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September 26, 2017


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A Successful Time at AFLA!

The Fleet Management Weekly team had a fantastic time at the 2017 AFLA Conference in Las Vegas last week, and the mix of people there only showed me once again what a great industry this is!

Between networking and events at AFLA, FMW also managed to collect some timely video content in our press room, and today we feature the first three: Jim Christiano, Mary Sticha, and David Hayward. By the way, we would like to congratulate Mary Sticha on taking over the position of AFLA President!

Looking Forward to 2018

We have been putting our heads together on how to continually improve this publication as we start thinking about the upcoming new year. We strive to be as relevant and as helpful to fleet industry professionals as we possibly can be. If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, if you are marketing to fleet professionals, we have a host of content and advertising opportunities – contact me for more information.

Ted Roberts

Thought Leadership

Fleet Marketing – Guiding principles for fleet providers to improve marketing and increase sales.

Fleet Asset Management – Best practices for work truck management.

Globally Speaking — Perspectives on the Multinational Fleets

Customer Driven — Engage your organization to create customer loyalty, trust, and superior service

On Fleet Driver Management Solutions to improve your fleet’s accident rate and cut costs on collision repairs

Safety & Risk — Impactful driver safety and risk management tools and techniques.

The Fleet CX Toolbox – Solid steps to implementing and improving fleet customer experience.

Fleet Spectator — A 360 view of the fleet industry.

Talent Management – Smart guidelines to help you manage the talent in your workplace.

VIDEO: 20 Years of Change and Improvement at PARS

In its first 20 years of business, PARS has continually changed and evolved to provide a host of helpful services to their customers.

VIDEO: AFLA’s New President

  AFLA Continues to Evolve

Incoming AFLA President Mary Sticha on how the organization is continually evolving, changing and improving. One example of that is AFLA’s current global initiative.

VIDEO: Fleet and Procurement

  The Partnership of Fleet and Procurement

The last ten years or so have seen quite an evolution when it comes to how Fleet and Procurement departments work together.

The Fleet Spot

LeasePlan USA Names Becky Langmandel to Head Consultancy

Becky Langmandel has been appointed to lead LeasePlan USA’s analytics, consulting and transformation team.

LeasePlan USA has promoted Becky Langmandel to vice president of analytics, consulting and transformation (ACT). In this role, she leads a team of consultants that support client success by identifying actions that lead to cost savings.

“Becky is a true asset to the team – and to our clients,” said LeasePlan USA chief commercial officer, Ricardo Fonzaghi. “Her ability to turn over every rock to identify savings for clients is remarkable. Recently, Becky and her team recommended efficiencies where one client could save more than $2.7 million over three years – just impressive.”


Establish and Maintain Safety Zones to Avoid Rear-End Collisions

The Driving Dynamics Safety Team

One-third of all crashes involving two or more vehicles, almost two million annually, are rear-end collisions.

When you’re driving, the one space you can completely control is the distance from your vehicle to the vehicle in front of you. This distance is known as your safety zone. It can give you a One Second Advantage™, not only in reacting to situations that arise in front of you, but around and behind you. Awareness of the vehicles in front of you and those behind you is critical in managing your safety zone to prevent rear-end collisions.


Runzheimer: Workforce Mobility Benchmark Report

Runzheimer recently released its 11th Annual Workforce Mobility Benchmark Report.

The report assesses the growing need for organizations across multiple industries to support accurate and automated reporting for business vehicle policies and mobile mileage logs through mobile technology.

Click here for more of the key findings from Runzheimer on the increasing importance of mobile technology within reimbursement programs.

Sofico Opens New Office in Mexico

To better service its customers in the Central America area, global automotive finance, leasing and fleet software provider Sofico has made its first move into the region by opening an office in Mexico.

Sofico Managing Director, Gémar Hompes, said: “We believe our growth strategy is a key to our continued success. The establishment of local offices assures a close proximity to our customers and helps us in attracting new staff with knowledge of the local market and local languages. We plan to set up additional offices in key European markets in the near future.”


Resources for Global Fleets

By Jay Atcheson, Vice President of Marketing

Organizations with a global footprint rely on a partner with the reach, resources and experience to support their objectives, deliver results and manage their global fleet policies at both local and regional levels.

As the longest standing strategic alliance in the fleet management industry, the Element-Arval Global Alliance is the worldwide leader in fleet management. For more than 20 years, Element Fleet Management and Arval have worked together to meet both the local and global customer needs in 50 countries.

“Implementing a global fleet management program can be complex and time-consuming, but with the right process and partners in place, it can produce tangible results,” says Jim Halliday, President and CEO, Element Fleet Management International. “Global fleet management programs benefit fleet managers as they strive to design and implement unique solutions and manage assets across multiple countries. A single dedicated global account team with localized support works to harmonize fleet policies, and lower total cost of ownership while proprietary digital tools provide fleet performance visibility and optimization across all geographies.”



EVs and Disruption


It’s been 10 years since Apple Inc unleashed a surge of innovation that upended the mobile phone industry.

Electric cars, with a little help from ride-hailing and self-driving technology, could be about to pull the same trick on Big Oil.

The rise of Tesla Inc and its rivals could be turbo charged by complementary services from Uber Technologies Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo unit, just as the iPhone rode the app economy and fast mobile internet to decimate mobile phone giants like Nokia Oyj.



Life and Death


Recently, the “trolley problem,” a decades-old thought experiment in moral philosophy, has been enjoying a second career of sorts, appearing in nightmare visions of a future in which cars make life-and-death decisions for us.

Among many driverless car experts, however, talk of trolleys is très gauche. They call the trolley problem sensationalist and irrelevant.

But this attitude is unfortunate. Thanks to the arrival of autonomous vehicles, the trolley problem will be answered—that much is unavoidable. More importantly, though, that answer will profoundly reshape the way law is administered in America.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Volkswagen Isn’t Bugged by its Plugged-in Future

USA Today

Volkswagen is trying to push past the dieselgate scandal and polish its brand in America around a fresh set of high-tech autos.

Just before heading to a major auto show in Frankfurt, VW brand chief Herbert Diess told an in-house Volkswagen publication the automaker’s future compass will point directly to the new technology –-  electric cars powered entirely by batteries.

“In the old world, it is Toyota, Hyundai, and the French carmakers. In the new world it is Tesla,” Diess said, referring to a nimble California manufacturing startup influencing Detroit, Shanghai, Stuttgart and Tokyo with its electric-car ambitions.


Rural America Less Likely to Buckle Up, More Likely to Die in Car Crash

The Detroit Bureau

Study shows unbelted occupants account for half of deaths.

While seat belt usage rates in the United States are – and have been – above 90% for more than a decade, there is still a “problem” area: rural America.

According to a new study from Centers for Disease Control, America’s most rural counties had motor-vehicle death rates 3 to 10 times higher than those in the most urban counties, largely due to a lack of seatbelt use.


Shell Plans UK’s First ‘No-Petrol’ Station as Journey Towards Clean Motoring Continues

Royal Dutch Shell Group

Royal Dutch Shell is preparing to open Britain’s first “no-petrol” service station in the capital next year as part of its drive towards cleaner motoring.

The forecourt is expected to offer motorists biofuels, electric vehicle charge points and hydrogen cell refuelling instead of traditional petrol and diesel pumps.

Meanwhile, the buildings are due to be powered by ­renewable energy from solar panels on the forecourt roof.


Michelin Wants to Reinvent the Wheel for the Driverless Age

The Verge

They’re completely airless, last virtually forever, and could be the perfect tire for our autonomous future.

Michelin, the 128-year-old tire manufacturer based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, recently unveiled a 3D-printed tire concept that it says could be the ideal ride for self-driving cars. It just needs to figure out how to actually manufacture them first.

Dubbed “Vision,” these spidery, psychedelic-looking sponges are printed from bio-sourced and biodegradable materials, including natural rubber, bamboo, paper, tin cans, wood, electronic and plastic waste, hay, tire chips, used metals, cloth, cardboard, molasses, and orange zest.


Artificial Intelligence


You know a topic is trending when the likes of Tesla’s Elon Musk and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg publicly bicker about its potential risks and rewards.

In this case, Musk says he fears artificial intelligence will lead to World War III because nations will compete for A.I. superiority. Zuckerberg, meanwhile, has called such doomsday scenarios “irresponsible” and says he is optimistic about A.I.

But another tech visionary sees the future as more nuanced. Ray Kurzweil, an author and director of engineering at Google, thinks, in the long run, that A.I. will do far more good than harm.



The Fleet CX Toolkit

By Wendy Eichenbaum

Remember the last time you participated in a product brainstorming session.

You sat with your colleagues in a meeting room, and came up with as many ideas as possible. At the end, everyone organized the ideas into logical groups. The moderator recorded all of the ideas. You went off to your next meeting.

A few months later you heard about the new features for the product. But these were the same ideas that management had discussed all year. What happened to all of those innovative ideas you came up with during the brainstorm?

Brainstorming is a spontaneous method to compile ideas. It allows team members to consider new and better ways to delight the customers. But too often, the effort ends there. Exciting ideas are forgotten in meeting notes. Team members never see their own ideas considered. They feel no sense of ownership, and lose interest in participating. Brainstorming it a great generation tool, but alone it’s not sufficient to generate new designs.



Beyond First Impressions


The list of human foibles is long. The 2015 s+b article “Beyond Bias” lists 24 of the most common biases, including blind spots, the illusion of control, and the concept of sunk costs.

Since the early 2000s, Princeton University psychology professor Alexander Todorov has been studying one of those long-standing human foibles: the first impression.

In his new book, Face Value, Todorov pulls together all he’s learned about first impressions. At first glance — and upon a careful reading — it makes for a fascinating and thorough examination of the subject.


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