April 12, 2023

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Next Stop: Baltimore!

We are excited about next week’s NAFA I&E! Smart educational sessions, inspirational speakers, and the newest products, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge trends in the industry. And, of course, seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

Speaking of innovative solutions, we were delighted to interview Mark Hodes, CBO at ServiceUp, to learn how the company is streamlining the maintenance of fleet vehicles.

Sourcing vans has been a problem these last few years. We like Kingbee’s solution: Our Vans Will Never Break Your Heart!

Don’t miss Laura Jozwiak’s latest Customer Driven column: The Power of Potential. Laura says, “It is not just about having big dreams, but making those dreams reality.”

Please stop by and meet us at our FMW Brand Acceleration booth 324 in the Exhibit Hall! I will be there along with Ted Roberts, Ed Pierce, and Dave Bean.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: Being a Better Version of Yourself

For Steve Bender, being AFLA President has been humbling and inspiring, and it has made him want to be a better version of himself.

VIDEO: Mobile Fleet Service

  Mobile Service from Spiffy Keeps Vehicles on the Road

From staging to fueling, from mobile maintenance to odor removal, on-demand mobile service from Spiffy keeps your fleet as optimized and as efficient as possible.

Zoom Video Interview with You Here?

  ‘The Best of the Best’

The NAFA Institute and Expo in Baltimore is full of the best of the best – including a fantastic show floor with new and past exhibitors with some superb offerings for fleet professionals.


Upcoming NAFA Leadership Development Institute: Focus on Fleet Data Upcoming NAFA Leadership Development Institute: Focus on Fleet Data

During the next NAFA Leadership Development Institute, join your industry colleagues in Indianapolis for two days of insightful and thoughtful sessions on how to turn your fleet data into understandable visual assets to drive decision making.

June 22-23 Indianapolis Marriott Downtown

Early bird rates end May 19

Learn More & Register


AFLA Corporate Fleet Conference: Open Call For Subject Matter Experts AFLA Corporate Fleet Conference: Open Call For Subject Matter Experts

What will benefit you when you attend the AFLA Corporate Fleet Conference this year? What will be your ROI for attendance? Could it be time for you to step up and showcase your expertise?

The 2023 conference task force is taking recommendations for potential speakers and panelists.

Submit Recommendations


FMW Brand Acceleration: Meet the Fleet Marketing Experts at NAFA I&E FMW Brand Acceleration: Meet the Fleet Marketing Experts at NAFA I&E

Companies know that “Content is King,” but few have access to the fleet-savvy content creators who produce compelling fleet marketing copy needed for a whole host of marketing activities. FMW Brand Acceleration meets that need!

Whether you have internal marketing resources, rely on an agency, or call on multiple resources, FMW has a new, customized, fleet-specific branding solution that can meet any company’s marketing and lead generation need or budget.

Our team also includes advertising, branding, public relations, technology, and digital marketing professionals to create effective, multi-faceted branding and marketing campaigns. Just click below to get started today!

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NETS Annual Strength IN Numbers Fleet Safety Benchmark Conference NETS Annual Strength IN Numbers Fleet Safety Benchmark Conference

NETS Annual Strength IN Numbers Fleet Safety Benchmark Conference

Indianapolis, Indiana October 11-12, 2023

Registration and More Details Coming Soon!

NETS annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference convenes each year to bring together Global, Corporate, Government, and Non-profit employers.


Customer Driven

By Laura Jozwiak

This morning I had the pleasant experience of listening to birds chirping as I got ready for the day. It may sound cliché or unextraordinary but after months of steadfast silence, it was a simple yet poignant reminder that Spring is officially upon us.

Metaphorically, spring is a time of hope, renewal and new beginnings. We clean our homes and go outdoors. We become more energetic, alive and optimistic. We get excited about the possibilities to come. The world is full of potential.

It is about really looking at yourself, becoming aware of who you are, awakening to what could be and being active about making it happen. It is not just about having big dreams, but making those dreams reality.



Need Vans? Kingbee Has Them

By Kingbee

Successful fleet management requires accurate projection, diversification, and a good amount of luck.

To keep logistics pipelines running smoothly, you need to fulfill your clients’ orders in a timely manner.

The entire fleet industry is experiencing a low-supply, high-demand scenario. Despite a year-over-year increase in sales, fleet volumes are still down from pre-Covid levels. And with demand expected to rise in 2023, fleet management companies are scrambling to find the available inventory for unfulfilled orders.

Kingbee has one of the largest allocations in the country, with hundreds of brand new vans upfitted and ready for work.



Fleet Repair & Maintenance

By Fleet Management Weekly Staff

Fleet Management Weekly recently had the opportunity to interview ServiceUp’s Chief Business Officer Mark Hodes, who spoke about how the company’s innovative solution is streamlining the maintenance and repair of fleet vehicles.

Established in late 2020, ServiceUp is quickly growing by making the fleet repair process faster and more convenient than ever. Their vertically-integrated software as a service (SaaS) helps fleet managers, drivers, and shops alike efficiently and cost-effectively manage all repair and maintenance tasks.

ServiceUp uses technology to manage the entire repair experience. Hodes says, “We shield the driver and the fleet manager from inefficiencies and deliver shorter cycle times to improve utilization. We do this across the entire fleet lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.”



Hackers Are Stealing Cars by Injecting Code into Headlight Wiring

Crafty criminals have resorted to using specially crafted devices that simply plug into the wiring harness behind the headlight of a victim’s car. 

The device’s programming is set up to inject fake Controller Area Network (CAN bus) messages into the car’s actual CAN Bus network. Once they’re plugged in, they’re able to unlock, start, and drive away before the owner even catches wind of what’s going on. Given that the manufacturer of these CAN injection devices claims that the devices are so effective against a myriad of makes and models, it would seem that this could be an industry-wide problem that may take some brainstorming to fix.

via The Drive

EPA Preparing to Release Strict Vehicle Emissions Rules

On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency plans to announce tough new tailpipe emission standards designed to effectively force the auto industry to phase out the sale of gas-powered cars.

But it won’t be as easy as banning the sale of gas-powered cars or mandating that companies only sell vehicles with electric powertrains. Rather, the new EPA rules would set an emissions limit on the total number of new cars each automaker sells in a year. That limit would essentially ensure that two-thirds of vehicles they sold in the US by 2032 would be EVs.

via The Verge

Used Electric Vehicle Sales Set to Rapidly Intensify After Q1 Jump

Although used EV sales have lagged thus far, as new electric vehicle sales continue climbing at a record pace. The most recent data shows the average price of a used EV was roughly $43,400, down 4% from last year and well below the average cost of a new model (around $59,000).

As the report wisely points out, the lower prices are most likely a reflection of Tesla’s recent price cuts. After selling over 1.3 million vehicles last year, many in its domestic market, Tesla held its dominant position, representing over 60% of US EV sales despite new competition entering the market.

via Electrek

Texas Lawmakers’ Attempts to End Annual Vehicle Inspections Keep Hitting Roadblocks

Thirteen states still require annual inspections in most cases, with two others requiring inspections every two years.

Critics of the inspections note that many of those states, including Texas and New York, are not drastically different than states that ditched annual checks years ago, an assertion backed up by crash figures. “There is just no evidence whatsoever,” committee Chairman Robert Nichols said, noting a proposal to end vehicle inspections has come up in each of the past three legislative sessions.

Experience, however, has mechanics and others convinced the inspections identify problems that could put drivers at risk.

via The Houston Chronicle via MSN

Come See Us at NAFA I&E

One common complaint among fleet marketing professionals is the difficulty in accurately measuring the ROI of their marketing campaigns.

FMW Tells You More about Where You Stand!

  • First, use any of the Fleet Management Weekly sponsorship programs, and we’ll identify who, not just how many, sought more information.
  • Second, take advantage of FMW Brand Acceleration’s expert branding and marketing content development, and we will promote them in our newsletters expressly to collect more actionable marketing data than you can get anywhere else. Measuring success is another reason to partner with FMW Fleet Brand Acceleration!

Learn more about how FMW Brand Acceleration can accelerate your company’s branding and marketing success in the fleet industry. See us at the NAFA I&E, Booth #324.

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Fleet Marketing

By Ed Pierce, FMW Brand Acceleration

Digital marketing has undergone tremendous changes in the past few years due to the impact of technology, privacy, and changing customer behavior. These factors have disrupted the traditional marketing landscape and have forced marketers to adapt to new trends and strategies.

With the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data, marketers have been able to gather, analyze, and use customer data in ways that were not possible before.



Building a Better Fleet Card

By FMW Editorial Staff

A new company has recently joined the US market intending to disrupt the industry with a simpler solution that brings a new level of value to fleets.

The well-established, European-based company, Edenred, brought its fleet and mobility solutions program to the United States via its Edenred Essentials Visa Fleet card.

While this card allows users to purchase fuel, charge electric vehicles, and pay any and all vehicle-related expenses, it also simplifies the fuel card management chores for fleet managers.


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