November 24, 2020

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Gratitude Unlocks the Fullness of Life

In the midst of a global pandemic and personal tragedies, we do have much to celebrate this Thanksgiving.

We love this article from The Verge, Giving Thanks During a Pandemic. “But as much as this year has been the worst, it’s also shown us how we humans can be a lot better when we actually try.”

Our FMW team thanks our readers and contributors and wishes you all a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.

Stay safe, everyone.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ~ Melody Beattie

VIDEO: The Benefits of WIFM’s Mentorship Program

AFLA’s Women in Fleet Mentorship Program offers tons of great benefits all around, as a mentor and mentee explain in this clip.

If you’re an AFLA member you can sign up for the Mentorship Program HERE.

VIDEO: Readying Your Fleet for Winter

 Winterizing Your Fleet with Contact-Free Mobile Maintenance

It’s time to get your vehicles ready for the winter months, and contact-free mobile maintenance from Wrench can save your fleet both time and money.

VIDEO: Fleet Stories

 A Happy Accident: Getting Involved in Fleet

Many of us have our own unique stories about getting involved in fleet – here’s a good one from David Hayward.

The Fleet Spot

Erin Gilchrist Rugg Joins Transport Solutions of America as SVP of Marketing and Business Development

Erin Gilchrist Rugg, the 2019 Edward J. Bobit Professional Fleet Manager of the Year winner and former fleet director for Safelite Autoglass, has joined drive-away company Transport Solutions of America (TSOA) as its senior vice president of marketing and business development.

Having joined TSOA because of the company’s culture and reputation in the industry, Erin says, “I see growth, opportunity, and service excellence that are a fantastic match for my passion for customer service and experience… happy people do amazing work and the people at TSOA love working here!”


Donlen Honored with 2020 Best and Brightest Company Award

Donlen is proud to announce it is named a 2020 Best and Brightest Company To Work For in the Nation.

It is the sixth consecutive year Donlen is honored with this prestigious award.

“Donlen is dedicated to a workplace culture that promotes employee engagement, growth opportunities, community caring, and strategically serving our customers with a personalized approach. We are thrilled to be named a Best and Brightest Company To Work For in the Nation as it demonstrates the hard work our employees do each and every day,” said Tom Callahan, president of Donlen.

Our ability to be creative and adaptive in these changed times speaks volumes of our employees’ dedication and commitment to making Donlen a great place to work, and we couldn’t be more proud of our Donlen team.”


The Solution to Your COVID-19 Budget Crisis is in the Parking Lot

By Ed Smith, President, Agile Fleet

A global pandemic is resulting in thousands of dollars per day worth of vehicles sitting idle in parking lots yet many financial officers, business analysts and fleet managers haven’t started making substantive adjustments to their operations.

The pandemic won’t end tomorrow. When will your organization make the changes to save, and even enhance, your fleet? The time is now. The good news is that it may not be as difficult as you may think.

Understanding the bottom-line costs of idle vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic is critical to saving, and perhaps even enhancing, your fleet and maybe even your enterprise.

Nearly every segment of the fleet market is experiencing low utilization rates. Idle vehicles are costing organizations hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Yet, many fleets have not started making changes to the quantity, composition, or use of the fleet. Why?



NAFA 2021 Institute & Expo Rescheduled to August

NAFA continues to evaluate the current conditions while planning to host a productive and safe in-person event in 2021.

The Board of Directors met recently and proactively decided to reschedule the 2021 NAFA Institute & Expo (I&E) to August 30 – September 1, 2021. The meeting will take place in Pittsburgh, PA at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

“In light of continued concerns, it doesn’t look very promising to host a large gathering in early 2021, and postponing I&E until August ensures more time to bring the industry together, “ said NAFA President Patti Earley, CAFM. “We thank everyone for the continued support and feedback as the industry is eager to come together and connect with peers.”


License Monitoring and Risk

Continuous license monitoring is a proactive way to correct risky behaviors of drivers before an accident occurs

By Adam Danielson, Director of Sales

November 2020

Employers can face astronomical costs when an employee is involved in a motor vehicle accident. 40% of all motor vehicle accidents are work related1 and 53% of those accidents cause employees to miss work, costing employers $56.7 billion in 2017²
When a motor vehicle accident occurs in a company vehicle or on company time, the company must absorb costs that include wage replacement, medical expenses, and property damage; in some cases, these costs must be covered for all parties involved in the incident.



A New Landscape

By Donald Dunphy, Contributing Editor

November 2020

This will make sense in a few – just go with me for a moment.

In what feels like a lifetime ago, 2008 to be exact, I was working for a lawn care company, not as a writer but as a literal on-the-road treatment provider. I and my co-worker Patricio were on a lawn along the New Jersey coast. It was mid-September, and one could feel the chill coming off of the ocean; over the miniature, personal cove below; up the hill; and onto the modest backyard. The actual house was small, but then again, this was the summer home and it was right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, so location, not size, was everything.

The cellphone buzzed in my pants pocket. I answered to hear the voice of the boss of the company. The property security system must have sent a message to its management team that we were there and they, in turn, must have notified the owner who, subsequently, told our boss to stop all treatments immediately. The back ramp of the truck comes down, the Z-Sprayer and spreader are loaded in, and we are gone.

You see, the home was owned by an individual who was a primary partner of a major banking company, and it was about to tumble into bankruptcy, like a Z-Sprayer that rolled too close to the coastline.



Giving Thanks

The Verge

Celebrating Thanksgiving during a pandemic is weird. It’s more stress, more risk calculations, more staying away from people you’d normally draw close to. There’s a lot of people who are going to be so grateful for 2020 to be over. But as much as this year has been the worst, it’s also shown us how we humans can be a lot better when we actually try.

Thank you to the exhausted healthcare workers in the US, who are doing their best to tread water, even though they know a wave of illness and death is headed their way. Thank you to the researchers who have worked carefully and swiftly to develop vaccines. Thank you to the volunteers who were willing to enroll in clinical trials to help figure out if the vaccines work.

Thank you to the people who are working to keep their neighbors fed, housed and healthy. Thank you to the people who have kept wearing a mask, even when it’s annoying and they would rather not. Thank you to the people who are keeping their distance from others, as painful as it might be.

We have much to be thankful for.

Read the article at The Verge.

Fleet Trends & Issues

Think You Can’t Access the Equity in Your Fleet? Think Again!

Here’s how you can use the power of your fleet to inject more cash back into your business

ARI Fleet

It’s been quite a year with you and your business getting waffled by dozens of motivational, logistical, and financial challenges – one after another. With everything you’re facing, having capital at the ready is a must – to either fix a problem or invest in an unforeseen growth opportunity.

If you’re wondering where you could scrounge up cash at the moment, your liquidity sources may be parked right in front of you! And you don’t even have to sell them. Remarketing your fleet vehicles is always an option, but that isn’t necessarily the best choice if your volume decrease is temporary. Downsizing can hurt your performance and agility if you’ll need to quickly acquire replacement vehicles when your business is ready for them.


Electric Vehicle Interest Surges 500% in UK on News of 2030 Fossil Fuel Car Ban


2030 is a little more than 9 years away, but news of the UK’s plan to ban sales of new gas/diesel cars in 2030 has reportedly led to a surge in interest in electric vehicles (EVs). 

According to, electric vehicle inquiries increased by 500% following Boris Johnson’s announcement of the stronger timeline. The website, which has more than 60,000 cars available for sale, saw searches for electric cars rise from about 300 a day to “1,679 in the 24 hours .

One of the biggest advantages of a good electric car is that it holds its value well — something demonstrated over and over again, especially when it comes to Tesla models. Gas and diesel cars could really see high depreciation as we get closer to 2030. If someone wanted to avoid being stuck with a used fossil fuel vehicle that had depreciated a great deal, resulting in a high total cost of ownership, it seems that it would be smart to go electric sooner rather than later.

Read the article at CleanTechnica.

2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid Pickup Features Flat-Folding Seats, Pop-Up Desk for Laptops

Detroit Free Press

Ford raises the bar for America’s favorite vehicle and cranks up the pressure on Chevy and Ram with the 2021 F-150 pickup, a package full of surprises arriving in dealerships just in time for the holidays.

New from the ground up, the F-150 offers more safety features, improved ride and handling and a hybrid that saves fuel on the road and can power a worksite when parked.

The thought and creativity that went into the new F-150 are apparent in ways large and small. Large: The most powerful version is also the most fuel efficient, a hybrid with 430 horsepower, 570 pound-feet of torque and an EPA estimated 24 mpg in both city and highway driving. Small: A tailgate/workbench with built-in mobile phone holder, measuring sticks, receivers for C-clamps and a combined tie-down/bottle opener.

Read the article at Detroit Free Press.

Are Electric Pickups the Beginning of the End for Gas-Powered Trucks?


The Tesla electric truck offers three important keys that will work to appeal to the truck world: Utility, performance, and durability. The Cybertruck is like nothing anyone has seen before. It’s tough, nearly indestructible, and ridiculously powerful.

When the Tesla Cybertruck arrives, it will be priced well for what you get, but still not affordable for the masses. However, over time, Tesla plans to release a Cybertruck that’s incredibly well-priced.

The base Cybertruck will cost about the same as a similarly equipped Ford F-150, but its overall cost of ownership will be much cheaper. It may take time for individual owners to realize the savings over the long term. However, fleet owners will quickly realize the savings of going electric.

Read the article at InsideEVs.

Reliability Rankings

Consumer Reports

Mazda, Toyota, and Lexus continue to build vehicles that place the automakers at the top of our annual auto reliability brand rankings year in and year out. This year they’re joined in the top 5 by Buick and Honda, brands that saw a significant improvement in their ranking.

Buick’s 14-position jump, the largest gain this year compared with last year, comes in large part because of not many problems in its small product lineup. Honda’s gain comes from steady improvements and some outstanding models in its lineup, which offset the ongoing reliability problems of its Odyssey minivan and Passport SUV.

Manufacturers ranking in the bottom-third saw big improvement this year. Chevrolet and GMC moved up partly because of the above-average reliability of the Bolt EV and the 2500 heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Read the article at Consumer Reports.


Teen Drivers


Many parents of newly licensed teenagers worry about their children’s safety, and with good reason. According to the most recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teen drivers are almost three times more likely to get into a fatal crash than drivers ages 20 and older.

Parents can’t ride shotgun forever to keep their kids from speeding or texting while behind the wheel. What they can do, though, is use technology to monitor young drivers.

Telematics features, which employ wireless devices and “black box” technologies to transmit data in real time, and GPS monitoring can provide a stream of information about your teen driver’s whereabouts and on-road performance. Some of this technology is free, and some might even result in discounts on the sky-high cost of insuring young drivers.

Read the article at HuffPost.


Fleet Leadership

This year, Art Liggio president and CEO of Driving Dynamics, was inducted into the Automotive Fleet Hall of Fame. A life-long vocation spanning three decades, his passion for reducing driver injuries and saving lives has been at the center of his fleet safety career, but that’s not where his story began.

By Janice Sutton, Editor in Chief

If Art Liggio had told his younger self that someday he would head a highly respected fleet driver safety company and be honored for his decades of contributions to the fleet industry, he probably would have been amused and quickly rejected the notion.

Born into a devout Catholic family, in Yonkers, NY, Art was called to join the priesthood and entered the seminary. But over the years, his passion for music grew. He graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in sacred music. At the time it looked like a career as a composer lay ahead. Again his life took an unexpected sharp turn.


Fleet Management Resources


The Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association. Advancing corporate fleet worldwide.

eDriving partners with its clients to engage with drivers and their managers to create a culture that supports lasting behavioral change to reduce collisions, injuries, license violations as well as a fleet’s total cost of ownership.

SuperVision is a fleet driver management solution for MVR & license monitoring, fleet management, fleet safety oversight and driver performance and retention.

The CEI Group Inc.
CEI is North America’s largest provider of fully integrated fleet accident management, driver safety and risk management services.

NAFA Fleet Management Association
NAFA is the association for the diverse vehicle fleet management profession regardless of organizational type, geographic location, or fleet composition.

WEX fuel cards and fleet management solutions give you powerful tools to reduce spending — for any business, any fleet, any size.

Driving Dynamics
Driving Dynamics was established to help corporate fleet drivers develop expert, safe driving skills using proven, advanced driving techniques.

PARS’ mission is to provide you with high-quality service at competitive prices for all of your transportation needs.

Wheels, Inc.
First in fleet for 80 years. Wheels helps you build tomorrow’s fleet today.

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