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November 29, 2016


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Coming Soon: New FASB Rules

The long awaited changes to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) rules for vehicle leases will take effect in 2018, but fleets will need to prepare for the new rules well in advance.

Mike Quimby, Senior VP & General Manager at Element Fleet Management has written an excellent article to guide us. Fleet Managers – Preparing for the New FASB Rules, tells us what the new regulations mean to fleet managers and gives us some tips on working with our internal finance teams.

We congratulate Munich-based Fleet Logistics and CEO Dr Jörg Löffler as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. No longer just a player in Europe, Fleet Logistics has expanded its global reach with a series of strategic moves.

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Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

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VIDEO: Element Fleet’s Two Major Service Centers

Element Fleet decided early on in the integration process to maintain two major service centers – one in Sparks, Maryland, and one in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

VIDEO: Women in Fleet Management
  Inspiration at the Women in Fleet Management Event in San Diego

Carolyn Edwards recounts the excitement of seeing Susan Lund speak on how to ignite your selling potential – at the Women in Fleet Management event that was held in conjunction with AFLA in San Diego.

VIDEO: The One Second Advantage
  Winter Driving Safety Tips

Smart winter driving safety tips from Driving Dynamics — a one-second advantage can make a world of difference.

The Fleet Spot

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jorg-loffler-2 Fleet Logistics Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Structure, Logo and Website

Fleet Logistics, Europe’s largest independent fleet management provider, is commemorating 20 years on the international fleet management scene with a series of new developments to mark the occasion.

Dr Jörg Löffler, chief executive officer of the Fleet Logistics Group, said the new developments marked the continued progression of the company towards becoming one truly global brand. The year 2016 represents an important landmark in the history of Fleet Logistics as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.”


Jeff Schlesinger3 Texting and Driving — A Dangerous Cocktail

Cell phones are the savior of time and the killer of drivers

By Jeff Schlesinger

Texting and driving is a dangerous cocktail. Everyone talks about it, but are policies being created to protect the drivers, the passengers, the company and the public?

Cell phones are the savior of time and the killer of drivers. Instituting a no-text policy is no longer a discussion item; it should be mandatory for all corporate fleets.


Holman logo NAFA Announces Holman Parts Distribution Fleet As Newest Sustainability-Accredited Fleet

NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA) is pleased to announce its next accredited fleet via NAFA’s Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program is the fleet of Holman Parts Distribution.

The company joins an ever-growing list of NAFA-accredited fleets that have successfully demonstrated that a credible sustainability plan is in place, and real, meaningful progress is being made toward reducing their total emissions and the negative environmental impact via extraneous carbon fuel usage


Fleet Asset Management

By Mike Quimby, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Element Fleet Management

If you’re a fleet manager, chances are you’re aware that the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is moving forward with a new standard requiring companies and organizations to include lease obligations on their balance sheets.

“We believe that this new standard is important because it will provide investors, lenders and other users of financial statements a more accurate picture of the long-term financial obligations of the companies to which they provide capital,” said FASB Chairman Russell G. Golden in a press release.

There are two popular types of fleet leases, open-end and closed-end leases. Historically, businesses and organizations have used operating leases to keep assets off of their balance sheets, effectively treating lease payments as a rental expense. This is commonly referred to as the risk and reward method, as the lessor takes on the risks and rewards of asset ownership.

While the rule doesn’t go into effect until 2018, companies need to start thinking about how they will implement the new rules now.


Scoring Driving

San Francisco Chronicle

Two Bay Area companies — FICO and eDriving — next month will introduce a smartphone app that gathers information about your driving behavior and turns it into a score similar to FICO’s famous credit scores.

The FICO Safe Driving Score could be used by employers to monitor workers who drive on the job, by parents to assess their teen drivers and by couples to prove once and for all which spouse is the better driver.

EDriving’s core business is providing driver’s education to beginning drivers, employees who drive a company car and people going to traffic school after getting a ticket. “We are the largest provider of fleet driver safety programs,” said Celia Stokes, eDriving’s CEO.


Vehicle Hacking


Hackers can steal your car—and a lot more—through your phone.

An often-asserted downside of internet-connected vehicles is that they’re subject to various forms of hacking, including theft.

On Wednesday, a Norwegian security company called Promon claimed to have found something like the Holy Grail of vehicle hacking—by compromising a Tesla owner’s Android phone, they could take control of Tesla’s mobile app and steal the car.

The hack relies on tricking a Tesla owner into downloading a malicious app, for instance through a spoofed public Wi-Fi hotspot that would direct them to a deceptive Google Play download.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Self-Driving Cars Will Love the Driving Hell That Is Boston


Boston is famous for horrendous traffic, labyrinthine roads laid out by ale-swilling colonials, brutal winters, and, according to an actual study, America’s worst drivers. All of which makes it the perfect place for autonomous vehicles.

You’ll see them zipping around south Boston within weeks as local startup nuTonomy begins testing its tech in a fleet of electric Renaults. The announcement comes two months after Uber launched the country’s first autonomous taxi service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Driverless Vehicle Makers Push Back on Data Sharing, Fleet Size

Pittsburgh Post- Gazette

More test cars on the road, fewer human-enabled controls like steering wheels and brake pedals, and more protections for sensitive industry information are all on the wish list this year for developers working to make vehicles fully autonomous.

In comments filed on Tuesday, the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets — founded in April and led by Uber, Google, Lyft, Ford and Volvo — urged federal authorities to loosen guidelines issued in September on the testing and deployment of fully autonomous vehicles.


Remanufactured Vehicles Produce Big Savings for Fleets

Total Landscape Care

Hmmmm … it’s half the cost of a new truck and it comes with a 3-year/75,000-mile warranty?


A vehicle remanufacturer in Tyler, Texas, rebuilds fleet vehicles, including trucks and vans, in a short amount of time and can save fleet owners plenty of money.

“The guy or gal who owns a new fleet is going to save half the cost of a new vehicle and run it for twice as long. Someone please tell me what’s wrong with this model,” Vehicle Reman Marketing Director Steve Belden told Hard Working Trucks.


Operation, Testing Data Could Drive Autonomous Vehicle Safety, Regulations


As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration works to safely integrate autonomous vehicles onto the nation’s roadways, lawmakers and industry advocates are wrestling with the federal government’s role in regulating a rapidly evolving – and potentially life-saving —  technology.

At a Nov. 16 hearing of the Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies, Chairman Sen. Susan M. Collins (R-Maine) called for balance between innovation and oversight to “help ensure that automakers are able to bring the safety and mobility benefits of autonomous vehicles into the marketplace without unnecessary government regulations.”


Locking Apps During Driving?

The Detroit News

Groups that lobby for carmakers and technology companies are accusing President Barack Obama’s administration of overreaching in its final days with its proposal to ask phone companies to lock most of their popular applications during driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing a new rule that would ask manufacturers of phones and other electronic devices to voluntarily lock most applications that could distract drivers when cars are in motion.

Under the proposal, features like internet browsing and texting would be blocked on phones that are paired to the on-board computer systems of cars.


Disruptive Trends

McKinsey & Company

As four technology trends reshape the global automotive sector, customer preferences are moving away from its traditional strongholds, such as chassis and engine development.

This shift in customer preferences and the sheer size of the automotive sector have attracted new players: a potent mix of large high-tech companies and start-ups. Both differ from the automotive incumbents on virtually every level.

These new entrants and the disruptive trends they bring—electrification, autonomous driving, diverse mobility, and connectivity—will transform typically vertically integrated automotive value chains into a complex, horizontally structured ecosystem.


The Best Insurance Deals

The New York Times

Are people better off when they buy things from companies that don’t have public shareholders they need to please?

The answer, at least in the nearly $200 billion auto insurance industry, appears to be yes.

That’s the conclusion of a new and comprehensive study examining the claims-paying histories of more than 300 auto insurers in the last five years.

The analysis was conducted by ValChoice, a data analytics company that aims to bring some transparency to the opaque insurance market.


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