August 4, 2014


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Sutton_Janice How to Earn a Great Reputation

We are pleased to pub­lish the third install­ment of fleet mar­ket­ing guru Ed Pierce’s monthly mar­ket­ing col­umn A Call to Action (For Fleet Providers). This month’s col­umn is enti­tled ‘Earn­ing a Great Rep­u­ta­tion Through Pro­mo­tion and Edu­ca­tion.’ If you mar­ket prod­ucts to fleet buy­ers, Ed can help you reach those buy­ers with the right message.

Just before leav­ing town last week, our dys­func­tional Con­gress man­aged to cob­ble together a stop-gap High­way Bill, which will keep the High­way Trust Fund sol­vent only until next spring. But some hard deci­sions will have to be made then and fleets are very much affected, no mat­ter how the prob­lem is addressed and finally resolved. NAFA is mon­i­tor­ing the sit­u­a­tion and will con­tinue to make the posi­tion of fleet pro­fes­sion­als known to leg­is­la­tors. Be sure and keep NAFA apprised of your own posi­tion on this thorny issue.

Jan­ice Sut­ton
Exec­u­tive Editor

M Resort las vegas AFLA 2014 Conference Set to Deliver Outstanding Professional Development

Join Your Fleet Col­leagues in Las Vegas at the 2014 AFLA Annual Conference!

The annual con­fer­ence of the Auto­mo­tive Fleet and Leas­ing Asso­ci­a­tion (AFLA) will be held Sep­tem­ber 7–10, 2014 at the M Resort & Spa Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The theme for this year’s con­fer­ence is Learn, Inno­vate, Win: Improv­ing Your Odds for Fleet Suc­cess. This is AFLA’s sec­ond trip to Las Vegas, return­ing after a suc­cess­ful con­fer­ence in 2010.

The theme is reflec­tive of AFLA’s ded­i­ca­tion to offer­ing top-notch speak­ers and con­tent for an afford­able con­fer­ence fee and a great return on your invest­ment. Vince Poscente, Wel­don Long, and Scott Bur­rows will all give keynote pre­sen­ta­tions at this year’s con­fer­ence. AFLA is excited to part­ner with these great speak­ers to present key pro­fes­sional devel­op­ment top­ics dur­ing the conference.



VIDEO: Why You Should Hit the Expo Floor at NAFA I&E

The fleet busi­ness is very much about rela­tion­ships — and fleet pro­fes­sion­als can learn a whole lot by inves­ti­gat­ing what’s hap­pen­ing on the Expo Floor at NAFA I&E.

VIDEO: The Internet of Things
  Connected Assets, Connected Vehicles, More Data

GE Fleet is align­ing with the broader GE goal of con­nect­ing all assets in ‘The Inter­net of Things,’ using Pre­dic­tive Ana­lyt­ics, and bring­ing more value than ever to their customers.

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VIDEO: Less Speeding for Your Fleet
  A 95% Reduction in All Speeding for Your Fleet?

A pow­er­ful com­bi­na­tion of in-cab real-time ver­bal men­tor­ing with accu­rate real-time speed limit report­ing can lead to a 95% reduc­tion of all speed­ing in your fleet. And less speed­ing means more safety.

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The Fleet Spot

highway NAFA Urges Long-Term Fix to Highway Trust Fund Issue

NAFA Mem­bers’ fleets are major users of the Amer­i­can high­way sys­tem. They face con­ges­tion, poor road con­di­tions, closed bridges, and other obsta­cles that have a direct impact on their effi­ciency and their employ­ers’ bot­tom lines.

Con­gress finally passed a High­way Bill, just before the sum­mer recess and just in time to keep the High­way Trust Fund from going bank­rupt. How­ever, the squab­bling House and Sen­ate agreed only to kick the can down the road by means of bud­getary trick­ery. In the end, the Sen­ate accepted a short-term fix from the House that will keep the High­way Trust Fund sol­vent only until next spring.


connected-vehicles Mark Your Calendar: ‘Connected Fleets USA 2014′

Telem­at­ics for Fleet Man­age­ment USA has evolved to Con­nected Fleets USA 2014′ – Novem­ber 20–21, 2014 — Westin Buck­head, Atlanta, Georgia

The com­mer­cial telem­at­ics indus­try is evolv­ing as merg­ers and acqui­si­tions are diver­si­fy­ing the ser­vices avail­able from telem­at­ics ser­vices providers. The Con­nected Fleets USA 2014 con­fer­ence will gather the most respected opin­ion mak­ers and pres­ti­gious com­pa­nies to ana­lyze the chal­lenges that the indus­try is cur­rently tackling.


The new Ford Police Interceptor sedan NAFA’s Law Enforcement Group Represents Specially Skilled Fleet Managers

“No other type of fleet has vehi­cles that, as a job func­tion, are being used in such an extreme way, serv­ing and pro­tect­ing cit­i­zens 24–7,” said Robert Mar­tinez, Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of the Sup­port Ser­vices Bureau for the City of New York Police Department.

As the Chair of NAFA’s newly renamed Law Enforce­ment Group, he knows the speci­ficity inher­ent in this unique fleet seg­ment. “Many com­mu­ni­ties rely on police vehi­cles and sup­port vehi­cles, K-9 unit vehi­cles, light tow­ers, and the list goes on…especially when dis­as­ters hap­pen, both nat­ural and man-made.”

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NAFA IFA 2014 logo NAFA’s 2014 International Fleet Academy Touts Hard-Hitting Global Fleet Education

NAFA’s 2014 Inter­na­tional Fleet Acad­emy is the pre­mier global fleet con­fer­ence for a good rea­son. Fleet pro­fes­sion­als who attend the IFA learn from the best and most knowl­edge­able indi­vid­u­als on the sub­ject of global fleet man­age­ment. Atten­dees can share infor­ma­tion with col­leagues in an inti­mate set­ting arranged by NAFA, the most trusted name in fleet.

From dis­cus­sions regard­ing cloud-based loca­tion intel­li­gence soft­ware plat­forms, to fleet cen­tral­iza­tion ver­sus region­al­ized struc­ture, stan­dard­iza­tion of goods and ser­vices, staffing, how to iden­tify and visit the right regional peo­ple, and more, IFA pro­vides unpar­al­leled edu­ca­tion for fleet pro­fes­sion­als with inter­na­tional oversight.


Fleet Marketing  
Ed Pierce, It'sTheArts

Before leav­ing last month’s topic of “earned” media (mar­ket­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions your com­pany pays to deliver in media that reach your prospects and cus­tomers), here are a few con­sid­er­a­tions that I promised to address in greater detail: First, let’s talk about form and style of pro­mo­tional mes­sages by spe­cific media tac­tics beyond adver­tis­ing, which I spoke about last month.

Ed Pierce, It’s The Arts Marketing

As I did last month, I am bor­row­ing con­cepts from some of our industry’s best sales­peo­ple, but estab­lish­ing an effec­tive rela­tion­ship with a prospect or cus­tomer — espe­cially in a B2B mar­ket — is adap­tive. A great sales­per­son can shift eas­ily from one type of sales approach to another based on the envi­ron­ment (exhibit floor, customer’s office, home office visit) and on-the-spot cus­tomer feedback.

Like­wise, effec­tive mar­ket­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions must adapt to the sit­u­a­tion. Last month, I noted that an effec­tive ad pro­vides a snap­shot of prod­uct value in terms that are impor­tant to the fleet man­ager. But an ad can only promise value, it can­not pro­vide enough sub­stan­ti­a­tion to close a sale (again, in B2B mar­kets). Direct mar­ket­ing and trade shows also con­strain the message.

Answer the Ques­tions that Fleet Man­agers Want to Know

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Fleet Technology  

Amer­i­cans haven’t nec­es­sar­ily fallen out of love with the auto­mo­bile. They just don’t enjoy the art of dri­ving as much any­more, and a grow­ing num­ber of Amer­i­cans seem ready to hand over com­mand to autonomous vehicles.

“Peo­ple are aware that they already drive cars con­trolled partly by com­put­ers,” said Man­ag­ing Edi­tor Des Toups. “Now they see fea­tures like col­li­sion avoid­ance on new mod­els and hear about Google cars hit­ting the roads in a cou­ple of years. An autonomous car is not sci­ence fic­tion anymore.”

A new study finds that fully three-quarters of licensed U.S. motorists would be very likely to con­sider, if not buy, self-driving vehi­cles. And if offered lower insur­ance rates, the fig­ure jumps to a whop­ping 86%, found web­site

READ MORE about the findings.

Fleet Accident Management  
Bob Glose, Director of Operations, CEI

The CEI Group Inc. (CEI) saved client fleets $6.96 mil­lion on sedan and truck acci­dent repairs over the first six months of 2014, the com­pany announced.

The sav­ings came from a com­bi­na­tion of reduced labor time, lower expen­di­tures for parts and paint, and less time to get repairs com­pleted, which saved time on tem­po­rary replace­ment rental expenses, accord­ing to Bob Glose, CEI’s direc­tor of oper­a­tions.

“The sav­ings con­tinue to prove the value of hav­ing expert phys­i­cal dam­age apprais­ers on staff, and CEI’s effec­tive­ness in expe­dit­ing repairs at our net­work shops,” said Mr. Glose.


Fleet Trends & Issues

Fleet Logistics AppFleet Logistics Launches New Driver App

Fleet Logis­tics, Europe’s largest inde­pen­dent fleet man­age­ment provider, is launch­ing a free dri­ver app to pro­vide fleet dri­vers with access to all their vehi­cle details, mileage data, sup­port ser­vices and other key information.

The ‘Fleet Logis­tics Mobil­ity Con­trol App’ is now avail­able for all users of Win­dows smart phones on Fleet Logis­tics’ fleet of around 130,000 vehi­cles across Europe. They are soon to be joined by users of all Android and Apple smart phones.


2015-Ford-F-150-pipes-300x195Ford’s New F-150 Pickup Drops Weight – But Raises Price

Ford has more than enough rid­ing on the new F-150 to test its pay­load capac­ity. The truck has spent three decades at the top of the auto­mo­tive sales charts, lead­ing as both the top truck and the best-selling pas­sen­ger vehi­cle overall.

By migrat­ing from a tra­di­tional steel body to one made almost entirely of light­weight alu­minum, the 2015 Ford F-150 can be seen as a bar­gain because of the antic­i­pated fuel sav­ings that will come with shav­ing as much as 732 pounds off the big truck’s mass.

The new truck’s sticker price jumps by as much as $3,615, depend­ing on the spe­cific model. Ford defends the increase by not­ing it is adding sig­nif­i­cantly more con­tent to the 2015 remake of America’s best-selling vehicle.

READ MORE to learn about the changes

crash testIIHS Crash Testing Of Small Cars Reveals New “Top Safety Pick” Models

The Insur­ance Insti­tute for High­way Safety (IIHS) has com­pleted its lat­est round of crash tests, exam­in­ing 12 small vehi­cles that typ­i­cally sell in low vol­umes. Only one of the tested mod­els earned the high­est rat­ing of “Top Safety Pick+” due to its crash-test per­for­mance and avail­able collision-warning sys­tem, while five addi­tional mod­els received a “Top Safety Pick” rat­ing. The remain­ing six small cars did not qual­ify for rec­om­men­da­tion by the IIHS.

Accord­ing to the IIHS, the 2014 Chevro­let Volt receives a “Top Safety Pick+” rat­ing. It joins the2014 Honda Civic Sedan, 2014 Mazda 3, 2014 Toy­ota Prius, 2015 Volk­swa­gen Golf 4-door, and2015 Volk­swa­gen Golf GTI 4-door as the only small cars to receive this rating.

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tesla_model_s22Edmunds Raises Tesla Reliability Questions

Busi­ness Week, July 31, 2014

As Tesla pre­pared to swing by Wall Street for a finan­cial update Thurs­day evening, the upstart automaker was badly dented on The California-based car critic just sold its Tesla sedan and pub­lished a lengthy list of main­te­nance issues it encoun­tered in its 17 months of ownership.

READ the litany of com­plaints, accord­ing to Edmunds

Fleet Telematics  

For the EMS indus­try, get­ting to the emer­gency loca­tion as quickly as pos­si­ble is always the top pri­or­ity. When every sec­ond counts, you need the abil­ity to send the clos­est vehi­cle on the most effi­cient route pos­si­ble, while still ensur­ing dri­vers are being safe in the process. GPS track­ing solu­tions, like GPS Insight, make sure that you have the best infor­ma­tion pos­si­ble to respond in a crit­i­cal situation.


Fleet Management  

What does it mean when PHH Arval talks about solu­tions that drive your busi­ness forward?

Within PHH Arval, the “dri­ving your busi­ness for­ward” is about the cus­tomer. That is what we’re focused on. When I think of the indus­try and what is most impor­tant, it is two things. One is data and infor­ma­tion and how you aggre­gate that data to cap­ture it for the cus­tomer and what you do with it. Two is our strate­gic con­sult­ing, which is tak­ing all of the infor­ma­tion and mak­ing sug­ges­tive rec­om­men­da­tions on how to move for­ward. The cus­tomer can fully out­source to us and we will assist them in dri­ving their busi­ness forward.


Fleet Safety  

As part of a mutual com­mit­ment to com­mer­cial fleet safety, Fleet­mat­ics Group PLC  and Fleet Safety Insti­tute recently announced the avail­abil­ity of a co-authored white paper. The announce­ment comes in con­junc­tion with the Fleet Safety Con­fer­ence that took place from July 22–23 in Schaum­burg, IL.

The paper enti­tled, “Ensur­ing Fleet and Dri­ver Safety: How Tech­nol­ogy Helps Ser­vice Busi­nesses Adhere to Reg­u­la­tions and Pro­tect Employ­ees,” is designed to help edu­cate com­mer­cial fleet-related busi­nesses about com­mon safety-related issues and how to use tech­nol­ogy to address them.


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