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September 1, 2015


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The Metamorphosis of Fleet

Fleet marketing executive Ed Pierce speaks of a paradigm shift in the character of fleet in his engrossing monthly column, A Call to Action: The Metamorphosis of Fleet Management into Workforce Mobility Management.’ He says, “Clearly, the corporate fleet management role is being transformed before our eyes.”

Pierce adds, “As a fleet product and service provider, the implications of this metamorphosis are dramatic with new obstacles, but new opportunities, too.”

Enjoy this issue, and be sure to check in at FleetManagementWeekly.com for daily updates.

Janice Sutton
Executive Editor

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VIDEO: August 2015 Used Car Industry Update

Jonathan Banks, executive analyst at The Used Car Guide division of J.D. Power and Associates, recaps how the used car and light truck market performed during the month of July.

VIDEO: The Power of Social Telematics
  When Drivers Compete, Everybody Wins

Social Telematics is a great way to build a more positive culture, with happier drivers and improved overall ROI.

VIDEO: Making Sense of the European Market
  Reducing the Complexity of European Fleets

Fleet Logistics is the biggest fleet management company in Europe – and they help a lot of American clients make sense of the European market.

The Fleet Spot

Education NAFA Launches Individualized Fleet Education Certificate Program

NAFA Fleet Management Association announces the launch of its new fleet education single certificate program. This certificate program will empower more fleet professionals to take advantage of the industry standard in fleet knowledge.

NAFA’s individual certificates of completion offer education on the individual fleet disciplines that comprise the Certified Automotive Fleet Management (CAFM®) curriculum will now be available in segmented form, with a certificate of completion for the student after successfully testing on each fleet discipline of their choice.


Element financial Element Financial Closes the Acquisition of GE Capital’s US-Based Fleet Operations

Element Financial Corporation just announced that it has closed the U.S.-based portion of the previously announced acquisition of the remaining North American fleet management operations of General Electric Capital Corporation and expects to close the acquisition of GE Capital’s fleet management operations in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand on September 30, 2015, subject to customary closing conditions. Element previously acquired the Canadian operations of GE Capital’s fleet management business in June of 2013.

“The fleet management industry is a primary focus for Element Financial Corporation as a platform for delivering strong cash flows for our business, leading-edge products and services for our customers, challenging career opportunities for our employees and attractive returns for our investors,” noted Bradley Nullmeyer, Element Financial Corporation’s President.


Glen Villano Merchants Fleet Management one of Best Places to Work for in NH

Merchants Fleet Management is proud to announce its award of the 2015 Best Company to work for in NH.

“We are truly ecstatic that Business NH Magazine has recognized Merchants Fleet Management as one of the Best Places to Work,” said Glen Villano, CEO. “The business has experienced explosive growth in recent years. We have hired great local talent and recruited staff to our Chicago offices as well. What’s so amazing to me is that through this evolution, we have not forgotten our roots and still have a focus on the Singer family values” said Villano.


DSWW #PlanAhead – Your Key to Driving Safely

Drive Safely Work Week 2015 toolkit launched

The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) today launched a free comprehensive online toolkit to help employers plan ahead for Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW), the October workplace campaign that seeks to improve the safety of employees, employee family members and their communities. The toolkit may be downloaded at: www.trafficsafety.org.


Fleet Marketing

By Ed Pierce, Founder, ITA Fleet Communications

Anyone involved with marketing in the fleet industry can’t help but read the news from Europe about “mobility management” despite scant relevancy to North American fleets. Is it a European-only phenomenon? What are the implications for fleet managers? How will it impact fleet product and service providers?

First of all, the term is confusing. Google (yes, used as a verb) “mobility management,” and there are myriad topics, companies and services related to everything from mobile devices to senior mobility. A search of “multi-modal mobility management,” provides a lesson in government transportation planning. There’s very little, if anything, related to North American fleets.

An understanding of the term among fleet people generally is lacking. There is a pervasive misperception that mobility management involves adding bicycles, web-based minicab services, and bus route schedules to a fleet operation. This oversimplification is understandable given the inherent complexity of the topic.

However, by looking at more familiar business trends, the move to workforce mobility management makes sense.


Fleet Asset Management

By Keith Trumbull

It is important to develop a material handling strategy that works for your organization. Executing a strategy that can be implemented company-wide will help to make the best decisions for your material handling equipment management.

An effective global strategy is dependent on many variables, so we recommend first developing a country-level strategy. It can be challenging to apply one standardized policy to each of the markets in which a company operates due to differences in local markets. These variations include OEM options, equipment availability, leasing structures, and workplace regulations.

With these challenges in mind, we suggest the following best practices to implement a global strategy:


Connected Fleets in Atlanta

November 16-17 in Atlanta

With the explosion of big data, a wealth of opportunity has arisen in the fleet space with driver management, 3rd party data integration and new data mining and analysis techniques, lighting the path to a far more efficient fleet.

But with this level of connectivity comes risk. Hackers are now a real and present danger and new Uber-inspired business models need to be mastered.

At Connected Fleets USA we will explore these topics in detail to ensure your solutions are aligned with the fleet market’s latest requirements.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 30+ speakers including Navistar, Leaseplan, John Deere and Donlen discuss how to integrate, analyze and secure data from the vehicle, driver and infrastructure for fleet efficiency
  • Independently researched sessions on data, cyber-security, infrastructure, autonomy, and driver management to give you that crucial edge over your competitors
  • With 300+ senior attendees this is the perfect opportunity to speak to your peers and find out how the industry is tackling the latest innovations in the connected fleet space

Download the brochure here: tu-auto.com/connected-fleets

Fleet Trends & Issues

Business Travelers Warming Up to Car-Sharing

Despite the attention being paid to Uber and Lyft, rental car companies are proliferating, seeking to serve a growing market of younger travelers and their ever-changing tastes, experts say.

“Vehicles are more free-floating, going where the customers are, rather than where the companies would like them to be,” says Neil Abrams, president of the Abrams Consulting Group in Purchase, N.Y.


Idaho Rates Best for Drivers; Louisiana the Worst

The Detroit Bureau

Want to drive on the cheap? Consider moving to someplace with wide-open spaces.

Tired of spending so much to keep your car running, gassed up and insured? If you’re looking to cut costs, you might consider moving to a place with wide-open spaces, according to a new study that ranks the best and worst states for drivers.


Gubenatorial Candidates Focus on Reducing State Vehicle Fleet

Mark Ballard/The Advocate

In his first campaign commercial, U.S. Sen. David Vitter says he would reduce the number of vehicles in state government to save a couple hundred million dollars.

“Today’s budget mess? My plan ends the waste, like eliminating thousands of unnecessary state cars,” Vitter tells the viewer in a TV spot that debuted last week.


Study: Investing in New Fleet Vehicles Would Save Operators, Down the Road

The Orange County Register

Fleet owners reluctant to pay for equipment upgrades under pending changes to fuel efficiency regulations may take comfort in future cost savings projected in a report commissioned by Calstart, a transportation industry group.

The new rules put forward by the Obama administration would require a 24 percent reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for trucks starting in 2021, and 8 percent for trailers in 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Efficiencies and Savings


HP is a big company with over 300,000 employees and it has a fleet of about 6,000 company-owned vehicles. When you own 6,000 cars, any efficiencies you can squeeze out of them could mean big savings.

HP’s fleet managers placed tracking devices in about 100 vehicles to collect a variety of data including location, speed, when the car is on or off, etc.

What did it learn? Some of the insights were not that exciting: 70% of trips were on weekdays; 75% were 13 miles or less; 80% were between 7 AM and 5 PM.


Think Global. Plan Local.

“As telematics become increasingly standard, companies could be found liable for not integrating it into their fleets because the technology does exist, it is available and is also widely used,”

A global survey recently conducted by LeasePlan revealed that the use of telematics leads to increased driver safety, fewer accident claims and a considerable reduction in fuel consumption. The survey, which involved 3,377 drivers in 20 countries worldwide, concluded that driver behavior can be positively impacted by telematics.


Rethinking Mobility

Marc Sibbald/Financial Review

In 2015 mobility is a word being used in fleet management tenders and forward thinking organisations as they look for more efficient ways to move their employees around.

Questions are being asked about how many vehicles are needed to run a business and what is the most efficient way to get people from A to B.


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