FLD Updates WebAccess: An All-in-One Solution That Manages the Entire Remarketing Process from Any Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

Helping fleets save time, money and resources in one easy process that takes less than a week!

By Richard Mallek, Director of Sales

One of the things that most fleet professionals know about remarketing vehicles is that the entire process has a lot of moving parts.

To begin with, you have to consign your vehicle to a remarketing partner, and then wait for it to get recovered. After that, it often meanders through a weeks or months-long process that leaves you sitting ….and waiting …. and wondering ….

“How much will my vehicle sell for?
“How will it affect the total cost of ownership?”
“And – most importantly – when will I finally get paid!”

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to quickly and easily dispose of any vehicle or piece of equipment in one totally risk-free transaction that took less than a week?