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April 28, 2015


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Changing for the Better

The topic of ‘Change’ was heard frequently at this year’s NAFA I&E, and for good reason: the fleet industry (like many other industries) are in a state of constant and accelerated change. In today’s first video, CEI’s Wayne Smolda speaks eloquently about change and volatility.

One of the benefits of change is that it can make systems and processes better, safer, and more effective. In today’s second video, X2o’s Wally Ghnaim talks about how a great telematics solution improved his fleet via a significant reduction in reckless driving. And, in the third video, Donlen’s Tom Sloan speaks to some major changes happening in the dynamic field of telematics.

Keep embracing change, with the aim of constantly bettering your fleet.

Ted Roberts
COO & Chief Content Officer

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VIDEO: Opportunity (and Volatility) in the Fleet Market

It’s an exciting time in the fleet industry, and changes and opportunities are everywhere you look.

VIDEO: Safer Driving & Decreased Driver Turnover
  A Significant Reduction in Reckless Driving

Safer driving and decreased driver turnover are just two of many positive outcomes X2o saw once they implemented the telematics solution from Azuga Fleet Mobile.

VIDEO: Change is Coming
  A New Evolution of Telematics

It’s an exciting time in the telematics industry, and we’re likely to see some major changes in the next couple of years.

The Fleet Spot

donlen-50 Donlen Reaches 50-Year Milestone in the Fleet Industry

Founded on April 27, 1965, Donald “Don” Rappeport and Leonard “Len” Vine started a family run business focused on the growing fleet leasing and management industry. Built upon attentive customer service and revolutionary technology, they were ready to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Donlen is now part of the Hertz family, with over 300 full time employees, and a global reach through its various partners and Hertz global footprint. Donlen continues to build innovative fleet technology that empowers its customers to focus on their core business. Strategic consulting and dedicated customer service remains the core foundation of Donlen’s continued success.


Safety-first How to Guide: Implementing a Distracted Driving Policy

With an estimated 1 in 4 crashes involving distraction, your fleet drivers are at an increased risk everyday.

Distracted Driving Month is ending soon and it’s a good time to evaluate your fleet’s distracted driving policy or create one.

A distracted driving policy will guide your fleet drivers to safer driving decisions and good driving habits. However, creating one is no easy task with today’s reliance on mobile devices in the workplace.

Download the LeasePlan tip sheet today for helpful ideas on how to implement a distracted driving policy.

Luann Dunkerley CEI to Show NPTC Conference Attendees Three Ways Work Truck Fleets Can Save Millions of Dollars

The CEI Group Inc. (CEI) will show attendees at the National Private Truck Council’s 2015 Education and Management Conference next week how it has saved work trucks fleets millions of dollars a year in accident-related expenses.

“CEI saves truck fleets money by preventing accidents,  recovering accident repairs costs from third-party drivers and reducing repair expenses,” said Luann Dunkerley, the CEI regional sales manager heading the company’s team at the event  Cincinnati, Ohio from Sunday, April 26-28. CEI will be exhibiting at Booth # 933 in the Duke Energy Center.


John Kennedy Webinar: Is Your Company Liable for Distracted Driving Crashes?

Webinar: Could Your Company be Liable for Distracted Driving Crashes?
: Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Time: 12:00pm EST
Duration: 1 hour
Instructor: John Kennedy, VP of Sales, SafetyServe.com

Motor vehicle collisions are the #1 cause of employee fatalities (OSHA) and distracted driving is now one of the most significant contributing factor to these collisions. 


Innovative Mobility Solutions

Burgeoning populations in major cities — not only Asia, but also Europe and the Americas — are fast turning cars into city pariahs. Traffic congestion and parking issues seriously impact the environment, and are also slowing down business operations as well as driving up costs.

Fast-developing technologies — especially smartphone technology and connectivity — are opening up a vast array of innovative mobility solutions. But the actual number of vehicles on the roads will have to be cut back if anything is to be achieved. How does car sharing fit into this picture? And is it something you should be considering?

READ MORE in this insightful article by Yang Xiangyu, Analyst for Automotive & Mobility Supply Services at LeasePlan Supply Services.

Avoiding Negligent Entrustment

Gray-fleet drivers can pose to your employer the very same negligent entrustment issues as if they were driving company-provided vehicles.

A “gray-fleet” refers to vehicles used for your company’s business that are not provided directly by the company. Think vehicles used under an auto allowance or mileage reimbursement program, or short-term vehicle rentals, and possibly even vehicles used by non-employees, such as Contractors.


A Smart New Look

PARS launched its new public website at www.parsinc.com along with its new branding.

According to PARS president Lori Rasmussen, the new website is the first step in a much broader program to utilize state-of-the-art technology in support of its broad array of value-added ancillary fleet services.  

These enhance the value of the company’s vehicle transport services for busy fleet managers who face more complex vehicle transport requirements.


Fleet Trends & Issues

The Great Debate: Is GPS Tracking Really Beneficial for Fleets?

Since GPS tracking was first introduced to the fleet industry, there has been a debate whether this technology is really beneficial for fleets or not. Some of the most common objections include the fear of employee pushback, budget concerns, big data and not knowing what do with it.

On the other side of the discussion, businesses that have implemented GPS tracking to their operations believe the “great debate” shouldn’t even exist. Fleets that use GPS tracking technology have been able to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, improve safety, and overcome many other business challenges.

To help you decide if this technology is right for your fleet, compare the common objections versus the benefits to GPS tracking in this helpful white paper from GPS Insight.

Audi Just Created Diesel Fuel from Air and Water

Audi is making a new fuel for internal combustion engines that has the potential to make a big dent when it comes to climate change – that’s because the synthetic diesel is made from just water and carbon dioxide.

The company’s pilot plant, which is operated by German startup Sunfire in Dresden, produced its first batches of the “e-diesel” this month. German Federal Minister of Education and Research Johanna Wanka put a few liters of the fuel in her work car, an Audi A8, to commemorate the accomplishment.


Safety Features Resonate with American Motorists in New Tech Choice Study

Today’s new cars are likely to feature more digital technology than you’ll find in the typical home or office – including infotainment systems that can tap into the apps on an Apple or Google smartphone.

But forget about Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. What consumers want most are safety-related technologies such as blind spot detection and forward-collision mitigation – which account for seven of the Top 10 technologies car buyers say they want most, according to the first J.D. Power U.S. Tech Choice Study. Among the Top Five picks, self-healing paint was the only non-safety-related technology.


CEI Appraisers Visit Ford HQ for F-150 Aluminum Repair Review

Pictured:CEI licensed appraisers at Ford’s F-150 aluminum repairs briefing; from left, Vance Tshudy, Guy Marchesani and Greg Neuman.

Three CEI Group Inc. (CEI) appraisers have completed a one-day review of aluminum repairs on the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck at Ford’s corporate campus outside Detroit, CEI announced.

Greg Neuman, CEI’s senior manager of quality control, attended the session in Dearborn, Michigan, with two of his appraisers, Guy Marchesani and Vance Tshudy, both of whom have extensive prior hands-on repair shop experience in aluminum repairs.


Increasing Fleet Productivity

Background: West Coast Sand and Gravel services the construction industry delivering a wide array of materials in bulk as well as hauling off material. Since 1968, they have been providing California and Arizona with quality products and services. They specialize in dirt import and export, environmental waste hauling, sports field products, and more. West Coast Sand and Gravel is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service, ensuring the safety of their employees, and the responsible management of resources.

Business Challenge: Before West Coast Sand and Gravel started using GPS tracking to monitor their vehicles and equipment, they relied heavily on communication via radio/phone with drivers. This complicated how they were able to track productivity, customer service, and verify deliveries. “Anytime we needed to communicate information to a driver, we had to take time away from their day to speak with them on the phone,” said Brad Zimmer, Environmental & Special Projects at West Coast Sand and Gravel.

West Coast Sand and Gravel decided to look into GPS tracking to help them solve these challenges, and they found a solution they’re quite happy with. Check out this Case Study to learn more.

Car Sharing vs. Car Ownership

Wall Street is watching closely as car-sharing service Uber prepares for its upcoming IPO. The San Francisco-based firm aims to take advantage of growing interest in transportation alternatives, conventional wisdom suggesting millions of Americans would be happy to walk away from their cars.

Or would they? A new study by auto supplier Continental finds that, contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of Americans have no intention of handing over their keys. And the study of 2,300 U.S. adults found that true no matter what their age or where they live.


Wanting Semi-Autonomous Cars

Americans want self-driving cars. Not because they’ll save loads of time or ease the commute nightmare, but because it will save them money.

Of the 1,500 US drivers the Boston Group surveyed in September, 55 percent said they “likely” or “very likely” would buy a semi-autonomous car (one capable of handling some, but not all, highway and urban traffic). What’s more, 44 percent said they would, in 10 years, buy a fully autonomous vehicle.

What’s most surprising about the survey isn’t that so many people are interested in this technology, but why they’re interested.


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