December 2, 2014


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‘Super Computers on Wheels’

The connected vehicle sounds so futuristic, but it isn’t, not at all. When we saw Telogis exec Kevin Moore’s presentation at the NAFA International Fleet Academy last month, we got a very good sense of how the connected vehicle is even now delivering cost benefits and efficiencies to fleets. Don’t miss our interview with Kevin this week to learn how these “super computers on wheels” are evolving and what their evolution could mean for you.

This week, we feature fleet marketing expert Ed Pierce’s final column of 2014. Ed begins, “An ‘integrated marketing plan’ sounds like the natural result of a sound business process. Why wouldn’t a fleet provider’s marketing plan integrate all of the tactics in support of one set of goals?” Read his popular column for guidance on how your company can more effectively communicate with your target audience via an integrated marketing plan.

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Janice Sutton
Executive Editor

NAFA Webinar: Enhanced Violation Management Techniques to Identify High-Risk Drivers

Get ready for NAFA’s December edition of the 2014 webinar series, Enhanced Violation Management Techniques to Identify High-Risk Drivers. This webinar takes place on Wednesday, December 10, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Eastern time). NAFA webinars are free for NAFA members! Registration closes Tuesday, December 9, so don’t miss out! Register today by clicking here.



VIDEO: Great Agenda for NAFA I&E

For NAFA’s 2015 I&E in Orlando, the format and schedule are being changed up for the better. One big change is that this year’s Expo Floor is being designed to be an extension of the I&E learning experience.

VIDEO: The Benefits of Better Training
  Training, and the Customer Experience

AmeriFleet has done a lot of work around customer experience, involving client advisory boards and client focus groups — and one of the greatest benefits has been the ability to offer much better training.

Click here to watch video
VIDEO: Smart Winter Driving
  Winter Driving Safety Tips

Smart winter driving safety tips from Driving Dynamics — a one-second advantage can make a world of difference.

Click here to read more

The Fleet Spot

DONLEN Donlen Launches Enhanced Driver Management System

Donlen is pleased to announce the rollout of its enhanced Driver Management system. As the newest feature to FleetWeb®, the fleet industry’s leading fleet management solution, fleet managers will now be able to manage all of their vehicle and driver information from one streamlined interface.

“Now, our customers will have an improved experience when managing driver and vehicle data independently,” said Rob Scaffidi, Vice President Fuel and On-Road Products at Donlen. “Every customer is unique, and we are confident that everyone will find features that benefit their day-to-day management of driver and vehicle related data.”

Users can take advantage of more efficient administrative functionalities including a streamlined vehicle and driver assignment process, a more intuitive ordering process, efficient unassigned/pool vehicle management, as well as an easier process for receiving human resource feeds.

READ MORE about the enhancements.

Rami Jaulus & Marcus Hennecke Fleet Logistics Expands to Israel

Pictured: NG Group owner and president, Rami Jaulus (left), with Fleet Logistics Business Development Director, Marcus Hennecke

Fleet Logistics, Europe’s largest independent fleet management provider, has continued its expansion across mainland Europe and the Near East with the opening of new fleet management operations in Israel to service new and existing fleet customers.

Fleet Logistics has set up its new operation in Israel’s economic capital, Tel Aviv, in conjunction with a local partner in the automotive market, NG Group, which is an automotive services and consultancy specialist.


toyota safety sense Toyota Aims to Bring Crash-Prevention Technology to Mainstream

Toyota Motor Corp. will offer two crash-prevention technologies for new cars in the U.S., Japan and Europe by the end of 2017, said Moritaka Yoshida, a Toyota senior managing officer who oversees safety technologies.

READ MORE about the new safety technologies

KPMG report KPMG Report: ‘Me, my car, my life…in the ultraconnected age’

KPMG Partner and automotive industry expert Gary Silberg prefaces their dynamic report on the ‘forces that are shaping the entire automotive ecosystem': “Not since the first automotive revolution has there been such stunning innovation in the industry. Autonomous vehicles are only part of the story. The convergence of consumer and automotive technologies and the rise of mobility services are transforming the automotive industry and the way we live our lives.”

Read the report

Smart Fleet Marketing

An “integrated marketing plan” sounds like the natural result of a sound business process. Why wouldn’t a fleet provider’s marketing plan integrate all of the tactics in support of one set of goals?

Specifically, it makes sense that a company should use more than one medium to distribute a singular marketing message. A plan comprising different promotional methods ought to be designed so that each method reinforces the others. And, when there are multiple messages, distributed through multiple channels, they should relate to each other in support of an over-arching strategy.


Connected Cars and Cost Savings

At NAFA’s International Fleet Academy last month, Kevin Moore, Vice President of OEM Sales at Telogis, delivered a fascinating keynote address on how telematics are changing the landscape for fleet.

Afterwards, we sat down with him and talked about a wide range of subjects, including the connected car and how it translates into efficiency and cost savings for fleets. In this interview, Kevin gives us some real-world examples of fleets – small and large – that have used telematics to make data driven decisions to improve their business.


In-Vehicle Computing

Apple and Google want to get in your car. The tech giants have partnered with automakers to bring technology into vehicles that’s familiar and intuitive. Both sides are hoping to solve a problem that has been vexing drivers for years: The inability to easily and safely access smartphone apps and functions in the car.

So these days, in-dash infotainment systems are essentially extensions of your phone. It’s a big change in approach for the car industry, and a hot topic of discussion on panels at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which wraps Sunday.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Build Positive Community Presence with Fleet Tracking

To form a loyal customer base and to attract new customers, it is essential to have a strong community presence. Fleet tracking solutions, like GPS Insight, can help your business achieve this by improving customer service, accomplishing green initiatives, and increasing fleet and public safety. Help boost your business’s community presence by using fleet tracking technology.


The 4 Most Productive Ways To ‘Slack-Off’ At Work

Nearly every business faces seasonal lulls and hotspots. For example, 61% of restaurants notice a decline in patrons during a seasonal holiday or major event. This is according to a report by Blue Sky Local. On the flip side, the National Retail Federation reports that November and December sales can make up to 40% of a retailer’s annual business.

The holidays for some, might feel like chaotic craziness. The holidays for others, might feel like long hours of trying to find things do or watching funny cat videos on YouTube.

David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom, contributors at Forbes posed a question to their networks: “Is the holiday season your slowest or busiest time of year at work?”

READ MORE to get the answers to that question.

Does In-Car WiFi Work?

The next big thing in automotive technology is WiFi hotspots.

In car technology and communication has come so far in the past 20 years that it would be incomprehensible to a plug-in mobile bag-phone user in 1994. Revolutions in navigation, audio and downloadable apps have changed the way we spend time in our automobiles.

And now we are on the cusp of the next big automotive technology advancement – in-car WiFi. For a while now cars have been capable of becoming WiFi hotspots as long as there was an existing signal from a mobile device to piggy-back off of.


Traffic Lights Could Be Next Big Cyber Attack Threat

A teenage computer whiz hacked into software that controlled traffic lights in a southwestern US city. Once inside the program, the 16-year-old boy accessed systems that could wreak havoc. An investigator said the boy could have turned all the lights to a blinking-red default that would snarl traffic. Or worse, turned them all green.

That was 25 years ago. READ MORE

Mysterious Fuel Additives

There used to be a lot of mystery and hokum around fuel additives. Are they needed? Even if they do any good, such as reducing engine wear, it will probably occur well after fleets have turned over their vehicles. A BloombergBusinessweek article lays out some questions about Techron, Chevron’s much-touted additive.


On Accident Management

Insights into fleet accident management from The CEI Group, Inc.

Supplements are additions to original estimates that can knock you for a loop. Ideally, you want your first estimates to be reliable before you authorize repairs. But how can you accomplish that? There’ s a cure that sharp accident management service providers take advantage of, but before revealing it, let’s define terms.

Supplements occur when there is damage inside the vehicle that wasn’t seen or anticipated when an estimate is written. They are revisions to initial estimates, and require additional customer approval for repairs to proceed. According to industry experts, supplements are issued for some 30% of all collision repair jobs nationwide, and the average dollar amount is around 25% over and above the original estimate. If that’s your fleet’s record, take heart: you can cut the number of supplements you receive by half or more.


Old But New

By Mike Sheldrick, Senior Editor

Call it what you will — the smart car, the connected car, or maybe even the autonomous vehicle. They all may seem a long way off, but maybe not.

While the automakers, aftermarket hardware manufacturers, and software giants work on the acceptable standards for future cars, a group of start-ups is hoping to get a leg up on the industry by offering devices and applications that will provide many of the functions and features of new cars just hitting the market and those planned for the future.


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