to share our knowledge with others. In this week’s WIFM profile with Cummins’ Linda Banks, she sums it up beautifully,  “When I have doubts, I have sounding boards which sometimes make me realize I was on the right track or sometimes it made me realize I needed to expand my vision, ideals, goals.”

You will have a wealth of opportunities to expand your vision, ideals, and goals at the upcoming AFLA Conference – October 2-5 in Palm Desert, CA. It is networking nirvana paired with outstanding education sessions and speakers. There is still time to register.

Don’t miss Ed Dubens’ superb article about managing driver fatigue. The stakes are significant, and eDriving has some solid solutions.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Expertise for the Top Compliance Challenges — Coffee with Compliance


Join Wheel’s Bob Gonke, Assistant Vice President of Client Management, and Natalie Beach, Senior Director of Compliance Services for Wheels, as they dive deep into vehicle fleet compliance. In this video, they cover:

  • The lingering effects of COVID on DMV operations.
  • The exciting future of digitization in the compliance landscape.
  • Top challenges faced today and tips to overcome them.

VIDEO: Auto Driveaway

  70+ Years of Experience in Transportation and Logistics

Auto Driveaway has 70 plus years of experience in the transportation and logistics space. They have a very successful history of doing moves for large commercial fleets, FMCs,  vehicle manufacturers and more.

Zoom Video Interview with You Here?

  Request for Zoom Video Interviews

We now conduct the majority of our interviews via Zoom, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: [email protected].


MoveEV Adds Experienced Fleet Duo to Lead ReimburseEV Team MoveEV Adds Experienced Fleet Duo to Lead ReimburseEV Team

Tara Spencer and Chris Lemone team up with leading vehicle reimbursement expert David Lewis to scale ReimburseEV – the at-home charging reimbursement solution for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid fleets.

MoveEV, the AI-backed mobility tech company that helps convert fleet and employee-owned gas vehicles to electric and reimburse for charging at home, announced the addition of the two former Enterprise Fleet Management executives.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have Chris and Tara joining the company,” said Lewis. “They are a powerhouse team.”


NAFA Seminar in New Orleans: Essentials of Fleet Management NAFA Seminar in New Orleans: Essentials of Fleet Management

NAFA’s one-stop training program, the Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar, returns as a live experience this October in New Orleans! If you are new to fleet, or growing in your role, this immersive program will guide you through the latest best-practices, strategies, key skills, and resources for managing your fleet.

Early Bird rates are available! Reserve your spot today. Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar • October 16-18 • New Orleans, LA. Click here to register


EVs & Reducing Emissions at AFLA 2023 EVs & Reducing Emissions at AFLA 2023

The transition to EVs may not be in the immediate future for every fleet. At AFLA 2023, our EV Alternative Strategies session will outline what fleets can do in the meantime to reduce emissions.

No matter where your fleet is on the transition journey, attending the EV 2.0 session will address both the opportunities and hurdles fleets will encounter on the road to electrification.

View the full schedule of topics and events on the AFLA website, and register to join us this October! To learn more and/or register, click here.


Why ‘Upsourcing’ Fleet Marketing Services Makes Sense Why ‘Upsourcing’ Fleet Marketing Services Makes Sense

By Hannah Lamont-Schonely, Inertia Public Relations

Though it may not be an official term in the dictionary, ‘Upsourcing’ is the best way to define how your business can exceed expectations and take them to the next level.

Consider putting outsourcing on the back burner and turning up the ‘upsourcing’ heat. There are advantages to bringing on an existing marketing team.

FMW Brand Acceleration is the first fleet industry-only marketing team and the only ‘upsourced’ solution for any fleet services provider looking to build a brand and generate more leads.


Women in Fleet Management

By Fleet Management Weekly Staff

As a fleet professional and member of AFLA and WIFM, FMW asked Linda Banks of Cummins to answer some questions about her career, her experiences in the industry, and her advice to other women in fleet.

“When I first joined WIFM, I had only been in a Fleet role…for about a month. With the help of connecting on calls, asking questions, I was able to perform and eventually shine enough in my role that my role was expanded.”

“…I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of the ride. I didn’t realize how much growth there would be for me.”



Crash-Free Culture

By Ed Dubens, CEO/Founder of eDriving

In today’s bustling world, where work obligations often collide with the demands of the road, addressing driver fatigue has never been more critical.

Employers bear a significant duty of care to manage the risks of fatigue among employees who drive for work. Effective management necessitates the establishment of a Fatigue Risk Management Program.

How can we ensure that every journey, short or long, is marked by alertness and responsibility? One potential answer lies in embracing solutions like Mentor by eDriving as a comprehensive driver risk management program.



Fleet Marketing

By Ed Pierce, FMW Brand Acceleration Marketing Consultant

Marketing organizations have a wide range of marketing mix options to select from when developing their marketing strategies. There is more chance for confusion to occur when you have more options and disciplines.

 With careful management, lines can be drawn that minimize redundant work and maximize each contributor’s talents.

To integrate PR, marketing and content effectively, a certain degree of organization and communication is needed. It will make the process more efficient, and everyone will stay on task.



Dodge Muscle Cars: Quick Off the Line, Quick to be Stolen

By Dave Bean, FMW Associate Editor

Once the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and Dodge Charger HEMI are purchased and brought home, it’s a challenge to keep them there – thanks to auto thieves who have been appropriating them at a record setting pace.

These two Dodge models have the dubious distinction of, once again, headlining the Highway Loss Data Institute’s (HLDI) roster of most-stolen vehicles in their whole-vehicle theft report for model years 2020 through 2022.

“If you own a Hellcat, you better check your driveway,” said HLDI Senior Vice President Matt Moore. “These numbers are unbelievable.”


How Is All the Data in Your Car Being Protected?

Common routes, average speeds, favorite streaming media sources, all these bits of information and many more are being tracked. The newer the car, the more it’s watching.

Advanced in-car networks use data security protocols like IEEE 802.1AE, often called MACsec (short for Media Access Control Security). “The MACsec function protects against external threats such as man-in-the-middle or intrusion,” Michael Kanellos, director of analyst relations at Marvell said. “If hackers attempt to insert falsified data into the car’s system to take control or command it to send external data, MACsec stops it,” he said.

via MotorTrend

Tesla is Investing $76 Million in a Groundbreaking and Futuristic New Technology: ‘There’s no going back’

Tesla has made a major investment in a new type of technology — one that would allow drivers to charge their EVs without any plugs at all. In the perhaps not-so-distant future, drivers could charge their Teslas by simply parking on top of a charging pad, making the process incredibly easy.

Wireless charging technology would allow for chargers to be built into the roads themselves, eliminating both range anxiety and the need for drivers to stop for charging. “Once wireless is in the roads and you’re driving from San Diego to San Francisco without having to stop and charge, there’s no going back,” said Jeremy McCool, founder of wireless charging startup called HEVO.

via The Cool Down

Why Honda’s New Battery Pack Could Be a Huge Deal for EVs

Honda recently revealed some new battery technology that could be a game-changer for the company and the industry as a whole. The brand’s upcoming EVs are planned to be powered by an all-new solid-state battery.

The new solid-state battery will be 50% lighter than a lithium-ion battery. Solid-state batteries are built with a solid electrolyte and solid electrodes, but lithium-ion batteries have a liquid center. The solid structure allows for higher energy outputs, plus improves the cycling performance of the batteries. They can also be produced at a faster pace because the solid components need no extra preparation, unlike the liquid ones.

via Motor Biscuit

Crash Probability Insights

Greater Than, a global provider of driver crash probability and climate impact intelligence, has announced a new partnership with Geotab, a global leader in connected transportation solutions, to deliver AI-generated crash probability insights to fleet customers.

Geotab customers can utilize their telematics data with Greater Than’s Crash Probability tools and user portal to help them reduce crashes and inform insurance purchasing strategy.

“Our partnership with Geotab ensures the successful, seamless integration of new crash probability insights to a wider [fleet] customer base,” said Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer at Greater Than.




By Fleet Management Weekly Staff

EROAD’s fleet management platform helps fleets enhance driver safety, automate tax and compliance initiatives and streamline maintenance, while lowering their carbon footprint through a connected telematics platform.

To learn more about how EROAD is helping fleets reach their sustainability goals, we sat down with Craig Marris, EROAD’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President of Transportation and Cold Chain.

“We have a team of well-qualified data scientists and also work closely with our customers to get the operational lens, then curate the information using smart predictive algorithms. Part of being effective in AI comes down to the dataset. It’s about understanding the information…”



Charging at Home

By Kate Harrison, MoveEV

The global shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is reshaping the automotive industry and the increasing number of EV options. However, this transition comes with its own set of challenges. One significant hurdle is ensuring a reliable and convenient charging infrastructure.

While installing charging stations on-site is an option, it can be costly and time-intensive. A more pragmatic and cost-effective solution is to introduce a charging at home program for employees who drive EVs.


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