August 16, 2023

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Top Techs Make the Difference

Last week I was fortunate to be a guest of Cox Automotive Mobility’s 2023 Fleet Experience in Indianapolis. It was illuminating to get a much closer look at their best-in-class fleet services and fleet operations, and the thing that impressed me most is how crystal clear it is to them that techs are truly the core of their business.

The highlight of the event for me was visiting Cox’s FleeTec Academy, where they are “creating the next generation of elite technicians to support the fleets of today and the fleets of the future” by removing barriers like expensive tuition and tools in an attractive modern facility where they are taught by top-notch instructors.

Please watch future issues for videos and articles about Cox Automotive Mobility in general and the FleeTec Academy in specific. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s issue!

Ted Roberts

VIDEO: What Gets You Excited About the New Opportunities at Wheels?

There are exciting new opportunities at Wheels! With three major fleet companies that have come together, the future looks promising. Hear firsthand from Wheels employees as they share insights on the abundance of talent and the innovative future of fleet management.

VIDEO: Fleet Technology

  Understanding the Fleet Technology Index

The Fleet Technology Index represents an analytical point-in-time perspective of overall market readiness for and adoption of specific technologies in the industry.

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We now conduct the majority of our interviews via Zoom, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: [email protected].


NAFA Announces the Winners of 2023 Green Fleet Awards NAFA Announces Winners of 2023 Green Fleet Awards

NAFA Fleet Management Association announces the winners of its 16th Annual Green Fleet Awards.

These awards honor organizations that have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to reducing their environmental impact by prioritizing innovative fleet sustainability initiatives.

Top honors are awarded to the City of Phoenix, AZ for its strong dedication to green fleet practices, demonstrating how proactive measures can lead to a more sustainable urban landscape.


Survey of Fleet Operator Interest in MRM Systems and Services 2023-24 Edition

C.J. Driscoll & Associates has released a new multi-client marketing research study.

The 2023-24 Survey of Fleet Operator Interest in MRM Systems and Services assesses fleet operator interest in GPS fleet and asset management systems, video-based driver behavior management systems, and solutions for managing mobile workers equipped with handsets or other portable devices. The study also assesses use and satisfaction with MRM solutions among large and small fleets in a wide range of categories.


NETS Free Webinar: 'What Drivers Want' Report Results NETS Free Webinar: ‘What Drivers Want’ Report Results

The recently published ‘2022-2023 CCJ What Drivers Want Report’ can provide the insight you need into the opinions and needs of today’s drivers. In an upcoming free webinar on August 17, 2pm EDT, we’ll review the highlights of the report.

You don’t want to miss the coach’s summary at the end! Register today!


Why ‘Upsourcing’ Fleet Marketing Services Makes Sense Why ‘Upsourcing’ Fleet Marketing Services Makes Sense

By Hannah Lamont-Schonely, Inertia Public Relations

Though it may not be an official term in the dictionary, ‘Upsourcing’ is the best way to define how your business can exceed expectations and take them to the next level.

Consider putting outsourcing on the back burner and turning up the ‘upsourcing’ heat. There are advantages to bringing on an existing marketing team.

FMW Brand Acceleration is the first fleet industry-only marketing team and the only ‘upsourced’ solution for any fleet services provider looking to build a brand and generate more leads.



The disappearance of small cargo vans like the Ford Transit Connect, Ram ProMaster City, or Mercedes-Benz Metris has led many fleet companies to face yet another challenge: explore alternative options to meet their needs.

“We’re starting to see a trend where more traditional passenger vehicles, not really considered commercial vehicles until now, are having to fit the void left by the small cargo vans.” says Michael Diaz, Director of Fleet Upfit Solutions for Ranger Design.

As EV technology advances, fleets are considering electric cargo vans as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative, providing both environmental benefits and operational savings in the long run.



Scaling Up

Learn how ITDS, a small trucking company, scaled significantly and maintained outstanding customer service without adding additional people. Sylectus TMS can automate operations and streamline processes throughout your fleet.

By implementing a TMS, ITDS was able to gain:

-Automated operations and streamlined processes across dispatch, payroll, and billing
-Real-time notifications for trip management and event updates
-Easy, systematic invoicing for faster payments

Download the case study to learn more about how a cloud-based TMS can help propel your fleet.



Car IQ

Car IQ works with fleet companies to allow their cars to pay for things like car washes and gas—without a credit card and without the driver doing anything other than driving the car and pumping the gas.

Car IQ enables a vehicle to connect directly with a merchant for a transaction. Car IQ uses a unique combination of several different technologies to create a frictionless payment experience.

There are no limits to what a payment system for cars can do. When the vehicle is allowed to pay for things like repairs, parking, and tolls, it frees up the time of drivers and fleet managers, while also reducing fraud.



Dueling Studies Dispute Whether Gas, Electricity Is Cheaper

Recent studies illustrate how challenging it can be for car shoppers to calculate fuel costs now that they have the option of gas-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric cars in nearly every market segment.

The ‘gas is cheaper’ study by Anderson Economic Group (AEG) compared the cost of fueling with gasoline, electricity through a home charger, or electricity through more expensive public chargers for several vehicle categories.

via Kelley Blue Book

Drive Sober This Labor Day, and Every Day

During the Labor Day holiday period, we typically see an increase in drunk-driving deaths — and that’s why you’ll likely see more law enforcement on the roads. Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, which runs from August 16-September 4, aims to educate people about the dangers and consequences of driving drunk. 

It’s illegal everywhere to drive drunk. A DUI can set you back, on average, $10,000, and there could be a crash — people could get hurt or killed. In 2021, two-thirds of drunk-driving crashes involved a driver who had a Blood Alcohol Concentration, or BAC, of .15 g/dL or higher. A BAC of .08 or higher is considered drunk driving in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, except in Utah where the BAC limit is .05.


11 Automotive Technologies That Could Change Driving Forever

To say that the automotive industry is changing rapidly would be an understatement — with the switch to EVs gathering pace and a slew of models set to launch in the next few years, almost every part of the industry is having to adapt to the new normal.

With this unprecedented level of change, a number of groundbreaking automotive technologies have emerged, some of which have the potential to make a big difference in everyday driving. Some of these technologies could help solve the biggest issues currently facing manufacturers, like convincing buyers that EVs are worth the switch or cleaning up the environmental footprint of their combustion-powered cars.

via SlashGear

Canoo Announces Introduction of its Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle 190

Canoo Technologies announced that it is launching its new Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) 190, which expands the company’s line-up into the Class 2 electric cargo van segment.

“This newest vehicle offers even greater space and flexibility for fleet owners with the same unique technologically advanced performance of our original LDV 130,” says Tony Aquila, Chairman and CEO, Canoo. “As we build out our family of vehicles over time, we expect to continue to bring forward models and options that improve safety, reliability, performance and are zero emission.”

via PR Newswire

Vehicle Theft

By Doug Jacobson, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University

These days, cars are computer centers on wheels.

Today’s vehicles can contain over 100 computers and millions of lines of software code. These computers are all networked together and can operate all aspects of your vehicle.

It’s not surprising, then, that car theft has also become high-tech.



Digital License Plates

By FMW Staff

Reviver has brought a totally new idea to market: a digital license plate named the RPlate. Reviver’s RPlates are legal to drive nationwide, but the company is currently working to expand availability state-by-state throughout the US.

The digital license plate technology has created some surprising benefits for fleets by streamlining registration and offering an all-in-one platform to manage and monitor vehicles.

This week we got to speak with Neville Boston, founder and CSO for the company Reviver.



AI and Sustainability

By FMW Staff

Greater Than is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover valuable climate impact insights and strengthen sustainability in fleet management.

By converting GPS data into Crash Probability and Climate Impact Scores, Greater Than is uncovering new data-driven insights that are transforming driver risk management.

For companies that provide driver safety solutions to fleets, the new layers of knowledge are providing new business opportunities in safety and sustainability management.

FMW had the opportunity to interview Jim Noble, Global Director of Insurance and Head of the Americas, at Greater Than to find out more about how the company is helping its customers to enhance their fleet management offerings.


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