Why Pursuing the CAFM Has Been a Smart Career Move

By Holly Hill, Director of Sales, FLD Remarketing

Seated at a table with a group of seasoned fleet veterans at the 2018 NAFA Fleet Management Association convention, I was struck by how advanced the conversation was as my table pulled our chairs together for a spirited breakout discussion.

Despite striving to understand the “big picture” after 26-plus years in specialized fleet services, I suddenly felt oddly out of place among this small group of fleet pros from a variety of our industry’s different disciplines.

It wasn’t so much that they were discussing a topic – Total Cost of Ownership – that I knew nothing about. In truth, my entire career revolved around the biggest TCO factor – depreciation – so it was a familiar topic.

Leaning into the conversation to get a better handle on what our group was tossing back and forth, I began to realize I still had a lot to learn.