August 24, 2022

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Safety and Maintenance Excellence

Safety and maintenance are always critically important for fleets, and that has never been truer than it is today. Adam Danielson writes that “a focus on safety also maximizes company assets and cuts unnecessary operational costs” in The Five Cascading Benefits to Creating a Culture of Safety.

On the maintenance side, we have Insights Into Fleet Managers’ Pain Points, based on a report created by Pitstop after they spoke to hundreds of fleet managers. We also have a nice video of G Satish from CONNIXT on time-saving mobile maintenance apps.

Have you registered yet for the NETS Annual Strength in Numbers Fleet Safety Benchmark Conference? Their hotel’s special conference rate is valid through September 9th.

Ted Roberts

VIDEO: Mobile Apps for Maintenance Buy You Efficiency, Time & Dollars

These mobile maintenance apps are easy and intuitive for your mechanics to use. They’re also big time savers and have a high adoption rate.

VIDEO: NETS Conference in Ann Arbor

  Great Networking at the NETS Safety Conference – In Person and Online

We would love to see you in person at the NETS annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Benchmark Conference in Ann Arbor, but – if that’s not possible – this is a hybrid event that you can still attend online. And both options offer great networking opportunities.

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We’re ramping up FMW’s video interviews via Zoom given the times, and are looking to speak with a variety industry experts (and we know that many of you are reading!).

Please feel free to suggest yourself, or someone you know. Any and all timely industry topics will be considered, and we look forward to speaking with you!

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Envoy Technologies & Inspiration Fleet Boost Access to EVs Nationwide Envoy Technologies & Inspiration Fleet Boost Access to EVs Nationwide

Envoy Technologies, Inc and Inspiration Fleet have partnered to accelerate the national expansion of Envoy’s electric-only car sharing service.

Envoy is a community-based electric car sharing service and platform that offers electric vehicles as an exclusive amenity to apartments, hotels and workplaces.

Inspiration specializes in working with e-mobility pioneers like Envoy and is uniquely positioned to support this expansion. They partner with major auto manufacturers, charging networks and fleet service providers to finance, deliver and manage a seamless transition to all-electric fleets.


Booster™ Names Andrew Hamel CTO

With an increasing focus on digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI) and a data-driven customer experience, Booster™, announces Andrew Hamel as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

“I am excited to join Booster, which is working with some of the world’s largest brands to accelerate the energy transition through mobile fueling,” Hamel said. “I look forward to immersing myself in the business, focusing on the customer, and collaborating with leadership to help grow and transform the business.”


Surviving a Lightning Strike Outdoors – Shelter in Your Car

The National Weather Service has a simple but effective slogan: “When thunder roars, go indoors.”

“The most important thing is that you’re safe inside of a large substantial building or a fully enclosed, metal-top vehicle,” Ron Holle, a meteorologist and lightning safety specialist at the National Lightning Safety Council, told CNN. “Anywhere outside of those two locations is not safe.”

If you hear thunder while camping or at the beach, without access to a large building, you should seek shelter in your vehicle immediately. You should wait 30 minutes from the last time you heard thunder to leave the vehicle, according to the weather service.

via CNN Travel

Comvoy.com Taps Crestline as Exclusive Transportation Partner

Work Truck Solutions®, today announced Crestline as their exclusive transportation partner for Comvoy.com.

“This industry is far from static,” said Kathryn Schifferle, CEO of Work Truck Solutions, the company behind Comvoy.com. “We’re very keen on the changing needs of commercial vehicle shoppers, and we work hard to develop new products, strategies and partnerships to meet those needs. Partnering with Crestline is another example of how we’re continuously looking to improve the B2B shopping process.”


A Culture of Safety

By Adam Danielson, Director, Business Development & Sales, SuperVision

Now more than ever, safety has become a top priority for many fleets.

In addition to protecting drivers and the public, companies are realizing that a focus on safety also maximizes company assets and cuts unnecessary operational costs.

As a result, driver training programs are becoming more comprehensive and effective, helping to improve driver risk profiles and curtail liability costs from accidents.

But these benefits are only part of the safety story.

Beyond creating safer drivers, fleets have experienced the following five bottom-line cascading benefits as a result of prioritizing safety.



Fleet Maintenance

Pitstop is a fleet maintenance platform powered by AI that helps fleets identify breakdowns weeks in advance, alleviating data overload, increasing uptime and lowering expensive repair costs.

Pitstop spoke to hundreds of fleet managers to uncover their most significant pain points, maintenance trends, and technologies impacting the transportation industry today.

Pitstop found that fleets with fleet maintenance software generally highlighted data overload and maintaining uptime as their biggest pain points.

On the other hand, fleets with no maintenance software found that operation costs were a significant problem.



SKILLS for Safe Driving

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Management Weekly Contributing Editor

Driver safety is the top priority of any fleet manager.

With so many drivers on the road operating a variety of vehicles, it can be a challenge for companies to ensure all of their drivers have the knowledge and skill required to drive safely at all times, especially for those with drivers in multiple locations across the US or spanning the globe.

A burgeoning fleet driver training company, SKILLS is based at the Texas Motor Speedway outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, but is focused on making it easy to educate fleet drivers anywhere in the world.

Learning safe driving techniques, becoming a defensive driver, reducing preventable incidents, SKILLS can help any business with fleet vehicles reduce the company’s liability exposure and insurance costs while keeping its drivers safe.



Steer EV Partners with Enterprise Fleet Management to Lease over 1,000 EVs

August 22, 2022Electric vehicle subscription company, Steer EV, announced it is entering into an agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management to lease over 1,000 EVs.

Companies like Autonomy and Steer EV help give consumers the option to drive electric vehicles without the hassle of owning or leasing a car. According to recent data, the global vehicle subscription market was worth around $5 billion in 2021 and expects to reach over $31.7B by 2030.

Steer EV sees the new deal with Enterprise Fleet Management as an ample opportunity to grow its US presence. The agreement is worth between $80 and $150 million for over 1,000 EVs. Subscription services make it easy for users to go electric by offering a wide range of EVs to choose from.

via Electrek

Test Shows Physical Buttons Are Less Time-Consuming in Cars Than Touchscreens

August 21, 2022Swedish automotive magazine Vi Bilägare recently proved that physical buttons are safer than touchscreens by simply seeing how long it takes to do simple, everyday actions.

Vi Bilägare tested a dozen vehicles — primarily new but also one 2005 Volvo — to see how long it took to perform a series of four tasks. The drivers were timed as they performed each task while driving the respective vehicle at 68 miles per hour. It took 10 seconds in the old car and up to 45 in one of the new models.

Touchscreens and endless pages of menus cause, in a sense, distracted driving. Vi Bilägare points out that it’s not just the lack of buttons that can be a problem. The way an infotainment system is designed plays a huge role, too.

via Car and Driver

EVs Have the Lowest Annual Fuel Cost of All 2022 Light-Duty Vehicles

August 22, 2022All-electric vehicles might be more expensive initially, but once purchased, they bring significant cost savings over internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts.

Battery-electric vehicles are the absolute king in terms of energy costs, as all models had annual fuel costs of less than $1,000, regardless of type. Assuming EPA fuel economy data, plug-in hybrids and conventional hybrids (non-rechargeable) are the only types with an annual energy cost (electricity and fuel) in the $1,000-$2,000 range.

The annual fuel cost for ICE vehicles starts above $2,000, and varies vastly between $2,000 and $7,000, depending on type and fuel (gasoline, diesel, E85). Interestingly, the biggest differences between vehicles are in the small car category – because it contains ultra-efficient small cars, as well as luxury sports cars with low fuel economies, according to the report.

via InsideEVs

Jury Issues $1.7B Verdict Against Ford Over Fatal Super Duty Crash

August 22, 2022Ford could be forced to pay $1.7 billion in punitive damages as a jury in Georgia returned its verdict on Friday, Aug. 19. This comes after the death of a couple whose 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty’s roof caved in on them during a rollover.

The crash occurred in April 2014 when a tire came off Melvin and Voncile Hill’s F-250 on a state highway. In 2018, the couple’s children sued Ford, alleging that their parents’ truck had a dangerously defective roof. Their lawyers provided evidence of 80 similar rollovers where occupants also suffered injury or death.

Initial legal proceedings ended in a mistrial. Ford’s lawyer violated court directives by suggesting that the couple had not worn seatbelts during the crash and that Melvin Hill had alcohol in his bloodstream at the time. A toxicology report, however, exonerated Mr. Hill of drinking and driving.

via The Drive

EV Charging

Manufacturers of electric vehicles (EVs) have been very pleased with sales in recent times, prompting more and more shoppers to either add an EV to their family fleet or abandon their gasoline-powered car altogether in favor of greener pastures.

But, in a case of be careful for what you wish for, the growth of public electric vehicle charging stations is not keeping up with demand. More so, in many areas, such as California, Washington and Texas, where it looked like they were keeping up with charging infrastructure, many of those public charging facilities just don’t work.

These are just a couple of the major findings in the 2nd edition of the J.D. Power U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study.



A Look at the Industry

“I believe that fleet management is going to change more in the next decade than it’s changed in the last century”

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Management Weekly Contributing Editor

Mercury Associates is widely known in the fleet industry as the largest fleet management consulting firm in North America.

Their consulting services help organizations better manage their fleets to boost performance and control costs. With the recent push towards fleet electrification and sustainability, they have been instrumental in guiding fleets as they navigate the integration of electric vehicles in an increasingly changing industry.

Paul Lauria founded and directed Mercury Associates for 20 years, serving as its President until his recent retirement. In his current role as Senior Advisor, he continues to consult for individual Mercury clients.

We sat down with him to hear his take on the current and future state of the fleet industry and how electrification fits in with other challenges facing fleet owners.



Crashes and Gender

August 16, 2022The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a new report, “Female Crash Fatality Risk Relative to Males for Similar Physical Impacts,” which updates a 2013 NHTSA study examining female fatality risk relative to male fatality risk in crashes with similar physical impacts.

The new report finds the estimated difference in female fatality risk compared to male fatality risk is significantly reduced in newer vehicles, starting as early as model year 2000.

The newer the vehicle, the smaller the disparity. The overall gap drops from 18% to 6.3% for 2010-2020 vehicles and to 2.9% for 2015-20 vehicles.

The declines are the direct result of NHTSA’s actions adopting and strengthening Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for seat belts and air bags and launching educational campaigns to improve seat belt use.

NHTSA is taking several steps to ensure that any existing disparities in like crash outcomes for men and women are eliminated.


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