July 21, 2020

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We Believe in You!

I’m quite certain that most of us would agree that 2020 has been a nightmare on so many levels. So, when ARI’s latest quarterly column for FMW crossed my desk, I felt a surge of optimism as I read it. It is true, we have made some improvements in our work lives.

ARI says, “Now, the #1 thing you need to make the rest of 2020 tolerable and to plan for a better 2021 is optimism. Add in gratitude, followed by believing that what you do each day matters.” Read the article for guidance on how to position your fleet for a better 2021.

Driving Dynamics challenges us: Quiz: Do You Have a 360-Degree View of Driver Risks?: “See how in-tune you are with the issues and challenges your drivers face every day and the advanced performance techniques used to handle and avoid risky situations.” Take the quiz!

Drive safety, keep well and wear a mask!

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: European Fleet Managers are Working to Get Back on Track

Fleet managers in Europe are still highly cautious in the wake of the pandemic, but they are starting to get things back on track.

VIDEO: Remarketing Today

 Remarketing Made Easy

FLD makes remarketing vehicles easier and quicker, and that includes paying you within a week – not 6 or 7 weeks down the road, like some of the competition does.

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The Fleet Spot

Teletrac Navman: Best and Worst Commutes in America

Tetrac Navman Release

Washington, D.C. Metro Area Tops Inaugural List of “Worst” Commutes in America Review

As portions of American’s return back to work, Teletrac Navman, a global software-as-a-service provider that leverages location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets, has issued its first comprehensive look at commuting in the U.S.

The new Teletrac Navman Commute Index (TNC Index) takes the 50 most populous cities in the nation and applies seven key factors, including commuter volume, commute time, accident rates and road quality to provide a unique commute quality rating.


Wrench Partners with Tirescanner.com to Bring On-Demand Mobile Tire Installation to Fleets

Partnership will decrease downtime and reduce costs for fleet operators across the U.S.

Wrench announced a partnership with Tirescanner, the leading U.S. online tire retailer and mobile tire installation service, to offer on-demand mobile tire installation to fleet vehicles.

Through this partnership, Wrench technicians will have access to Tirescanner’s nationwide network of mobile tire vans, enabling next-day install scheduling of any brand or tire for most fleet vehicles at the drivers home, or place convenient to them.


Continued Record-Setting Performance For Wholesale Prices

Cox Automotive

Given the current turbulence in the automotive marketplace, the Cox Automotive Economic & Industry Insights team is publishing its mid-month view of the wholesale market, including wholesale prices.

Wholesale used vehicle prices increased 4.4% in the first 15 days of July compared to the month of June. This brought the mid-month Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index to 155.9, an 11.0% increase from July 2019.

If the mid-month value of the Manheim Index holds for the full month, the Index will set a record high for the second consecutive month.

Manheim Market Report (MMR) prices improved again over the last two weeks, resulting in a 2.9% cumulative increase in the first two weeks of July on the Three-Year-Old Index.

Access the Mid-Month Update for the full report.

Donlen Named One of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

Donlen is proud to announce it has been named one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®. 2020 marks the sixth consecutive year Donlen is honored with this recognition.

“We are incredibly excited, honored and humbled to once again be named a Chicago’s Best and Brightest Company to Work For,” said Tom Callahan, Donlen president.

“From leasing and mobility management to our ability to deliver impactful fleet solutions to our customers, our success is fundamentally linked to Donlen’s highly-skilled, diverse, and creative talent, and this award further demonstrates how integral our employees are to our process.

This award also validates our continuous commitment to our employees, and our belief that engaged, happy employees lead to better overall business results.”


Safety & Risk

As a fleet operator, it is your job to ensure company drivers remain informed about new and common hazards faced on the roadways and provide those employees an opportunity to learn and practice corresponding safety measures to keep themselves protected.

Due to the ever-changing driving landscape, the unpredictable nature of other ‘untrained’ drivers with whom your drivers share the road, and heavier traffic patterns, the risk of a crash is higher than ever before. For example, more than 70 percent of individuals consider themselves to be an above average driver. This statistic is concerning considering most drivers haven’t participated in a proper safety training course since receiving their license.

While each fleet has its own unique set of challenges, understanding the risks drivers face on a daily basis is one of the most critical objectives for fleet and safety professionals. By obtaining this information and combining it with a company’s own risk-data, MVRs and telematics reports, fleet operators will have the insight needed to develop and implement appropriate safety plans, adjust communications accordingly and adopt effective training programs that address current safety concerns and result in reduced incident rates.

Are you ready to test yourself and how much you know? See how in-tune you are with the issues and challenges your drivers face every day and the advanced performance techniques used to handle and avoid risky situations.

Take the quiz!


Optimism and Planning


Raise your hand if you’re ready for this year to be over.

We’re already into Q3; even “essential” personnel have barely seen many of our coworkers in person since Q1, and it feels like with every two steps forward, we’re taking one step back. But that still proves we’re making progress.

We’ve gone too many steps forward to hit “ctrl+Z” on 2020. Look at some of the improvements in our work lives we’ve gained because of the pandemic:

• Much warranted appreciation for workers whose jobs were taken for granted for so long. The people who selflessly continued to show up at work to serve others during the pandemic.
• More streamlined workflow and productivity thanks to technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Also less commuting and work travel gives us back more time for ourselves.
• Learning new skills and technologies, expanding our personal development and creating more brain power.
• Implementation of safety measures in facilities for employees who cannot work remotely.

See, you’re feeling better already.



Integrated Fleet Leasing

International Fleet World

Ford and ALD Automotive have signed a shareholder agreement to launch a new integrated fleet leasing and management solution in Europe, dubbed Ford Fleet Management.

ALD Automotive has been providing Ford Lease Services for more than 15 years in Europe – and will draw on their respective strengths; Ford’s product expertise and connected vehicle capability and ALD Automotive’s global scale and know-how in full-service leasing and fleet management.

“This new business marks a significant step in strengthening our position as Europe’s leading commercial vehicle brand by providing new opportunities for us to serve our customers through fleet management,” said Stuart Rowley, president, Ford of Europe.

Read the article at International Fleet World.

Fleet Trends & Issues

Europe’s Shift To Electric Cars Picks Up Despite Recession

The Detroit News

In Europe, sales of battery-powered and hybrid cars have held up better than the overall market amid a deeply painful recession, mainly thanks to the action of governments.

The 27-country European Union is moving ahead with a major shift in transportation as part of the bloc’s efforts against climate change. Under regulatory pressure carmakers are rolling out a slew of new electric models so they can meet tougher limits on greenhouse gases that come into full force next year.

Battery-only models are becoming more affordable, especially as sales are supported by substantial government subsidies. As sales of internal combustion cars have fallen, demand for battery-only cars and hybrids that combine electric motors with conventional engines has been stable or even increased, recent statistics show. By contrast, electric car adoption is moving more slowly in the U.S. due to regulatory uncertainty.

Read the article at The Detroit News.

GM Speeding Up Plans for Battery-Powered Cars and Wind and Solar-Powered Plants

The Detroit Bureau

The auto industry is undergoing the most “significant transition” it has seen in a century, and General Motors doesn’t intend to be left behind, aggressively expanding its approach to clean technologies for vehicles and its factories.

The big truck plant in Arlington, Texas is already using 100% wind-generated power and GM recently signed up with the TVA to deliver 100 megawatts of solar energy by 2023. GM is also pushing ahead on construction of a new battery plant in Ohio that is part of its partnership with Korea’s LG Chem.

GM was an early proponent of hydrogen fuel-cell technology and two years ago launched a joint venture with Honda. The Japanese automaker is focusing on automotive applications for fuel cells. GM, on the other hand, is emphasizing stationary applications, such as back-up power for cellphone towers.

Read the article at The Detroit Bureau.

Ford Is Turning Its Best-Selling Models Into Lifestyle Brands

Car and Driver

Ford is no longer asking its customers what they want to drive. It’s asking them who they are, and then providing a range of choices based on the answer. 

Do you like sleek design, live in an urban center, and prioritize driving performance? Ford says get used to thinking of the Mustang as more than just a muscle car. Ford refers to Bronco as an “outdoor brand” and says that in addition to buying the Broncos themselves, customers will be able to buy off-road instruction and shop from an ever-growing list Bronco-brand accessories.

The offerings from both of these brand pillars will offer the over-the-air updates and data tracking that Ford says will improve the ownership experience

Read the article at Car and Driver.

Germans Can Get A Renault Zoe For Free, Thanks To Beefy EV Subsidies


Electric vehicle subsidies in Germany are now so good that some cars are as cheap as a mobile contract, in some cases they’re even free.

At the start of July, the German government doubled its subsidy contribution to new EV buyers. Along with manufacturer support it meant that buyers could get around €9,000 ($10,000) toward a new zero emission vehicle.

There is a caveat, though: getting an EV for free only applies to leased vehicles, not an outright purchase. Taking the subsidies into account, one vehicle dealership chain in Germany has been able to offer the new 80 kW Renault Zoe for free. Prior to the subsidy doubling, the Zoe was €125 per month for two years.

Read the article at TNW.

Globally Speaking

Fleet Logistics Newsletter

Fleet procurement in the ‘new normal’ business world will become more complex but will provide businesses with the opportunity to future-proof their fleets, rethink their supply strategies and increase flexibility and resilience in their supply chains.

That’s the view from Sue Branston, Country Head of Fleet Logistics UK, the UK and Ireland arm of Fleet Logistics International.

As the lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted and the UK Government attempts to kick-start the economy, businesses face a number of questions and challenges over the future composition of their fleets to make sure they are running at optimum efficiency.



Automotive Brand Loyalty

J.D. Power

If a vehicle owner is loyal to a specific brand, it’s becoming more difficult for another brand to woo them away when it’s time to buy a new vehicle, according to the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Automotive Brand Loyalty Study.

“There are many factors that contribute to brand loyalty, ranging from the experience a customer has when purchasing the vehicle to how driving it makes them feel,” said Tyson Jominy, vice president of data & analytics at J.D. Power.

“Automakers are really focused on customer retention, as evidenced by the payment plans and incentives they’ve offered since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Many have gone above and beyond to offer customers financial assistance during a period of economic uncertainty, which does a lot to bolster consumer confidence in their chosen brand and repurchase it in the future.”

Read the article at J.D. Power.


The Cars of Tomorrow

Fox Business

As the auto industry contemplates the impact of technology and Covid-19, designers are reinventing the interior of the automobile and how its passengers experience the ride, with an emphasis on cars as a safe place.

Covid-19 may reorder which advances come first. Smart surfaces, with materials that would replace the dials and buttons on the dashboard as input devices, could be self-cleaning. Such a function could be essential for car-sharing and ride-hailing vehicles used by many people.

Designs that completely transform the car’s interior into a working or relaxing space can only be realized once fully autonomous vehicles are on the road. Cars with retractable steering wheels, or seats that swivel so the driver can face the other passengers while the car’s robot drives are on the drawing board today.

Read the article at Fox Business.

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The CEI Group Inc.
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