Reducing Risk. Getting Customers Paid Fast!

By Bill Bishop, Vice President, FLD

November 2020

As 2020 inches to conclusion, no one would argue that this has been perhaps the most challenging year not just for our industry, but for our existence.

At a time like this, people in all walks of life – and business – are looking for ways to mitigate risks to ensure their ability to survive in a world of unknowns.

In fleet, perhaps no function is riskier than vehicle remarketing, a service with many moving parts. Executed flawlessly, it can add meaningful value, helping improve total cost of ownership while fulfilling the promise of vehicle leasing. Mishandled, it not only costs money, but wastes valuable time and company resources as well.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of third-party providers and preferred channel partners make the remarketing process not only cumbersome, but risky for sellers.