Robust AFLA Conference Surfaces Important Issues

by Richard Mallek, Director of Business Development, FLD Remarketing

Like most of fleet, the team here at FLD was eager to attend last week’s AFLA Conference in Tucson – especially given that this would be the first time the full AFLA family would be together since the dawn of Covid.

And while we were unsure what to expect, this year’s conference turned out to be a well-attended affair with – by unofficial accounts – more than five hundred attendees, a near 40% increase over 2021.

It also turned out to be a highly productive, fast-paced event with attendees going from one informative session to the next from sunup to sundown.

No matter whether you’re a fleet management company, an upfitter, a remarketer, or one of the scores of allied service providers, there are five topics that are dominating the discussion and dictating your approach to business.