April 26, 2023

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That Was the Week That Was

Baltimore was the place to be last week and NAFA has written an excellent round-up of the conference highlights. FMW was proud to be among NAFA’s media sponsors of the annual event. It was impressive.

We always look forward to FLD executive Bill Bishop’s quarterly, in-depth White Metal Market Report. He says, “With new inventory still hard to come by, and many fleets hanging on to their used vehicles longer than at perhaps any time in the industry’s history, a second concern has to be whether or not there will even be enough used inventory available for purchase…”

Which is a perfect segue to our lead video featuring Chris Thomas, Kingbee VP of Sales. A hearty chuckle of the day!

Those of us who work remotely can identify with Jonathan Kamanns. He gives us some good tips on how to more effectively work with our teams.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: State of the Fleet Industry | Now Watch This Drive

Chris Thomas, Kingbee VP of sales, describes the state of the fleet industry then blesses us with his beautiful swing. It’s time to be creative in your approach to sourcing new vehicles.

VIDEO: Working Remotely

  Working Remotely, But Effectively

When you work from home, it can sometimes be a challenge to get what you need from your team. Here are some great tips for getting things done from an industry expert.

Zoom Video Interview with You Here?

  Request for Zoom Video Interviews

We now conduct the majority of our interviews via Zoom, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Email Ted Roberts to learn more: [email protected].


Utilimarc Paves Way for Fleet Sustainability with Comprehensive GHG Analytics Solution Utilimarc Paves Way for Fleet Sustainability with Comprehensive GHG Analytics Solution

In response to an overwhelming need for accurate GHG emissions monitoring across the commercial fleet sector, Utilimarc has enhanced its Fleet Business Intelligence platform with comprehensive real-time and annual GHG Analytics.

Whether goals are focused on emissions reduction, fuel savings, electrification, or something else, fleets can effectively track progress toward personal goals.

Utilimarc’s new GHG Analytics Dashboard is not exclusive to neither electric nor gas-fueled fleets, but rather works to meet each fleet where they are.


Fleet Advantage's EVAN Tool Aims to Guide Fleet Sustainability Efforts Fleet Advantage’s EVAN Tool Aims to Guide Fleet Sustainability Efforts

Fleet Advantage, an innovator in Class-8 fleet data analytics, equipment financing, and life cycle cost management (LCCM) announced it will unveil a new analytic tool at the upcoming National Private Truck Council (NPTC) Annual Conference.

Fleet Advantage’s new EV Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool (EVAN) is especially timely as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed a new and stronger set of greenhouse gas standards for heavy-duty vehicles for model years 2027 through 2032.


Elevating ESG in Your Business Case for Driver Safety & Sustainability Elevating ESG in Your Business Case for Driver Safety & Sustainability

In this webinar co-sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), you’ll join leaders from eDriving and its eco partner, Greater Than, who will arm you with the approach and data you need to make a combined ESG / business case for driver safety & sustainability.

There’s too much at stake to turn a blind eye or risk inadvertently misstepping in the ESG arena, so join us and let our experts be your guides along this journey to safer, more sustainable fleets!

UK/EU: Wednesday May 10, 2023

Register for 1:00pm UTC

U.S./North America: Thursday May 11, 2023

Register for 2:00pm EDT


FMW Brand Acceleration FMW: New Branding and Marketing Support for Fleet Product and Service Providers

Customized Approach Ensures a Perfect Fit from Tactical Projects to Integrated Strategic Efforts

Whether your business has an internal marketing team, relies on an agency, or calls on multiple specialists, FMW has a new, customized, fleet-specific branding program — FMW Fleet Brand Acceleration – that can meet any marketing and sales generation need or budget.

It’s Easy to Get Started


Fleet Remarketing

By Bill Bishop, SVP of Sales and Marketing for FLD Remarketing

Welcome to FLD’s quarterly White Metal Market Report for Q2 2023.

As we have for the better part of the last decade, the team at FLD has been hard at work during this first quarter of 2023 getting a beat on the pulse of the used medium duty wholesale market to share with our customers, partners, and friends in the fleet space.

And as it has for just about every quarter in the past 18-24 months, very little has changed with respect to what we’re seeing. And while the market isn’t exactly trading sideways, there is so little variance in the important indicators we watch that it might as well be.

As always, the FLD team is honored to give you our expert opinion on the state of the medium duty wholesale market. And confident that while the industry is still experiencing sometimes gut-wrenching twists and turns, a clearer picture of where fleet’s future is headed will start to emerge as the year progresses.



Connected Vehicles and AI

By Sumit Chauhan, Co-founder and COO, Cerebrum X

As companies look to modernize their vehicles, the benefits of connected vehicles could make various technologies the new standard for fleet management.

AI-powered analytics leveraging IoT, edge computing and the cloud are rapidly changing how fleet management is performed, making it more efficient and effective than ever.

For fleets, the active monitoring of both the vehicle and driver scores can enable reduced TCO (total cost of ownership) for fleet operators to reduce losses owing to pilferage, theft and negligence while again providing active training to the drivers.




By Veronica Ng, Sr. Advisor, Product Marketing at Verizon Connect

Commercial fleets are plagued by one of the biggest challenges today – distracted driving. It poses hazards and associated cost implications. Distracted drivers are responsible for one-thousand injuries a day, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

To limit liability, prevent accidents. Today, there’s technology that can help fleet managers be more proactive on that front. Dashcams like those of Verizon Connect’s Integrated Video solution can provide businesses with visual data in near-real-time to assess risk and alert drivers of dangerous driving behaviors.

Capturing in-cab visuals of the driver can assess a company’s exposure to liability due to distracted driving by ascertaining whether the driver was engaging in any behaviors that might cause distraction.



CA Hits EV Target Ahead of Schedule. It’s Not the First Place to Do So, and Won’t Be the Last

As of the end of Q1 2023, California now has 1,523,966 total EV sales, with 1,051,456 of those being battery-electric and the remainder mostly PHEVs, with some fuel cell cars mixed in. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a planned 2035 ban on ICE-only vehicles in 2020. The ban was finalized last year, keeping the same 2035 target, though loosening it slightly to allow some PHEVs. Nationally, last week the EPA announced new emissions rules which could result in 67% of new car sales being electric in the US by 2032.

via Electrek

Driving into the Future: The Latest Advances in Automotive Security

With advanced technology integration into vehicles, the automotive industry has also made cars potentially susceptible to security attacks. To combat this, automotive manufacturers have developed cutting-edge technologies that are changing the face of automotive security.

One of the cutting-edge technologies that is being developed includes biometric authentication. Biometric systems use unique physical or behavioral traits to verify the driver’s identity, enhancing security. Biometric authentication uses unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints or iris scans to verify the driver’s identity and prevent unauthorized access.

via Techopedia

Frito-Lay Aims to Use Over 700 EVs In Its Delivery Fleet by the End Of 2023

Frito-Lay has announced a nationwide initiative to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of relying solely on traditional trucks to shuttle snacks all over the country, Frito-Lay has decided to include over 700 electric vehicles in its operations by the end of the year.

For over a decade, Frito-Lay has made a concerted effort to be more environmentally friendly in how it transports products. As early as 2011, the company began to use compressed natural gas vehicles on the route. Frito-Lay’s ambition to be more sustainable has only grown, as it has a goal to attain net-zero emissions by 2040. According to the Frito-Lay website, a renewable energy vehicle fleet will result in savings equal to the output of 8,000 natural gas homes.

via Tasting Table

Hertz and Mayor Dickens Launch “Hertz Electrifies Atlanta”

Hertz chair and CEO Stephen Scherr and Mayor of Atlanta Andre Dickens launched Hertz Electrifies Atlanta, a public private partnership aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and expanding the environmental and economic benefits of electrification throughout Atlanta.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mayor Dickens in launching Hertz Electrifies Atlanta, particularly given the city’s position as a global transportation hub and an important center of innovation and commerce,” said Stephen Scherr, Hertz chair and CEO. “As Hertz creates the largest electric vehicle rental fleet in North America, we are proud to bring a range of EVs to our broad customer set in Atlanta, and to work with Atlanta College and Career Academy to help train the EV workforce of the future.”

PR Newswire

NAFA I&E in Baltimore

NAFA Fleet Management Association recently concluded its 2023 Institute and Expo April 17-19, in Baltimore, MD, where nearly 2,000 fleet and mobility professionals from around the globe convened to network, learn, and explore the latest products and services from industry suppliers.

During the opening session on Monday, NAFA Board President Michael Camnetar, CAFM, kicked off the event with an update on the association’s initiatives. The session featured fleet professionals who achieved their Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) designation. The winners of the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas were also crowned.

“NAFA I&E is always a special time, especially now when we are experiencing so much growth and change in our industry,” said Camnetar. “We leave I&E with a newfound sense of curiosity, a greater appreciation for our industry and feeling a whole lot closer to our community.”



Passion for Client Success

By Suresh Rajapakse, Vice-President of Client Management, Wheels

The new Wheels is now comprised of three legacy fleet and mobility management leading organizations. The merging of three distinct corporate cultures is not simple, but it has been made much easier because of one significant common denominator. We all operated with a single-minded passion for client success.

It starts with understanding our clients’ businesses and fleet operations at a deep level and then collaborating with them to discover new ways to achieve their goals and overcome challenges. The result is a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives, along with alignment on how each client defines success.

It doesn’t just stop with the plan. Once we have achieved the goals we have set for our clients in that initial period, we may improve or exceed that same target, or we might focus on a different area. It is a continuous cycle and a strive for optimal fleet performance.



The Fleet Success Summit

“If you’re miserable at work, what does that do to your family? As leaders, we have a stewardship and responsibility to our people to create an amazing environment so they can go home and have energy for the people who matter most.”

Josh Turley, the CEO of RTA, reiterated that point as he talked about the importance of establishing an Intentional Culture during the closing of the second Fleet Success Summit.

The event, held in Las Vegas from March 21-22, brought together fleet professionals from various industries to spend two days focusing on skills fleet leaders don’t always get at other conferences – leadership, business, and technology.


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