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April 11, 2017


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An Anniversary to Remember!

We are two weeks away from the start of NAFA Institute & Expo, celebrating its Diamond Anniversary in beautiful Tampa. NAFA is offering an agenda filled with superb educational sessions and outstanding networking opportunities — so much to enjoy at this year’s conference of fleet professionals from all over the world. There is still time to register.

NAFA has some exciting events planned this year for the Expo, where our industry suppliers show off their newest products. If you are an exhibitor or fleet supplier at the conference, Ed Pierce’s handy ‘Checklist for Exhibitors: How to Get the Most Out of NAFA I&E’ is a must-read.

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Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief


Thought Leadership

Fleet Marketing – Guiding principles for fleet providers to improve marketing and increase sales.

Fleet Asset Management – Best practices for work truck management.

Globally Speaking — Perspectives on the Multinational Fleets

Customer Driven — Engage your organization to create customer loyalty, trust and superior servic

On Fleet Driver Management Learn ways to save money on your fleet’s collision repair costs.

Safety & Risk — Impactful driver safety and risk management tools and techniques.

The Fleet CX Toolbox – Solid steps to implementing and improving fleet customer experience.

BIG Data. BIG Results. BIG Future–  Harnessing big data to achieve big results using cutting edge technology.

Talent Management – Smart guidelines to help you manage the talent in your workplace.

VIDEO: EVs are Still Better Positioned for Future Trends

Regardless of the federal political climate, quite often the reality is that EVs just simply do a better job. That’s especially true for delivery trucks, garbage trucks and school buses.

VIDEO: Work Truck Solutions

  Find the Work Trucks You Need, More Quickly and Efficiently

Work Truck Solutions is tackling one of the biggest problems in the industry: how to find the exact work truck you need – as quickly and efficiently as possible.

VIDEO: A Smart Fuel Card
  A Fuel Card, and a Partnership

There are plenty of fuel cards for fleets to choose from, but the program from Shell has something more to offer — a true partnership.

The Fleet Spot

2018 Ford F-150, Expedition Special Service Vehicles Help Police, Government, Fleet Customers go Further

Automotive World

They might be the only new vehicles sold in the United States with high-strength aluminum-alloy bodies, vinyl seats and 10-speed column-mounted shifters – just the way their customers want them.

For its law enforcement, government and fleet customers, Ford is unveiling its new 2018 F-150 Special Service Vehicle and all-new 2018 Expedition Special Service Vehicle designed to meet their very specific needs.


Don’t Forget to Register for LeasePlan’s Upcoming Webinar, the ABCs of ELD!

Can’t make it? No problem. Register for the webinar and we will send you a link to watch on your own time!

The new ELD mandate is approaching, and that means paper driving logs are a thing of the past.

On April 11, 2:00 pm EST, join LeasePlan USA’s Dan Shive and EnVue’s Randy Read, to find out the basics on this new regulation — and what you need to do about it.


Edmunds Analysis Says Tax Credit Cuts Put Mainstream Electric Vehicle Market in Jeopardy

New research finds financial incentives don’t encourage mass adoption of EV technology but are vital to sustaining sales

As companies such as Tesla and General Motors launch new electric vehicles (EVs) designed to attract the masses, a new report from Edmunds shows that without generous tax incentives, it will be challenging for either company to meet sales goals for these vehicles.

“With gas prices at a relative low and the popularity of SUVs and trucks hitting all-time highs, the EV market is at a crossroads,” said Jessica Caldwell, executive director of industry analysis for Edmunds.


WEX Webinar on Big Data and Fleets Ahead of NAFA

It’s no secret that data and analytics impact the fleet industry on many levels.

But what exactly does this mean and how can managers leverage these technologies?

Join an insightful NAFA webinar –  “How to Make Big Data Practical for your Fleet” — featuring three key executives from the WEX, Inc. fleet team: Kurt Thearling, VP Analytics, Katherine Ferguson, VP Marketing and Bernie Kavanagh, SVP & General Manager, North America Large Fleet.


On Fleet Driver Management

Outsourcing subrogation provides fleets with a dedicated team whose sole focus is on collecting every dollar that is rightfully owed to the fleet.

By Kevin Reilly, Editorial Communications Manager, The CEI Group, Inc.

Subrogation can be a great tool to ensure fair compensation after an accident, but many fleets end up leaving money on the table; money that the fleet could have collected if they had an experienced team pursuing every possible dollar that can be collected from the at-fault third party.

The process of collection through subrogation is often complex, time-consuming, and riddled with obstacles that make it difficult for a fleet to “dabble” with subrogation. Luckily, there are experts to help fleets through the process.


Speaking on Leadership

Phil Russo: “Doug Keeley will inspire and educate I&E attendees, and he is the perfect speaker to kick off the 2017 conference during NAFA’s diamond anniversary.”

For 60 years, NAFA has understood that leadership is integral to every organization’s success and is a necessary skill for all professionals to master. With this necessity in mind, NAFA proudly announces that Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller of The Mark of a Leader, will be the Keynote Speaker for the Association’s annual conference, the 2017 Institute & Expo, April 25-28 in Tampa, Florida.

Recognized as one of North America’s most successful communicators, Keeley will bring his insight and the concepts of Five Level Leadership, a core principle of the Mark of a Leader program, to attendees in an engaging presentation. His program has impacted companies like ADP, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Disney, Frito-Lay, General Mills, HP, Microsoft, Pepsi-QTG, RBC, Scotiabank, Starbucks, TD Bank, Universal Studios, Xerox, and many other corporations, associations, and schools.


Talent Management

Emotional Intelligence is worth the investment and can easily be learned via coaching.

By Mike Cieri, MSIR, Vice President of Mardac Consultants

What moves the world? Oil? Money? Technology? These are certainly some of the levers that sometimes cause conditions in our world to change very significantly, but in fact, they are only tools. What engages these tools to affect our life conditions — for better or for worse — are the decisions of individual human beings. Here is the big news: Some of the most critical steps in making good decisions are emotional!

How many times have you heard: “This is a critical decision everyone, let’s make sure it’s emotional”? More likely than not, you’ve actually heard the reverse. But in a world that only grows more complex daily, we need to be accessing the full range of our decision-making skills more consciously, and that takes emotional intelligence.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Soon, Your Car May Be Able to Read Your Expressions

The New York Times

When you shop for cat food online, Amazon knows who you are. When you look for the best airfares for summer vacation, Google knows who you are. Soon, when you get behind the wheel, your car may recognize you, too.

Using cameras with facial recognition software and other biometric indicators, automakers are looking to personalize the driving experience with cars that stare back at you, quietly adjusting seats and driving modes.

They may even anticipate your wants and desires by playing your favorite music based on your mood.


PSA Makes Tenuous Return to U.S. After 26-Year Absence

The Detroit Bureau

You can’t buy a Peugeot or Citroen in the U.S. But you might soon be able to drive one.

PSA, the parent of those two French brands, has launched a new car-sharing service in Los Angeles, called Free2Move, that it’s billing as its “first step” for what may soon become a return to the American market.

PSA was one of a number of European brands that left the U.S. in the 1990s, and the company has openly regretted that decision ever since, frequently suggesting it would make a return.


How Conniving Carmakers Caused the Diesel Air Pollution Crisis

The Guardian

Conniving car makers and their lobbying might, assisted by the 2008 financial crash, were the key factors in producing the diesel-fuelled air pollution crisis the UK is struggling with today, according to key observers of the disaster.

Earlier government decisions to incentivise diesel vehicles, which produce less climate-warming carbon dioxide, sparked the problem but were made in good faith.

The heart of the disaster is instead a giant broken promise: the motor industry said it would clean up diesel but instead cheated and dodged the rules for years.


Hyperloop One Completes Test Track, Exploring U.S. Routes


Hyperloop One has announced the completion of a test Hyperloop track in Nevada, and is showcasing 11 potential Hyperloop routes across the U.S. as it pushes what it’s calling its “Vision for America.”

Hyperloop One is the most visible of three startups now pursuing Elon Musk’s proposal for a near-supersonic ground transportation system, which it touts as a potential economic game-changer.

The test track, which the company calls DevLoop, is actually not a loop at all, but a 500-meter straight shot.


Are You Ready for NAFA?

NAFA Institute & Expo opens in Tampa in less than two weeks. Are you ready?

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Industry Marketer

  1. Confirm who is attending the show from your company. What IT staff, customer service people, management, and sales reps are necessary to support the booth during exhibit hours and company events? If a sales rep has not arranged any customer or prospect meetings, why go?
  2. Release a NAFA I&E information packet for all company attendees with NAFA schedule of events; company activities and assignments (especially booth duty and competitive information-gathering). Explain what sales reps’ post-NAFA activity reports should include: Customer/prospect names? Meeting locations? Sales objectives? Goals achieved?
  3. Finalize media interviews for your executives or SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) with all pertinent press (whom marketing has already determined will be there).

No More Cheap, Easy Credit?


On countless occasions in recent years, the U.S. auto industry has relied on cheap and easy credit from Wall Street to get it through rough patches.

Not this time.

With both bad loans and interest rates on the rise, financial institutions are becoming more selective in doling out credit for new-car purchases, adding to the pressure for automakers already up against the wall with sliding sales, swelling inventories and a used-car glut.


The New York Auto Show


President Trump isn’t expected to show up at the New York Auto Show this week, but his presence will be felt with the reveal of every new model.

Many of the cars making their debut at the show are larger and thirstier, reflecting a new era in which Trump administration may ease gas-mileage targets and slow the adoption of other regulations. The administration says its goal is to put the U.S. auto industry on a solid path and promote American jobs.

To a large extent, Trump can take advantage of a trend that was already in progress in an era of cheap gas — the nation’s transition from cars to crossovers, sport-utility vehicles, and pickup trucks. The big losers are smaller cars, which helped the nation save on gas during the Obama administration.


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