June 4, 2019

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Weathering the Storms

We have watched with horror the blitz of tornados and floods that are, even today, clobbering a great swath of the US. Our hearts go out to the people who have lost their homes and loved ones.

This onslaught of extreme weather takes a heavy toll on our resolute public employees who are charged with our safety and maintaining vital services. We applaud your tireless efforts.

As always, our entire fleet industry steps up in times like this. Kudos to our fleet managers and fleet suppliers who play a crucial role in supporting our communities.

If you would like to publicly acknowledge a person or an organization for their help during or after these storms, please email me.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

VIDEO: A Keen Focus on Customer Experience

The CEI Group is keenly focused on creating excellent customer experience and driver experience programs – frequently resulting in significant savings.



VIDEO: Careers in Fleet

 Career Moves: From Fleet Sales to Fleet Manager

Fleet industry professional Matt Betz has spent his career doing fleet management sales, and that has prepared him well for his new role as a fleet manager focusing on strategy and procurement.

VIDEO: The NAFA Foundation

 The Launch of “Cornerstones of Fleet”

The NAFA Foundation recently launched the “Cornerstones of Fleet” fundraising campaign, with the goal of raising $150,000 this year for projects that are critical to the fleet industry.

The Fleet Spot

Work Truck Solutions Welcomes Gerry Ogris to Drive Key Business Development

Press Release

Work Truck Solutions is announcing that Gerry Ogris has joined them to advise them in their business development.

Ogris has more than nine years of VP sales and operations experience at Cox/Dealertrack Technologies and 17 years in various field sales management roles at Reynolds and Reynolds.

Ogris will align marketing and sales efforts to find new opportunities for Work Truck Solutions. Tracking market growth and emerging trends, Ogris will develop growth strategies and major client relationships. His extensive experience in software solutions for automotive dealerships makes him highly qualified to drive Work Truck Solutions’ SaaS business forward.

Read the press release

Transfer Flow’s Director of Business Development, Ben Winter, Elected to the NTEA Board of Directors

With 27 years of automotive industry experience, Transfer Flow’s Director of Business Development Ben Winter is elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA).

Ben will serve on the NTEA board as Manufacturer Director for a three-year term and will assist in both the Education Committee and the Services Committee.

Ben Winter was hired in 1992 at Transfer Flow, an automotive manufacturing company that focuses on legal fuel systems, OEM fabricated parts, and tube and hose specialties. In 2010, he became director of business development and sales manager. His role is multifaceted and involves networking, customer maintenance, presenting new business and fielding diversity in manufacturing.

Read more.

The Electrification Checklist: Making the Right xEV Decisions for Your Fleet

Your organization has decided to electrify a percentage of your fleet vehicles. Now, it’s important to understand the full picture of what’s available, what your key goals are, and how you intend to deploy these vehicles, to ensure you’re choosing the right technologies for the right applications.

Webinar: The Electrification Checklist: Making the Right xEV Decisions for Your Fleet
(Sponsored by XL Fleet)
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST
Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Register online now!

Powered by Biodiesel: The Future of Clean Diesel Technology for Fleets

Powered by Biodiesel: The Future of Clean Diesel Technology for Fleets
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST
Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019

What can fleets do to make an immediate improvement in their environmental impact today, as well as invest wisely for the future? Biodiesel is available here and now, from coast to coast, helping fleets reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, manage costs and optimize performance using their existing and new diesel equipment without modification.

Register now! NAFA webinars are available for FREE for all NAFA Members as an exclusive benefit of membership. Registration for non-members is $25.

Fleet Marketing

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Industry Marketer

Last month, I suggested that an Agile approach to marketing allowed companies to keep their promotional and branding programs focused on strategic goals while permitting adaptation that kept up with changing market conditions.

Jim Ewel, a marketing consultant specializing in Agile, stated that this process leads to marketing that is “rapid, iterative, experimental, and unafraid-to-fail.”

Starting on the Right Foot

Finding a first project to confirm Agile’s value to a company is important. The ability to improve an obvious problem or exploit a big opportunity is critical. However, look for projects with medium risk.



Telematics and Safety

Are you assessing the effectiveness of your current telematics program, or considering a telematics solution for the first time?

eDriving’s free new eBook will help you to realize even greater risk reduction from your telematics solution and sustain those reductions over time.

The quick-read eBook explains the benefits of selecting a solution that matches your needs, starting with a safety culture, identifying driver risk levels, combining multiple sources of data, incorporating driver training into your solution and benchmarking your results.

Download “Six Ways to Optimize your Telematics Safety Solution”



The Subscription Economy

By Felipe Smolka, Executive VP of Transformation for LeasePlan USA

The spread of the subscription economy

“There’s no reason you should have to buy anything… everything we purchase — from transportation, entertainment to groceries — will soon come with a monthly plan”, said Zuora’s CEO Tien Tzuo last year.

Zuora is one of many cloud-based companies that have targeted and monetized the subscription economy as a product in itself, helping companies transition their offerings into the full-length subscription model. Stanford Business reported that the subscription market has been growing at a stellar rate of 100% a year, generating billions of dollars in value to these market players.

Many of us have shifted to an experience-driven buying pattern, all but confirming that Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS, or Xaas) is well on its way to becoming the de-facto marketing strategy – no matter the industry or sector. It seems hard to believe that we own fewer things than we used to. We have been possession junkies for generations, but we have seen an ageless transformation in purchasing behavior, as consumers shift their preferences from buying products and services to buying experiences.


Fleet Trends & Issues

The Risk of Overlooking Driver Safety

Whether a business has a fleet of trucks or a few salespeople on the road, driver safety and negligent entrustment pose a multi-million dollar threat.

Negligent entrustment occurs when a dangerous article, in this case a vehicle, is entrusted to somebody who is reckless, inexperienced, or incompetent. If the entrusted individual has an accident, the injured party has the right to bring a case against the individual’s employer.

In order to find fault with the employer, all the plaintiff needs to show is:


Year-Round Sales of Gasoline Mixed With 15% Ethanol Approved

The Detroit News

Trump announced that E15 gasoline, a brew comprised of 15% corn-based ethanol, higher than the benchmark 10% widely sold, will be allowed year-round.

It was a measure lauded by corn farmers looking for some relief from low prices, a trade war with China and incessant rains.

“A modest uptick in ethanol demand from year-round E15 pales in comparison to risks posed to the farming sector from escalating trade tensions with Mexico,” said Josh Price, an analyst with Height Capital Markets.

Read the article at The Detroit News.

How Ride-Hailing Companies Hope to Benefit From Public Transit

The New York Times

Ride-hailing companies see a ‘massive market opportunity’ in replacing bus and subway rides in the 4.4 trillion miles traveled by people on public transit in 175 countries in 2017.

Lyft emphasizes its capacity to supplement public transportation “by providing rides for the first and last leg of commute trips, late-night rides home and shuttle replacement rides.”

Uber, too, says it wants to solve the “first-mile, last-mile.”

Read the article at The New York Times.

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck – A Well Suited Commercial Fleet Vehicle


Auto industry analysts see luxury electric vehicle-maker, Rivian’s new R1T electric pickup as an addition to commercial fleets.

It is capable of serious work in nearly any industry currently utilizing trucks for business purposes in company fleets.

“EV pickups may best be suited for commercial fleets, such as those owned by energy companies,” Michelle Krebs, executive analyst for Autotrader. “Fleets operating in clearly defined areas, such as metro Detroit, could be ideal. Short distances and a good charging infrastructure might also make EV pickups practical for construction and mining companies.”

Read the article at Teslarati.

Auto Tariffs

The Verge

As Trump continues to escalate his fight against foreign-made cars, some experts think the US will move closer to another recession.

Prices of cars will go up, and sales could go down since the profit margins are already thin in the auto industry.

Some of Trump’s other trade policies have also hurt the auto industry. His tariffs on steel and aluminum cost GM and Ford about $1 billion each, and Fiat Chrysler around $500 million.

If tariffs escalate to the 25 percent cap Trump proposed, it could cost General Motors (GM) $6.3 billion, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) $4.8 billion, and Ford $3.3 billion, according to a Deutsche Bank estimate.

Read the article at The Verge.


Mobile Payment Technology

New tools are disrupting the fleet industry to deliver a faster, easier, more intuitive payment experience to drivers

By Bernie Kavanagh, SVP and GM, Large Fleet, WEX, Inc.

As mobile payment technology continues to mature and security solutions come to the rescue of any outstanding consumer security concerns, it’s conceivable that most consumers will soon pick up their smartphones to make the majority of their purchases.

With that behavior taking shape, it’s likely that B2B payers will soon expect their B2B payments to be made as effortlessly.

This is certainly true in the fleet management industry, which is expected to undergo explosive growth and change in the next four to five years.



Globally Speaking

A recent study of total economic costs in Europe found wide variations, in part due to differing definitions, methods and data sets.

By Andrew Boada, Editor at Large

Building a business case for new fleet safety initiatives hinges on a single piece of data: the cost of the average crash to employers. In the U.S., fleet managers have a ready-made number: as of 2015, it’s $24,057. But what about the rest of the world?


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