July 31, 2018

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Successful Marketing Communication

In his monthly Fleet Marketing column, Ed Pierce offers another excellent read, “Four Key Steps Toward Successful Marketing Communication” where he answers the question: How can you create a marketing strategy that will work today?

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Thought Leadership

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Fleet Marketing – Guiding principles for fleet providers to improve marketing and increase sales

Fleet Spectator A 360 view of the fleet industry

Globally Speaking — Perspectives on the multinational fleet

In the Public Interest — Successfully managing the government fleet

On Fleet Driver Management Solutions to improve your fleet’s accident rate and cut costs on collision repairs

Safety & Risk — Impactful driver safety and risk management tools and techniques

Talent Management — Smart guidelines to help you manage the talent in your workplace

Think, Execute, Win!Leadership tips from NBA Star and motivational speaker Walter Bond


VIDEO: PARS’ Customer Integration is a Win-Win

PARS offers customer integration within the systems used by fleet management companies – and that is a huge win-win for FMCs and their customers.

VIDEO: Improving Driver Safety

 SambaSafety Improves Driver Safety

SambaSafety uses vehicle records, criminal history, telematics and other elements to track and improve driver safety and risk.

VIDEO: Fleet and Mobility

 Sixt Has Aspirations to Bring Its Mobility Business to the U.S.

Sixt is now the 4th biggest car rental company in the U.S., and the company has aspirations to move into the mobility and fleet markets.

The Fleet Spot

Michael Stafford Joins YourMechanic

Longtime industry veteran Michael Stafford has recently joined Silicon Valley tech company YourMechanic as the Senior Director of Business Development & Fleet Sales.

Michael has been a part of the fleet industry for the past 28 years, holding positions with US Fleet Leasing, Wheels, Inc., Audi of America, and, most recently, as the North America Enterprise Sales Manager with Tesla.


Check Out the AFLA 2018 Schedule RIGHT NOW

AFLA announces the program schedule for the 2018 Annual Corporate Fleet Conference, “Catch That Magic Moment Right Now”, to be held October 1-3 in Orlando, FL.

Check out the AFLA website for this year’ program schedule details, including speaker information and networking activities for Tuesday afternoon.

Saltzgiver: Urgent Reasons for Government Fleets to Outsource Routine Maintenance – Part One of Two

By Mark Boada, Executive Editor

A “perfect storm” is forcing government fleets to outsource an activity that the overwhelming majority still complete in-house: routine vehicle maintenance.

That’s the outlook from Steve Saltzgiver, a 30-year-plus fleet management executive who for the past six years has been a consultant with Mercury Associates, in an hour-long interview with Fleet Management Weekly.

The interview came on the heels of the release last week of a report by OmniGov IQ, a fleet market intelligence company, explaining that as vehicles have become more technologically advanced “the work of maintaining government fleet vehicles has become more high-tech and specialized, and many government agencies don’t have specialists on their staffs that can do this work.”


Webinar: Lessons from the World’s Safest Fleets

What do big purple trucks and gasoline have to do with fleet safety?

Just about everything for Booster, which brings the gas station to you and fills your car.

Tune in Wednesday, Aug. 1 – 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET as Tyler Raugh, Booster’s co-founder and fleet president, pulls back the curtain to reveal his top 3 secrets to building one of the safest fleets in the world. Cameron Jahn, Zendrive’s Product Marketing Director, will put Booster’s extremely safe fleet into perspective based on conclusions from the world’s largest distracted driving study that Zendrive just released.



Fleet Marketing

With so many options and so much information out there, how can you know what is working for your business, and what isn’t? How can you create a marketing strategy that will work today?

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Industry Marketer

From time to time, I receive ideas from Fleet Management Weekly “A Call to Action” column readers. Last month’s column evoked a suggestion from Anna K of Connex Direct Marketing to reprint her article entitled “Four Key Steps Toward Successful Marketing Communication. It is a great read with plenty of ideas for fleet industry firms interested in better marketing. Here is part one of that article:

In our hyper-technological world, communication methods change at an incredibly rapid pace.

First, there was email, then message boards, then instant messaging, then MySpace and Friendster, and now Facebook, Instagram, chatbots, Netflix, and dozens of other communication methods.

There are always new technologies and new ways for people to interact with others. This is also true when it comes to marketing methods and the tools that are available for marketing.




Here’s another step forward in the mobility revolution: Drivy, a French-based company that helps people share their vehicles, has just rolled out the same service for fleets in the United Kingdom.

To take full advantage of the service, fleet vehicles need to be equipped with the company’s “Drivy Open” technology. Fleets can then set their own rates for renting out their idle vehicles, typically ranging from £37 to £202 (roughly $49 to $265).

Katy Medlock, Drivy’s U.K. managing director, says, “Vehicle availability can be set by the owner on the platform via the app or the website. Drivy keeps it very user-friendly and in favour of owners, giving them almost full control of every aspect of their cars and trips. It’s also very easy to set available times for different cars.”

Read the article at Fleet World.


Negligent Entrustment

Land Line Magazine

Earlier this month, the jury in a case against Frac Tech Services International in the district court in Upshur County, Texas, awarded Joshua Patterson about $101 million.

Although the jury found the trucker to be 70 percent at fault and FTS 30 percent responsible for the crash, the big payout came when the jury calculated Frac Tech’s negligence at $75 million.

The lawsuit claims that Bill Acker was driving under the influence of drugs before and at the time of the collision. Despite FTS knowing about several policies that prohibited Acker from driving, the company hired him anyway. Essentially, the case was based around the idea that FTS should have never “recklessly employed” Acker, let alone entrusted him in driving a truck.

Read the article at Land Line Magazine.

Fleet Trends & Issues

Concern Grows Over Autonomous Vehicle Safety

The Washington Post

The fact that a crash of a driverless car receives extraordinary media attention, even if the autonomous vehicle is not at fault, may have fueled the results of an online survey that found that 61 percent of Americans said they were not ready to ride in self-driving cars.

Consumer groups are pushing back against what they say is a flawed effort in Congress to regulate the vehicles, although 94 percent of car crashes are caused by human error and most traffic fatalities in 2016 were caused by three factors that fully autonomous cars might eliminate: distracted driving, drunken driving and speeding.

Read the article at The Washington Post.

Ford’s Tiny Truck May Soon be Available in the U.S.


Ford is considering bringing a subcompact pickup truck to the US. It will be built with the same unibody that will be used on the next-generation Ford Focus.

This new subcompact pickup isn’t exclusively for the US. It’s actually a replacement for the Brazilian-market Courier, which was based on a 1998 Fiesta platform. It has a regular cab design and a modest box out back with a load capacity about 1,500 pounds.

Read the article at MSN.

Hurricane Preparedness for Fleets

By Bernie Kavanagh

Imagine waking up one day to no fuel, damaged roads, and unknown damage to your fleet.

It’s the ultimate nightmare for a business with any exposure at all to mobility.

Historically, the most damaging tropical storms and hurricanes have occurred in August and September. But officials who manage fleets, fueling systems and transportation networks should be implementing best practices now in order to avoid a doomsday scenario later.


Flying Car Technology Will Likely Move Faster Than Regulators


Members of Uber, Bell and Terrafugia, three companies with ambitious plans to launch flying taxi services in the next few years, were present at a recent two-hour meeting of the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology. They believe that it will probably be harder and take longer to approve flying passenger vehicles than most people think.

John-Paul Clarke, an aerospace engineer at Georgia Tech and member of a National Academy of Science panel said he foresees a future where the FAA sets minimum standards, and then each city hires its own private air traffic controllers.

Read the article at Wired.

Workplace Advice


Jumping into any new role or working in a new industry that you’re not always familiar with can feel overwhelming and even intimidating.

Deb Liu, the Vice President of Marketplace at Facebook has learned many lessons the hard way throughout her career in the tech industry, and is sharing 10 pieces of advice with the hopes that they will help others with their careers.

1. Confidence is a gift you give yourself.

One of the things I struggle with the most is mentoring people who lack self confidence who I know are stronger than they think. Nothing I say seems to change how they feel about themselves because they can’t see what others see in them.

Read the article at Entrepreneur.


The Tailpipe Pollution Rule

The New York Times

Trump’s plan to roll back a major environmental rule and let cars emit more tailpipe pollution, could split the American car market in two.

On one side is the Environmental Protection Agency’s acting chief, Andrew Wheeler, who fears its legal and technical arguments are weak and will set up the Trump administration for an embarrassing courtroom loss.

On the other side are top officials at the Transportation Department, Jeffrey A. Rosen and Heidi King who justified their proposal with a new analysis concluding that the stricter Obama-era pollution rules would lead to thousands of deaths in road accidents because more fuel-efficient cars are less safe because they are lighter.

Read the article at The New York Times.


Ford Autonomous Vehicles


In order to accelerate its self-driving car technology, Ford will be investing $4 billion in creating a subdivision called Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, based in Ford’s Corktown Campus in Detroit.

“Ford has made tremendous progress across the self driving value chain – from technology development to business model innovation to user experience,” said Ford president and CEO Jim Hackett in a statement. “Now is the right time to consolidate our autonomous driving platform into one team to best position the business for the opportunities ahead.”


Read the article at MSN.

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