FLD’s Q2 White Metal Market Report — A Quarterly Look at the Wholesale Medium Duty Truck Market

By Bill Bishop, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, FLD

Over the last five years, FLD’s quarterly White Metal Market Report has prided itself on keeping our finger on the pulse of what’s driving the used medium duty vehicle space.

And during that time, we’ve been able to get a solid beat on how the industry was faring based on a bevy of economic indicators like the unemployment rate, the strength of the US dollar and housing starts.

My how things have changed!

As the global pandemic slows – at least here in America – many industries are moving back towards what we’d like to think of as “normal.” And while that may be possible for some sectors, the medium duty truck market – and the entire fleet space for that matter – is having a hard time finding its footing.

At this point, many of the traditional indicators we follow seem to be falling into more of a rhythm, but it’s not a good one.