June 12, 2018

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Fleet Management is Transforming, Again!

We think it’s an exciting and transformative time to be a fleet professional. So, when FMW sat down with John Korte, we were especially keen to hear his thoughts on the revolution of mobility as a service, and, of course, how fleets could be impacted. David Hayward, in his video, speaks briefly on the topic from the viewpoint of the fleet manager.

One of the most worrisome issues to us all is cyber security. John Challen, editor at International Fleet World, authored an excellent article from an interview he conducted with Alex Madena, chief of security at BlackBerry. Here’s something to consider: Madena says, “ At this point, I’m less worried about someone getting my personal data – I’m more worried about personal safety and the safety of the people around me.”

Lots more to enjoy in this issue, and please do check in with FleetManagementWeekly.com for regular updates.

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

Thought Leadership

Customer Driven — Engage your organization to create customer loyalty, trust, and superior service

Fleet Asset Management – Best practices for work truck management

Fleet Marketing – Guiding principles for fleet providers to improve marketing and increase sales

Fleet Spectator A 360 view of the fleet industry

Globally Speaking — Perspectives on the multinational fleet

In the Public Interest — Successfully managing the government fleet

On Fleet Driver Management Solutions to improve your fleet’s accident rate and cut costs on collision repairs

Safety & Risk — Impactful driver safety and risk management tools and techniques

The Fleet CX Toolbox – Solid steps to implementing and improving fleet customer experience

Think, Execute, Win!Leadership tips from NBA Star and motivational speaker Walter Bond

VIDEO: Technology Ties In with Excellent Customer Service

Vehicle transportation is just one part of what busy fleet professionals do, so PARS makes sure that great technology ties in with excellent customer service.

VIDEO: Global Fleets

 WEX Continues to Become More Global

Globalization can take on different meanings – but most people want one organization that can be responsible for handling all of their global needs.

VIDEO: What Does Mobility Mean?

 For Many Fleet Managers, Mobility is Still an Unknown

Mobility is upon us, but what exactly that will mean for many fleet managers is still in play.

The Fleet Spot

NETS Announces Keynote Speakers at Safety Conference

Join your peers at the only conference focused exclusively on employer road safety

NETS 2018 Annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference convenes each year to share road safety case studies, new research, emerging issues as well as review of the NETS annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Fleet Safety Benchmark Report. October 10-11, Omni Frisco Hotel, Frisco, Texas.

Be inspired by engaging keynote speakers representing leaders across the road safety industry and add your perspective to the conversation!


Don’t Miss NAFA’S Next Webinar!

Webinar: Learn From Your Peers: How Fleet Leaders Identify Fleet-Ready Technologies to Avoid Risk When Deploying EVs

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Instructor: Clay Siegert, Co-Founder and COO, XL Hybrids

To meet sustainability requirements, more and more fleets are seeking electrified vehicle solutions that are outside the OEM box, including aftermarket upfits and even vehicles from start-up OEM’s.

To avoid unnecessary risk when deploying electrified vehicles, fleet managers want fleet-ready technologies that are reliable, that integrate seamlessly into fleet operations, and won’t affect their OEM warranty.

Register here!

Work Truck Solutions Names Tony Solano New VP of Sales

Work Truck Solutions is announcing that Tony Solano has joined the company as their VP of Sales.

Tony’s previous experience in Automotive DMS, SaaS, and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) make him highly qualified to lead the growth of Work Truck Solutions, a company building business solutions in the work truck industry.

Tony is responsible for leading in-house sales managers and field representatives in building relationships with dealerships, OEMs, body manufacturers, distributors, and other industry contacts.


Creating a More Productive Relationship Between Procurement and Fleet

Following is an excerpt of the NAFA Foundation’s newest paper. To download a free copy of the full paper, please visit this link.

Driven by increasing demands from executive management to control costs, over the past decade procurement professionals have assumed a position of increasing influence over automotive fleet management.

This ranges from simply being granted a more assertive role in selecting vehicles and suppliers, to the absorption of fleet into the procurement domain.


The Mobility Revolution

While mobility as a service – known in the fleet world as “MaaS” – is gaining traction among fleets in Europe, it’s widely believed that in the U.S. many are talking about it but only a few are doing much about it. FMW recently caught up with John Korte, vice president of Donlen’s mobility business development team, to ask him what his company is doing about it, both in the U.S. and overseas. Here’s a transcript of our interview with him, edited for clarity and economy.

– Mark Boada, Executive Editor.

What kinds of products and services is Donlen offering to providers of mobility as a service that could also be used by traditional fleets?

At Donlen, over the last 12 to 18 months we’ve come up with several new products and services that are being utilized by ride-hailing and ride-sharing companies, three of which we could ultimately offer to our traditional corporate fleet clients.



On Fleet Driver Management

By John Wolford, Vice President, Business Process, Quality, and Sourcing, The CEI Group, Inc.

Supplements are additions to original estimates that can knock you for a loop.

Ideally, you want your first estimates to be reliable before you authorize repairs. But how can you accomplish that? There’s a cure that sharp accident management service providers take advantage of, but before revealing it, let’s define terms.

Supplements occur when there is damage inside the vehicle that wasn’t seen or anticipated when an estimate is written. They are revisions to initial estimates, and require additional customer approval for repairs to proceed. According to industry experts, supplements are issued for some 30 percent of all collision repair jobs nationwide, and the average dollar amount is around 25 percent over and above the original estimate. If that’s your fleet’s record, take heart: you can cut the number of supplements you receive by half or more.



Globally Speaking

By John Challen, Editor, International Fleet World

As automakers continue to innovate and incorporate new technologies into cars for the ultimate driving experience, new safety and cybersecurity challenges are emerging.

Connected and autonomous vehicles will be dictated by software, so it is critical that this software is safe and secure over the lifetime of the car. Consumer safety, costly recalls and brand reputation are at stake when a vehicle is compromised. For fleets, security is essential to ensuring that uptime and efficiency levels are as high as possible, and drivers must be confident that they are safe – in every sense – behind the wheel.

In response to this, BlackBerry has set out a seven-pillar recommendation for OEMs and the fleet industry to follow to try to ensure that cars can be made as safe and secure as possible.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Up to $16,000 in Discounts for Some Full-Size Trucks

The Detroit Bureau

US. Automakers have launched some of the most lavish incentives on full-size truck models seen since the end of the Great Recession, with discounts of as much as $16,000.

Both General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles need to clear inventories ahead of their new vehicles launch, as well as the potential weakness of segment leader Ford which lost thousands of units of production due to a supplier problem last month.

“The truck wars could prove costly considering manufacturers are offering discounts that are larger than the cost of some economy cars. But their pickups are some of the most profitable products on the market, analysts note, with average transaction prices pushing into the mid-$40,000 range. That provides plenty of room for price-cutting, especially if the manufacturers trim back as they enter the 2019 model-year.”

Read the article at The Detroit Bureau.

Safety Features Are Key When Selecting Next Vehicle

Chicago Tribune

While cost may be one of the main factors when choosing a vehicle, safety has to be a primary concern.

Newer systems such as forward collision braking and other advanced driver assistance features can minimize or even prevent collisions altogether. Vehicles equipped with such technology qualify for the institute’s Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick Plus award for each model year.

Read the article at Chicago Tribune.

Uber Has a Plan for Detecting Drunken Passengers

The Verge

Uber has submitted a plan for artificial intelligence that detects a user’s drunken behavior.

The system tracks how someone typically uses Uber’s app: how quickly they type (and with how many typos), how precisely they click on buttons, their walking speed, and the way their phone is typically held or dropped on any given day.

Factors like these are plugged into Uber’s planned algorithm, along with details about when and where the ride was requested. A late-night Uber call or one that’s from an area loaded with bars, would tip the system off about a rider’s sobriety differently than a daytime call from the suburbs.

Read the article at The Verge.

Ford Meets Disaster Relief With Customized Transits

Ford Media Center

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is underway and Ford Motor Company Fund wants to provide disaster relief teams with the best equipped and most capable vehicles when people need help.

Beginning June 5, Ford Motor Company Fund is accepting applications for the second Ford Disaster Relief Mobility Challenge, an opportunity for nonprofit partners to tap into their expertise and creativity to customize a Ford Transit to fit a particular need in their community.

“When natural disaster strikes, it is critical to move the right people, the right materials and the right vehicles to impacted areas to help people as quickly as possible,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund. “Nowhere is our mission to strengthen communities more urgent than in recovery efforts during the hours, days and weeks following a natural disaster.”

Read the article at Ford Media Center.

The Internal Combustion Engine

The Daily Beast

Trump is more than happy to help Detroit carmakers and Big Oil try to extend the life of the internal combustion engine for as long as possible, while Britain and France have both declared that they want all diesel and gasoline-powered cars off the road by 2040.

Most industry leaders know the reality – every day there is a constantly shifting balance between old technology and new, and if they get on the wrong side of that their businesses, no matter how big, will die.

“The role of the automobile is being re-thought in fundamental ways. Clean electric power will eventually bring the most radical change in personal mobility since the locomotive supplanted the horse.”

Read the article at The Daily Beast.


Getting It Right


Subaru is among a small group of automakers setting a casual pace in the global race for electric vehicles, and seem to be satisfied to let other R&D departments perfect the technology while consumer demand slowly merges with accelerating emissions mandates.

Later this year, the company plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid version of its Crosstrek SUV, combining gas engines with electric motors. Currently, Subarus all run exclusively on internal combustion engines, and a fully electric car is still years away.

“If we put one out now, we’re goig to be competing in the teeth of the market with everybody else,” Subaru Corp. U.S. Chief Executive Officer Tom Doll explained in an interview. “This way, we can let them kind of sort it out, then we can come in. I’d rather be last in and get it right,than be first in and destroy my brand image and reputation.”

Read the article at Bloomberg.


The Evolution of Roadside Assistance


When Level 4 autonomous vehicles – those with the ability to drive without human control – get into a jam because road conditions have suddenly changed due to construction, accidents or other complexities, that’s when Phantom Auto’s remote control “teleoperation” system helps out.

A remote technician seated at a multiscreen Phantom console, with a steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedals, assesses the situation via the car’s cameras over a cellular network connection and drives it out of the situation.

“The biggest barrier to deployment of AVs right now is public acceptance,” cofounder and chief strategy officer Elliot Katz said. “For a century we’ve only thought that humans drive cars. Now we’re doing a complete 180, but most people aren’t ready to completely accept the fact that their lives are in the hands of a machine.”

Read the article at Forbes.

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