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May 17, 2017


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AFLA and Las Vegas

I’m writing from Las Vegas, where I just attended my first AFLA Board Meeting (I’m here because I’m Chair of the AFLA Communications Committee). It’s no big surprise that an organization as wonderful as AFLA is led by a great group of people, but I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know them all a little better.

Speaking of AFLA, their September conference – at the beautiful M Resort and Spa Casino in Las Vegas – isn’t really so far off anymore. Early bird pricing ends on June 9th – have you registered yet?

The Incredible Importance of Driver Training

It’s hard to overstate the importance of safe driving, or driver training. We see dangerous, distracted driving more and more – and it’s terrifying. This week we have an excellent video interview with Kathy Rude, a Senior Driving Instructor at Driving Dynamics, and it is definitely worth watching!

Enjoy this issue, and check in at FleetManagementWeekly.com for daily updates.

Ted Roberts

Thought Leadership

Fleet Marketing – Guiding principles for fleet providers to improve marketing and increase sales.

Fleet Asset Management – Best practices for work truck management.

Globally Speaking — Perspectives on the Multinational Fleets

Customer Driven — Engage your organization to create customer loyalty, trust, and superior service

On Fleet Driver Management Solutions to improve your fleet’s accident rate and cut costs on collision repairs

Safety & Risk — Impactful driver safety and risk management tools and techniques.

The Fleet CX Toolbox – Solid steps to implementing and improving fleet customer experience.

BIG Data. BIG Results. BIG Future– Harnessing big data to achieve big results using cutting edge technology.

Talent Management – Smart guidelines to help you manage the talent in your workplace.

VIDEO: Good Driver Training is More Important Than Ever

People are driving more aggressively than ever. They are also more distracted than ever. The solution? Some really good driver training.

VIDEO: Beyond ELD Compliance

  ELD Compliance, Plus Good User Experience

A new solution from Magellan and Samsung does more than address ELD compliance – it also takes into account improving the user experience for drivers.

VIDEO: Accessible, Actionable Data
  Turning Data Points into Action

Element Fleet’s Strategic Consulting Team is adept at making data accessible to – and actionable for – their clients.

The Fleet Spot

Donlen Names Top Auction Award Winners

Each year, Donlen recognizes top automobile auction partners that work closely with Donlen to bring high levels of service to Donlen’s remarketing program.

“Donlen is fortunate to have so many strong auction partners. The decision to honor a select group was difficult, in that all are such integral contributors to our success,” said Dan Powers, Donlen director of vehicle remarketing.


YourMechanic Launches New Fleet Product to Provide Transparent, Efficient and Custom Solutions for Government, Rental, Rideshare, and Corporate Customers

YourMechanic announced a new fleet product to solve the top challenges facing today’s fleet managers at the NAFA Fleet Management Association 2017 Institute and Expo in Tampa, Florida.

The new product lineup aims to address many challenges facing fleet managers by offering flexible service packages, including on-demand repair delivered directly to the fleet of vehicles, eliminating time and cost to transport out-of-commission vehicles. YourMechanic is also offering preventative maintenance solutions to potential future costs.


A Call to Action: Earn Your Introduction with Content

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Industry Marketer

As any great salesperson will tell you, sales is not about a great product or service, it’s about the customer’s perception of value.

For fleet decision-makers, value is helping to maximize the contribution of the fleet to corporate strategic goals as well as the savings derived from controlling costs.

The more meaningful the value story, the better the chance that a fleet service or product provider can begin or move along the sales process with a fleet decision-maker.

Even if the company has been an industry leader for 100 years, insists that every manager earn a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, regularly wins prestigious “Best of” awards, and reports fantastical total customer savings every quarter … even with all of that, the ability to differentiate the value proposition — in terms that are meaningful to the customer – is the real key to winning and keeping business.


Sofico Prepares Fleets for New EU Data Protection Rules

Global software provider, Sofico, is working with automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility companies to prepare for the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has repercussions for all businesses holding client data and information.

Non-compliance poses a great operational risk for many businesses, as infringements are punishable by fines of up to 20m or 4% of the company’s total worldwide annual turnover, whichever is higher.


Safety & Risk

By Art Liggio, President, Driving Dynamics

I still can remember the first time I got “high” in a car.

I was 16, had just passed my driver’s license test and when I got home, my dad surprised me with the keys to my very first car—a green 1958 English Ford Cortina. Oh boy was that car ugly, but it was mine! I dialed up my buddy (yes, using a rotary telephone) and together we cruised over to the local ice cream parlor in my new ride. The goal, of course, was to impress the girls, and while that didn’t go quite as hoped, it was still a memorable day because it was the first drive in my car. The excitement of owning a car, the independence to go anywhere and the pride of being more grown up gave me an elated feeling—it’s a “high” I’ll never forget.

Today, however, when you hear a story about driving “high” unfortunately it all too often means something very different and much less innocent, and that’s —driving under the influence of drugs.


AFLA in Las Vegas

AFLA is excited to announce that best-selling author and workplace transformation expert Roxanne Emmerich has been added to the program for the Annual Corporate Fleet Conference (AFLA 2017) to be held September 17-20 at the M Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

At AFLA 2017, Roxanne will discuss why almost every business is ‘dead wrong’ with their approach to motivating employees. Specifically, are your people bringing all of their passion, commitment, skills and enthusiasm to the workplace every day? Do you need a way to bring together your fragmented teams to work for one larger vision? Are dysfunctional viruses such as whining, gossip and sabotage contaminating the spirit of winning you want to create?

With a theme of “Your Winning Hand – Align, Advance, Accelerate, Achieve” the conference will feature innovative presentations on hot topics related to the fleet industry.


Talent Management

By Mike Cieri

Coaching involves three main processes: communicating, influencing, and helping.

When communicating, the manager listens (receives messages), initiates and responds (gives messages), and gives feedback.

When influencing, the manager persuades the subordinate to move in a particular direction by positively reinforcing desirable behavior; encourages the subordinate to exercise more autonomy; and fosters the subordinate’s identification with the manager as someone whose experience, skill, and influence are greater than the subordinate’s own.

When helping, the manager expresses concern and empathy for the subordinate, establishes the mutuality of the relationship, and assists the subordinate in identifying his or her developmental needs. During the helping phase of a coaching session, both parties respond to the needs of the other.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Alphabet’s Waymo Teams Up With Lyft to Test Autonomous Cars


Alphabet Inc. is working with Lyft Inc. on a plan to test autonomous cars on the road, escalating a fight with Uber Technologies Inc. by partnering with its main rival in the U.S.

Waymo, an automotive business owned by Google’s parent company, is currently holding public trials on its own using Chrysler minivans equipped with its technology in Phoenix. Uber is also testing autonomous cars there and in other U.S. cities.

“Lyft’s vision and commitment to improving the way cities move will help Waymo’s self-driving technology reach more people, in more places,” Waymo wrote in an emailed statement.


The Unending Struggle to Make Your Car Feel Like Your Phone


The auto industry has something of a problem on its hands.

Mobile technology has progressed so rapidly in the past few years that people have come to expect, if not demand, the same access to entertainment, information, and communication when they’re on the road. Automakers—hardly a nimble group—have been struggling to catch up.

For good reason, too. Durability and safety requirements make it tricky to simply shove the latest mobile tech into the vehicle.


Judge Asks Federal Prosecutors to Investigate Uber in Trade Secret Case

The Washington Post

The stakes are getting higher in a trade secrets case that pits two of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies against each other in a battle over the future of self-driving cars.

A judge asked federal prosecutors Thursday to investigate whether Uber Technologies and one of its executives colluded to steal key technology from Google’s self-driving car project, now known as Waymo, before the executive joined Uber last year.

The possibility of an investigation adds to mounting issues facing Uber and its embattled chief executive, Travis Kalanick.


Even Shared Autonomous Vehicles Could Spell Traffic Disaster

City Lab

A city full of self-driving cars might not be a city you’d want to live in.

This is the nightmare vision of some transportation experts, who fear what a swarm of privately owned robot cars could do to already-congested urban roads and highways. Imagine roads jammed with “zero occupancy vehicles” circling to pick up their owners or run simple errands. The rise in overall vehicle miles-traveled (VMT) would be dizzying.

So, the logic goes, the cars must be shared: Think driver-less versions of the Ubers and Lyfts we already know and love/hate.


Green Car Sales, by State

The Detroit Bureau

It’s often said that you are what you drive. And that apparently translates into how you vote.

A new study reveals that demand for battery-electric vehicles, or BEVs, and other “green” cars is strongest in states that voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election, while sales of environmentally friendly vehicles is generally far lower in states that backed Donald Trump.

“In some parts of the country buyers look at the Toyota Prius as a toy, something real men don’t drive,” said Peter Levy, CEO of the data-based car buying site Carjojo.com. “In other parts of the country, a Tesla and the Chevrolet Bolt are status symbols.”


Fleet Spectator

By Mark Boada, Senior Editor

Billions of dollars have been spent and billions more have been committed to pursuing the ultimate goal of automotive safety: zero accidents.

Whether that goal – literally, not a single crash ever again – is practical, no one denies that future technology will produce a dramatic reduction in collisions, save lives and lessen injuries.

The proof of concept is the success that some of the driver-assist systems that have already been deployed. To date, the most effective system is forward crash avoidance with automatic emergency braking. According to the IIHS, it has proven to reduce rear-end collisions by 40 percent. That’s a remarkable result, especially given that rear-end collisions are the most frequent kind, accounting for some 34 percent of all roadway accidents.

What’s wrong with this picture? Not much, but one nagging question remains: what about the other 60 percent, the rear-enders the technology doesn’t prevent?


Signal Shield

NY Daily News

As other car brands aim to simplify hands-free cellphone use, Nissan has a different approach to help curb those dangerous texting and driving habits – blocking cellphone signals altogether.

Nissan’s new Signal Shield prototype is essentially a Faraday cage built inside the 2017 Juke’s armrest.

Named after its inventor, 19th century English scientist Michael Faraday, a Faraday cage is an enclosure made to block electromagnetic fields. With Nissan’s application of the technology, drivers can place their smartphones inside the bin to prevent themselves from receiving any cellular, Bluetooth or WiFi signals.


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