December 9, 2014


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Element Debuts Fleet Asset Management Column

We’re very pleased to welcome the addition of another exclusive, thoughtful monthly column in Fleet Management Weekly.

This week, we feature Element Fleet Management’s new column Fleet Asset Management: Material Handling Equipment 101. The author, Keith Trumbull, Vice President of Material Handling Equipment at Element, says, “As fleet managers, each day you work to ensure your fleet is cost effective and efficient. You likely have a plan in place to manage your cars and trucks. But do you have a similar strategy for other assets in your organization, such as forklifts, pickers, pallet jacks and other material handling equipment?” Good question — read Keith’s article to learn what you need to consider.

It’s easy to be confused about IRS compliance for personal use of company vehicles, but Matt Betz, Vice President of Business Development, Fleet at Motus explains it all so clearly in his timely column: The Modern Mobile Worker: Doing The Right Thing.

Have you visited our newly-revamped Fleet Management Weekly website? We urge you to check it out — in it you’ll find a wealth of news, columns, videos, and articles of interest to our fleet community. We welcome your comments and suggestions – we’re tweaking the site constantly.

Janice Sutton
Executive Editor

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Registration is now open for NAFA’s Institute & Expo 2015! Click here to register today and take advantage of our Early Bird pricing.

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VIDEO: Building a Successful Global Fleet

Katie Rixman, head of global fleet for Brown-Forman shares some helpful tips on how to build a successful global fleet — making sure you learn the local culture, for just one example.

VIDEO: Beneficial Technologies
  Technology for Today’s Modern Mobile Workers

Today’s Modern Mobile Workers face a variety of challenges, whether they’re driving a fleet vehicle, or being reimbursed for driving their own. Luckily, there are some great technologies out there to help them out.

Click here to watch video
VIDEO: Smart Vehicle Transport
  Better Technology for Better Transport

PARS is a vehicle transport company that strongly values technology — they were the first to offer a fully capable website where customers could get quotes, place orders, and check status — and now they’re upping their game even more.

Click here to read more

The Fleet Spot

DONLEN Donlen Releases Next Generation Mobile Apps for Fleet Managers and Drivers

Donlen has released its next generation mobile apps for fleet managers and fleet drivers. FleetWeb™ Mobile and DonlenDriver™ Mobile are compatible across most hardware and mobile operating systems making FleetWeb Mobile and DonlenDriver Mobile one of the most compatible fleet management apps on the market.

Keep reading for more details and to download the mobile apps.

traffic violation Webinar Rescheduled: Enhanced Violation Management Techniques to Identify High-Risk Drivers

NAFA Webinar: Enhanced Violation Management Techniques to Identify High-Risk Drivers, originally scheduled for Wednesday, December 10th, has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 22, 2015, at 12:00pm EST.

Addressing unsafe driving behavior is a top priority for most fleets – if an unsafe driver causes an accident, the fleet will be held liable. Fleets often look to a driver’s motor vehicle record (MVR) to determine if that driver has a safe driving history.


ARI logo Holman Automotive and ARI Raise Nearly $10,000 in Support of Several Charitable Organizations

Approximately 200 individuals walk more than 700 miles during five charity events throughout the fall

Holman Automotive Group and ARI raised nearly $10,000 through donations and participation in a variety of fundraising walks during October and November in support of several charitable initiatives. Together, approximately 200 Holman Automotive and ARI employees along with their family and friends walked more than 700 miles in support of these tremendously worthy causes.


nafa-logo Washington Auto Show: Three Great Reasons to Attend!

This January, you have three great reasons to attend the Washington Auto Show, January 27-29, 2015. NAFA is providing an education track featuring eleven essentials of fleet management, as well as three fleet disciplines. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to test drive the CAFM certification program for free. And finally, if those reasons were not enough to convince you to attend, NAFA Members will have exclusive access to the Auto Show floor prior to the official opening each day at12:00 noon! It all takes place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place, Northwest Washington D.C. Admission, normally $12, is free to NAFA members who attend, but you must pre-register. Click here to get started.

NAFA Education
NAFA classes will include: The Eleven Essentials of Fleet Management, where attendees will learn what NAFA considers the 11 best practices in fleet operations, what standards the best-in-class fleets are expected to perform at, and where to find reliable benchmarking information.

Learn more about the NAFA offerings!

Fleet Asset Management

Each month, Fleet Management Weekly will feature material handling equipment guidance from Keith Trumbull, Vice President of Material Handling Equipment at Element Fleet Management.

As fleet managers, each day you work to ensure your fleet is cost effective and efficient. You likely have a plan in place to manage your cars and trucks. But do you have a similar strategy for other assets in your organization, such as forklifts, pickers, pallet jacks and other material handling equipment?

Often overlooked, these items are just as important to manage as your fleet of vehicles. Whether you’re just stepping into the fleet manager role or have years of experience, here are the top three questions to consider regarding asset management, not just vehicle management.


The Mobile Employee

By Matthew Betz, Vice President Business Development, Fleet at Motus, LLC

“I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.” — Lou Holtz

Most people recognize Lou Holtz for his long and distinguished football career, but as it turns out, he has a life philosophy that we can all use in our personal and professional lives. Whether you are a mobile employee, or a fleet professional, Lou’s philosophy fits the need for IRS compliance particularly well. All drivers should do the right thing by keeping an IRS-compliant mileage log, fleet managers can do their best to help drivers understand the rules and to be compliant, and we can show drivers that we care by showing them how to avoid IRS audits.

Let’s take a closer look: READ MORE

Not Quite Yet

Launching Volvo’s Vision 2020 project, head of R&D Peter Mertens had a few choice words for self-driving automobiles. Actually he had one choice word on the idea that there will be self-driving cars on roads within two years: “Bull**it”.

In response to a picture of a woman reading a newspaper while her car drove her to her destination, he said: “If you look at the picture of having a person sitting behind a steering wheel, and doing emails and reading whatever, that kind of stuff is not what we want to see in a car.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Solve Cost Containment Concerns for 2015 with Fleet Trackers

How is your fleet going to address cost containment concerns going into 2015? Some of the top cost containment challenges predicted for fleets in the new year include fleet safety costs, new vehicle acquisitions, and fuel costs. GPS Insight can help to solve these challenges and more so your fleet can have the most profitable 2015 possible.


Cars and Trucks with the Highest Resale Values

According to Kelley Blue Book, the typical new vehicle tends to retain just 39.7 percent of its original value after five years, which means an average car that sells for $50,000 today would be worth around $19,850 at the end of 2019. By comparison, an otherwise comparable model that’s expected to retain an additional five percent of its original value after 60 months will put an extra $1,600 back into an owner’s pocket.

While a given model’s actual selling price on the used-car market will ultimately vary depending on its mechanical and cosmetic condition and the number of miles on the odometer, some cars and trucks are predicted to hold their value more tenaciously than others.


Cheap Gas Means Drivers Want SUVs, but Detroit Must Sell Hybrids

Where are the Hummers when we need them? With gas prices expected to drop as low as $2 per gallon in some parts of the U.S., the market seems primed for a Costco (COST)-ready tank. The last Hummer rolled off GM’s (GM) assembly line in May 2010, with gas at an inflation-adjusted $3.04 per gallon. Gasoline sells for just $2.77 today, a 15 percent drop from a year ago.


Chevin: Bad Driving Can Cost You!

The best drivers can reduce total operating costs by more than 12% but the worst drivers can easily drive up costs by more than 13%.

The impact of good and bad driving can mean a 25% variance on whole life vehicle costs, says Chevin Fleet Solutions.

The company says that according to figures compiled from its customer base, the best drivers can reduce total operating costs by more than 12% but the worst drivers can easily drive up costs by more than 13%.

Senior Vice President of North American Sales, Ron Katz, said: “There’s a growing awareness among fleets about the level of impact that driver behavior can have on overall operating costs and these figures underline their concern.


Fleet Marketing Today

An “integrated marketing plan” sounds like the natural result of a sound business process. Why wouldn’t a fleet provider’s marketing plan integrate all of the tactics in support of one set of goals?

Specifically, it makes sense that a company should use more than one medium to distribute a singular marketing message. A plan comprising different promotional methods ought to be designed so that each method reinforces the others. And, when there are multiple messages, distributed through multiple channels, they should relate to each other in support of an over-arching strategy.


A Truly Renewable Fuel?

Researchers have moved one step closer to turning water and sunlight into sustainable fuel by successfully replicating a crucial step in photosynthesis.

“Water is abundant and so is sunlight. It is an exciting prospect to use them to create hydrogen, and do it cheaply and safely,” said Dr. Kastoori Hingorani, from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis in the Australian National University Research School of Biology.

Hydrogen offers potential as a zero-carbon replacement for petroleum products, and is already used for launching space craft.


Who Wants an Autonomous Car?

The vast majority of American motorists are aware that a new generation of autonomous vehicles will soon take to the highways. While they like the idea of being able to lay back and relax, less than one in three drivers say they actually would want to own a self-driving car.

“Consumers are divided on autonomous driving, just as they are on many other issues facing society,” explained George Peterson, president of AutoPacific. “For some, this technology can’t come soon enough. Others appear to dread it.”


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