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May 3, 2016


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Digital Marketing Goes Mainstream

Fleet marketing expert Ed Pierce writes a popular monthly column for Fleet Management Weekly. In his latest article, he talks to the power of digital marketing. Ed says, “In 2016, no company can develop a comprehensive integrated marketing plan without digital components.” How could we disagree with that!

We proudly support Women in Fleet Management (WiFM). Carolyn Edwards, founder of WiFM, and Strategic Accounts Vice President of Client Relations at LeasePlan USA, offers us a delightful video clip about the dynamic organization.

We are working in the UK for much of this month and are excited about attending our first Fleet World Fleet Show, next Wednesday, May 11th, at the Silverstone Circuit, Britain’s famed motor race track forum!

Janice Sutton
Editor in Chief

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VIDEO: Significant Growth Continues for Fleet Logistics

The last few years have been a time of tremendous growth all around the world for Munich-based Fleet Logistics – and the growth continues with a new Singapore hub, and plans to move into South America very soon.

VIDEO: WiFM on the Move
  Women in Fleet Mangement

LeasePlan’s Carolyn Edwards – the founder of Women in Fleet Management – talks about the organization, its origins and its plans for the future!

VIDEO: Procurement and Fleet
  What the Institute for Supply Management Has to Offer Fleet Professionals

As more and more fleets are reporting to the Procurement Department, the Institute for Supply Management wants to make more fleet professionals aware of its unique value proposition.

The Fleet Spot

Tom Bessinger Tom Bessinger Joins Donlen as VP Sales for the West Territory

Donlen has named Tom Bessinger Vice President of Sales for the West Territory. Bessinger brings with him extensive experience with 20 years in sales leadership roles including 14 years in the fleet industry.

“Tom’s deep expertise in fleet and his consultative approach will be terrific assets to our team and customers as we continue to innovate and expand our solutions to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of their fleet operations,” said Rachel Hands, SVP of Sales and Client Relations.


martines-robert Robert Martines Named NAFA’s Affiliate Trustee

Robert Martines, President and Chief Executive Officer of accident management and safety provider Corporate Claims Management, has been tapped to become NAFA Fleet Management Association’s Affiliate Trustee, effective April 19. He succeeds Joe McDonald, who will be pursuing opportunities outside of the automotive fleet segment.

Regarding his appointment, Martines said, “(I feel) a sense of appreciation and recognition for my years of dedication to NAFA. (The Board of Trustees’) faith in my character, honesty, and integrity; as well as my willingness stand firm on doing what was right for NAFA; made it easy for me to say yes. The reception from the other Board members who welcomed me with open arms really solidified that I made the right decision as well.”


Savings Donlen Reduces Risk and Cost for Fleets with New Proactive Violation Management Solution

Donlen announces the launch of their all-new Violation Management program, which can help fleets save up to 80% compared with traditional violation processing methods.

“Our program is a proactive solution for violation management with transfer of liability directly to the driver for most violations,” said Kim Howard, Donlen licensing services manager. “By switching from the pay and collect model, transfer of liability eliminates the need to seek reimbursement from drivers and can significantly reduce overall violation spend.”

Donlen’s new Violation Management program reduces risk and cuts costs for fleets by automatically linking violations with the drivers responsible and transferring liability for violations directly to the drivers who incur them.


2 seconds to click Are Your Employees Buckling Up?

U.S. employers are collectively spending an extra $5 billion per year on traffic crashes involving employees who did not wear a seat belt while driving or riding as a passenger, whether they were on the job or off.

To help employers improve seat belt usage among employees and, in turn, reduce the human and financial toll of traffic crashes on the workplace, NETS has developed a free online toolkit called 2seconds2click.


Fleet Marketing

By Ed Pierce, Fleet Industry Marketer

When I saw the conclusions of Gartner Group’s most recent CMO Study, I was perplexed. Digital marketing is everywhere. In 2016, no company can develop a comprehensive integrated marketing plan without digital components.

As it turns out, that was exactly the point of Gartner’s report: digital marketing is officially mainstream.

“There is little doubt that digital marketing is now mainstream,” said Yvonne Genovese, group vice president at Gartner. “Marketers no longer make a clear distinction between offline and online marketing disciplines. As customers opt for digitally-led experiences, digital marketing stops being a discrete discipline and instead becomes the context for all marketing.”

Two main factors are driving marketers’ interest in digital commerce: the need to point to tangible results from marketing investments, and the recognition that companies need more than a commerce platform to sell.


Fleet Asset Management

By Mike Quimby, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Element Fleet Management

From electronic log books to evolving safety standards, there are many changes happening within the trucking industry.

Now new measures are being put in place to ensure transportation practices don’t create safety hazards for the food we (and our pets) consume. Last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized a final rule on new requirements for the sanitary transportation of food by truck and rail. This new development requires shippers and motor carriers to ensure fleet vehicles are properly refrigerated and cleaned when transporting food.


Safety Impacts the Bottom Line

Safety — Without question, it’s the most important aspect of operating in the fleet space — period.

No matter who you are — or what kind of business you operate — safety is the cornerstone of success. Not just for big fleet management companies, but for the suppliers, vendors and partners who work with them on a regular basis. After all, if a fleet is going to be completely safety-focused, then it has to choose partners and vendors that operate with the same emphasis on safety as well.

But, have you ever thought about the ramifications of operating without a complete focus on safety and compliance?

And more important, have you ever considered the true costs of choosing partners or vendors without longstanding safety protocols, comprehensive training and strict adherence to compliance? Or about the many ways — both obvious and not — that your fleet can be impacted by a supplier that isn’t completely safety focused?


Fleet Trends & Issues

Taxis May Lead Autonomous Car Wave in 5 Years

The Detroit News

The biggest barrier to the adoption of self-driving cars will be legal issues, not the technology itself, according to a Delphi Automotive executive.

Jeff Owens, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President at the Gillingham, U.K.-based supplier, expects the first cars controlled totally by computer technology on city streets within five years, but for the general public it could be 10 years away.

“The first autonomous vehicles will probably be taxis,” Owens said in a telephone interview from his Detroit office.


XL Hybrids’ XL Link Measures Fleet Vehicle Performance


XL Hybrids, Inc. has introduced XL Link, a cloud-based data analytics system that measures key performance indicators, including MPG performance, and reports carbon dioxide emissions reductions in fleet gasoline-electric hybrids.

XL Link is currently measuring key performance indicators in vehicles equipped with XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive Systems for major fleets such as Boston, Yale University, AmeriPride Services, and Montgomery County, Md., according to the company.


9 Reasons Why Fiat Chrysler-Google Partnership Makes Sense

Detroit Free Press

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne says repeatedly automakers must consider partnerships with other automakers and tech giants like Apple and Google.

For those paying close attention over past year, reports that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is in advanced discussions with Alphabet Inc.’s self-driving car division about a technology partnership is not a complete surprise.

Marchionne, who also has courted General Motors for a mega-merger, has also met with Apple, Google and Tesla over the past year.


Volvo to Electrify its Entire Fleet, Will Release Battery-Electric Vehicle in 2019

Road Show

Gas is nice and cheap right now, but it’s not going to stay that way forever.

That’s why, despite the continuation of strong truck and SUV sales, automakers are still working to add electricity into the mix. Volvo’s just announced a very ambitious goal of selling one million electrified cars by 2025.

Now, “electrified” doesn’t infer that every vehicle will be a full-on, battery-electric cruiser.


Distracted Driving

The New York Times

People should never text and drive. That’s the message from carmakers and governments, just like “drink responsibly” is the watchword of distillers, the fine print admonition you find in their ads near the image of the woman in a bikini scarfing cocktails at the volleyball net and inviting you to join the fun. Talk about mixed messages.

Of course people should never text and drive. Many of the suggestions offered in this debate have promise and merit. But while a lot of talk is devoted to stopping texting while driving, what’s really going on is that our automobiles and laws are changing to allow us to do just this: text while driving.


Driving, Alcohol and Teens

Science Daily

Motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) are the leading cause of death among U.S. teens.

In 2012, 184,000 young drivers were injured in MVCs, and 23 percent of young drivers (15 — 20 years old) involved in fatal MVCs had consumed alcohol.

One policy that may reduce alcohol-use behaviors and impaired driving among young people at a population level is graduated driver licensing (GDL), which increases the driving privileges of young novice drivers as they age and gain more driving experience.


Dragging Down MPG

The Detroit Bureau

Wondering what might be dragging down the mileage on your sporty new SUV or crossover? Look no further than your roof. According to a new study, roof racks may cost drivers as much as 25% more in gas usage.

Researchers in the first-of-its-kind study discovered that in in 2015, these popular add-ons were accounting for nearly 1% of all light-duty vehicle gasoline consumption.


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