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January 27, 2015


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Are Fleets Doing Enough to Promote Safe Driving?

This week, we’re delighted to feature a new column from LeasePlan USA. Marketing VP Kristopher Bush has penned a thought-provoking article about driver behavior. In the article Companies’ Safe Driving Approach and the Impact on Drivers, he says, “Seventy one percent of drivers say their driving behavior does not change when driving a company vehicle versus a personal vehicle. Are drivers focused on safety regardless of the vehicle? Or are companies not doing enough to promote safe driving?”

We have a perfect reason for you to be in England in the spring — specifically on May 12th. Fleet World’s Fleet Show at Silverstone – home of the British Grand Prix – offers an exciting day of educational sessions, test drives on their world-famous course, exhibits, and much more. This is a hugely popular event and we’re eager to attend. Find out more about it in The Fleet Spot.

Janice Sutton
Executive Editor

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VIDEO: "I Am NAFA" -- Patsy Brownson

In the latest installment of the “I Am NAFA” video series, industry icon Patsy Brownson talks about the incredible difference NAFA has made throughout her career.

VIDEO: How Fleet Departments Work
  Sometimes Procurement Gets a Bad Rap

Fleet Managers frequently report to different departments — including Procurement, Finance, and HR — but the model of how a fleet department works and flows shouldn’t necessarily change.

Click here to watch video
VIDEO: Beneficial Technologies
  Technology for Today’s Modern Mobile Workers

Today’s Modern Mobile Workers face a variety of challenges, whether they’re driving a fleet vehicle, or being reimbursed for driving their own. Luckily, there are some great technologies out there to help them out.

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The Fleet Spot

NAFA2015 NAFA Announces Program and Speakers for 2015 Institute and Expo

NAFA will hold its annual Institute and Expo (I&E) in Orlando, Fla., April 14-17. The four day event, designed by fleet managers, delivers new information, ideas and important updates on the latest in fleet management.

“We are very excited for this year’s I&E,” said NAFA’s Chief Executive Officer, Phillip E. Russo, CAE.  READ MORE

Jerry Ramsdale UK: Fleet World Fleet Show 2015

Fleet training returns to sell-out Silverstone Fleet Show

This year’s Fleet World Fleet Show, to be held May 12th in Silverstone, England, will feature workshop-style, interactive and informal training sessions on key fleet management topics; test driving on the world-famous Silverstone Grand Prix venue; a host of major new car launches, with a special emphasis on electric and hybrid powered vehicles; and exhibitors demonstrating some of the latest developments, products and services in the fleet arena.


Eric Stanley GE Capital Fleet Services Names Eric Stanley as Managing Director

GE Capital Fleet Services has named Eric Stanley as Managing Director, Southeast Region, based in Atlanta.

“Eric is a dynamic sales leader who is intensely focused on delivering a best-in-class experience to our customers,” said Jon Parker, chief commercial officer, GE Capital Fleet Services.


education sign Register Now for NAFA Education Seminars

Early Bird registration deadline extended — register by February 6 and save $200!

Are you new to fleet and want to learn the building blocks to help you run an efficient fleet? Or, are you a fleet professional with more than five years of experience who wants to be challenged in a series of practical exercises designed to work through common fleet situations? NAFA offers education for both groups of fleet professionals at the Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco in February.


Promoting Safe Driving

By Kristofer Bush, Vice President, Marketing, LeasePlan USA

Seventy one percent of drivers say their driving behavior does not change when driving a company vehicle versus a personal vehicle. Are drivers focused on safety regardless of the vehicle? Or are companies not doing enough to promote safe driving?

This statistic came from a global LeasePlan Driver Survey, which surveyed 3,377 company car drivers in 20 countries. The first series of results provided to LeasePlan focused on driver safety and the driver’s feelings on their company’s approach to safety. I found the results to be very interesting and important to understand, especially when dealing with fleets.


Best Resale Values

The 2015 model-year brand and category winners of the annual Best Resale Value Awards, recognizing vehicles for their projected retained value through the initial five-year ownership period, were announced by Kelley Blue Book.

Subaru and Lexus earned top honors for best brand and best luxury brand (respectively), with Subaru claiming three model winners and Lexus producing six model winners from a total of 22 different segments. In addition, Chevrolet and Toyota each have an impressive five models winning 2015 Best Resale Value Awards, with the majority being trucks or SUVs.


Rising Maintenance Costs

Safety, regulatory compliance and rising maintenance costs cited as key concerns across all fleets

According to a study released by GE Capital Fleet Services, companies that own their vehicle fleets report that they are challenged by capital expenditure limitations and the total cost of ownership of their fleets.


Fleet Trends & Issues

5 Energy Innovations Dazzle at Detroit Auto Show

Vehicles in the future will be lighter, able to drive themselves, and run longer on a single battery charge, based on models in the spotlight at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The innovations show an auto industry in energy flux. With electric cars that can travel 200 miles between charges, trucks made of lighter material that boost fuel efficiency, and advances in self-driving vehicles, the picture of road travel on display suggests a world of ever decreasing fuel use even as U.S. gasoline prices hit six-year lows.

READ MORE for a look at 5 Energy Innovations

Manheim’s 20th Annual Used Car Market Report Sees Growth Stability as Key Drivers of Robust Used Vehicle Market in 2014

•New car and light-duty vehicle purchases into commercial and government fleets increased by 7% to 850,000 units in 2014
•Wholesale prices for end-of-service fleet vehicles were at record highs in early 2014 but eventually dipped below 2013 and 2012 levels

Growth in wholesale volumes, new and used vehicle sales, and stability in wholesale pricing, were among the highlights of another strong year in the automotive markets, according to trends identified in Manheim’s annual Used Car Market Report.

The Report is available in PDF format by visiting the Used Car Market Report tab within the Manheim Consulting site, located at www.manheim.com/consulting

BMW and VW team to reduce ‘Range Anxiety’ with Charging Network along East and West Coasts

Two German auto giants and America’s leading electric vehicle charging network have joined forces to build fast-charging EV networks along the country’s East and West coasts.

BMW of North America, Volkswagen of America and ChargePoint will construct up to 100 charging stations in “express charging corridors” from San Diego to Portland, Ore., on the West Coast and Boston to Washington on the East Coast.


Jaguar Land Rover’s Bike Sense Tech Warns Drivers of Cyclists

Just last month, Volvo announced a new safety system that warns drivers of approaching cyclists via a symbol on their car’s head-up display.

Not to be outdone, Jaguar Land Rover has just announced its own system, which takes a more tactile approach – among other things, it buzzes drivers’ hands and feet, and even taps them on the shoulder.

READ MORE about this new system

Shadley on Fleet Safety

By Randy Shadley, CAFM

In my previous column I talked about the importance of documenting actions taken in implementing or enforcing fleet safety policy (see “Does a Fleet Safety Policy that is not well-documented really exist?”). This month, I would like to discuss Fleet Policies versus Fleet Procedures.


Care with the Company Car

40% adapt driving style to save fuel – despite not footing the bill

Company car drivers are more likely to drive slower, turn off the air conditioning or avoid heavy acceleration in a bid to reduce their company’s fuel bill, according to research by UK automotive services company RAC Business.


Driving and Eating

For something that merited a police traffic stop, it does not sound like much: “eating while driving.” But that is what a police officer wrote on the citation he issued Jan. 10 after he pulled over the 2009 BMW that H. Madison Turner was driving through suburban Atlanta.

The citation, which Mr. Turner plans to contest during a court appearance next month, has renewed the debate about the extent to which states should regulate driving distractions that include the enduring, like music, and the contemporary, like tools for texting and navigation.


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