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February 24, 2015


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We join the chorus of our many industry colleagues in wishing Ricky Beggs, Black Book Senior Vice President and Editorial Director, a joyous retirement. A trusted voice in remarketing, Ricky joined Black Book 34 years ago and retires on April 1st. He is most definitely an expert on the used vehicle market, and not so incidentally, a very engaging and charming fellow. Fleet Management Weekly has often called upon Ricky for his insight into the fleet market and we will certainly miss him.

If you missed a NAFA-sponsored webinar of particular interest to you, you’ll be pleased to know that they are archived and still available. Want to find out more about identifying high risk drivers, setting up the right fleet KPI’s, or managing the hidden costs of an aging fleet? You can find them all on NAFA’s website.

Janice Sutton
Executive Editor

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VIDEO: Building a Better Customer Experience at AmeriFleet

AmeriFleet has been doing a lot of internal training — and that training is resulting in a better overall customer experience.

VIDEO: Monitoring Driver Behavior
  Constantly, Consistently Monitoring Your Drivers

Monitoring and understanding your drivers’ behavior — looking for violations and other data — has evolved from a several times a year event to something fleet managers can do more easily than ever. And it keeps evolving.

Click here to watch video
VIDEO: April in Orlando
  Win Free Registration to NAFA I&E in Orlando!

Why are YOU excited about I&E? Check out this video from NAFA’s CEO, Phil Russo, for information about how you can share your excitement for I&E 2015 for a chance to win a free conference registration!

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The Fleet Spot

NAFA expo logo Early Bird Registration Extended Due To Sold Out Hotels

The response to NAFA’s 2015 Institute & Expo, co-located with the International Fleet Academy, has been a literal blockbuster — and we can’t wait to see everyone in Orlando, Florida!

Due to overwhelming registration response, I&E and IFA conference hotel rooms at the Rosen properties are sold out on specific days of the conference. NAFA is working on securing additional rooms and additional lodging options for their attendees. NAFA will make those options known to you once they are available.

In the meantime, early-bird pricing has been extended until the end of February to help ensure that you can take advantage of exceptional savings.


afla logo WIFM Webinar: Women and The Automotive Industry

Register today for the latest Women in Fleet Management Webinar!

WIFM Webinar: “Women and the Automotive Industry,” presented by Olivia Walker, Senior Consultant – Visionary Innovation/ Automotive & Transportation, at Frost & Sullivan.
Wednesday, March 4, 3 PM EST.

This webinar will focus on the impact on the automotive industry as women become a larger consumer segment as seen in these top 5 findings:


Nashville NCSFA State Fleet Managers Workshop Goes to Nashville!

Attend the 3rd annual NCSFA State Fleet Manager’s Workshop — October 6-8, 2015 – to be held in in the heart of music city, Nashville, Tennessee. The NCSFA and the State of Tennessee are co-hosting this three day intensive workshop designed exclusively for Government Fleet Management Professionals. Presenters will be state fleet professionals sharing their best practices and program information.


Ricky Beggs Black Book Senior Vice President and Editorial Director Ricky Beggs to Retire in April

Black Book has announced that Ricky Beggs, Senior Vice President and Editorial Director, will retire from the company effective April 1, 2015. Mr. Beggs has served as the voice of Black Book for the automotive industry since his career began thirty-four years ago in 1981.

“I will be forever grateful to Black Book for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a team that has represented the interests of the automotive community with respect and integrity all these years,” said Ricky Beggs. “I’m certainly proud of our accomplishments, and I leave knowing Black Book is well positioned for its next phase of growth and development.”


Think Global Plan Local

By Randy Shadley, CAFM

Did you know that 20% of a fleet’s vehicles will be involved in a crash each year?

That’s the number that most often appears when you do an Internet search on “average crash rate for fleet vehicles.” So, how do your numbers compare? Unless you are far below that average (think 10% or less), you know you could make a huge improvement for your organization. If only your management would let you spend a little money you could save a lot (of money, productivity, even lives!). But how do you get them to loosen the purse strings? Today’s column focuses on just that.

A frustrating reality of the fleet safety industry is that it can be difficult to determine how many lives were saved, injuries were prevented, or budgets were spared as a direct result of your actions. I mean, how can you prove that a crash did not happen just because of the policies and procedures you implemented? Sound impossible?


Fleet Safety

The following article comes from LeasePlan’s Global Fleet Insights Blog by Mathijs van der Goot, Consultant, LeasePlan International B.V. on January 15, 2015.

On January 6, 2015, the average oil price slipped below $50 per barrel for the first time since 2009. The oil price has dropped by 49 percent in one year. This large change in the price of oil has a promising effect on the fuel prices. Approximately 20 percent of the Total Cost of Ownership of a fleet is fuel costs; hence this topic deserves better understanding.

Why is the oil price falling, and what is the effect on the fuel costs of your fleet?


Cost-Saving Vehicles

Those who aspire to get the absolute best deal on a new car or truck need to look beyond the transaction price and consider how much each individual element of ownership will cost over time, relative to competing makes and models.

A buyer who chooses a particular vehicle primarily to save a few dollars up front might actually lose money over time if his or her choice depreciates more quickly over time than a competing vehicle and/or costs more to finance, insure, maintain, repair and keep the gas tank filled.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Donlen Unveils Dealer Direct, a New Remarketing Channel Designed to Improve Returns and Efficiencies

Donlen officially launched Donlen Dealer Direct, a new and unique remarketing channel designed to improve returns for customers.

Donlen Dealer Direct allows Donlen to access a broad buyer base of fleet-focused dealers throughout the country. With over 100 dedicated sales people promoting Donlen vehicles to these dealers directly, all sales bypass the auction channel. As a result, the returns to our customers are higher.


Azuga Fleet® Announces First-Ever Fleet Awards Program Honoring Safest Fleet Drivers in the US

Azuga launched the industry’s first-ever awards program this month. Azuga Safe Driving Awards is designed to motivate and incentivize both fleet managers and drivers to practice safer, more efficient driving.

The quarterly program, initiated and funded by Azuga, will help fleet managers increase overall ROI and, ultimately increase safety in the communities where they live and work.


Utilities Push Into Fuel Stations for Electric Cars

Since hitting the mass market about five years ago, electric vehicles have failed to take off, largely, experts say, because a robust network of public charging stations has not been built.

Car companies, retail chains and members of an infant charger industry have announced partnership after partnership to build the stations, but their number still falls well short of what is needed to nudge millions of drivers into making the switch, analysts say.

But now, if major electric utilities have their way, that could change.


Senator asks DOJ to Investigate Car Insurance

A U.S. senator is urging the Justice Department to investigate insurance companies and auto repairs done at their ‘preferred’ repair shops across the country, because of safety concerns for consumers that were identified in a recent CNN exclusive investigation.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, on Thursday called on the Department of Justice to begin an investigation into auto repairs being done nationwide, because the repairs may often be done by using recycled, remanufactured, re-used, or after market parts, which he says could lead to unsafe vehicles.


On Accident Management


No matter how safe our roads, vehicles and drivers become, traffic accidents are still going to happen, and fleets are going to spend money –lots of it – fixing those vehicles. Fleets spend on average four percent of their overall operating budget on collision repairs, and are always under pressure to reduce expenses.

By following these eight steps for each and every accident, fleets can save up to 10% or more on their annual accident repair bill:


Cars of the Future

Ford Motor Co.’s roots run so deep in Michigan, America’s automotive heartland, that it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

But when the 111-year-old automaker started to ponder a future of self-driving cars plugged in to the Internet, its executives realized they needed to be someplace else: Silicon Valley.

Ford last month opened a Palo Alto research center where 125 engineers and scientists will develop new technologies for the automaker while forging alliances within the valley’s tech industry.


Putting Cars in Control

We hear a lot about the dangers of distracted driving, but having a phone conversation while driving on a rural freeway is clearly less of a problem than dialing a colleague while turning left onto a busy six-lane avenue. What if your car could limit distractions when road conditions were genuinely demanding? This is the idea behind workload management, an area of intense research among most automakers.

It starts with determining when the driver’s workload is piling up. One way is to measure the driver’s heart rate and respiration using sensors on the steering wheel and seatbelt. Although accurately measuring these parameters is difficult, Steven Feit, chief engineer for infotainment research at Honda R&D Americas, says, “We can capitalize on the knowledge that the amount and speed of respiration is different for cognitive load and anxiety.”


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